Nicknamed "Storm Witches".
A squadron with an even longer service history than the 501st.

What started with the then-just arrived Fuso's African Expeditionary Force Independent Flight Squadron seeking a base of operation with the Karlsländer Afrikakorps' Jagdgeschwader 27 out of logistical convenience, at the "suggestion" by Hanna-Justina Marseille to the general staff, a joint fighter unit was formed on the day itself instead. Given the size of personnel not enough to form into a fighter wing, it was formed as a fighter squadron instead.

Its personnel comprised of witches and ground crews from both Karlsländer Afrikakorps' Jagdgeschwader 27 and Fuso's African Expeditionary Force Independent Flight Squadron; with Britannia and Romanga forces provide logistical elements for the squadron. Katou Keiko, then recently re-commissioned with the rank of captain, was appointed as the squadron's CO simply because she's the ranking officer (by the account of Katou Keiko though, she suspected that Marseille did so just to dump all the paperwork business to her instead).

Despite having only 3 active witches in its roster, the 31st JFS Afrika actively participated in humanity's North African campaign against the Neuroi invasion.




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