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The 502nd Joint Fighter Wing "Brave Witches" is a squadron based in Petersburg, Orussia. They are nicknamed the "Break Witches" due to their penchant for damaging and destroying striker units.


Attached to the headquarters of the Eastern World, the core of the unit is compiled of the main force in the operation to counterattack the Neuroi in Karlsland, “Barbarossa”. For that purpose, the main force of the unit was the Karlsland Air Force, and thus it has been associated with many celebrated ace witches. From the Karlsland soldiers, Gundula Rall, known as an expert at sharpshooting, Edytha Rossmann who was diligent in educating Erica Hartmann as her wingman when she first joined, and Waltrud Krupinski, also having had Hartmann as a wingman. From the Gallian Air Force there is Georgette Lemare, and from Orussia there is Aleksandra I. Pokryshkin. From the Fuso Navy, Sakamoto Mio's former wingman Shimohara Sadako and others also participated for a period of time.

In addition, during the battle to evacuate Karlsland, Rall was shot and suffered a serious wound on her back, leaving her hospitalized. But, thanks to a miraculous & rapid recovery she proceeded to participate in Operation Barbarossa. Having the rank of Flight Lieutenant at the time of the establishment of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, led Rall to be appointed as the Unit Commander.

The intent of Operation Barbarossa was to recapture Karlsland by destroying the Neuroi hive that had infiltrated Orussia from behind the lines.

Soldiers from Suomus, Karlsland and Orussia made the core of the unit, with agents from the Fuso Navy and Britannian Navy also having participated in the assault, from over the Baltic Sea.

Also, when the operation proved successful, the pressure on Suomus decreased, which lead to the beginning of the careers of well known Suomus witches such as Hanna Wind and Nikka Edvardine Katajainen who participated alongside many other Suomus witches.


Commanding Officer

Commanding Officer in battle


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