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The 503rd Joint Fighter Wing "Typhoon Witches" are based in Chelyabinsk, Orussia. Their main objective is the defense and recovery of Orussia and Karlsland.

Their HQ, Chelyabinsk, has oil, coal pits, and other resources, and the city itself has a lot of heavy industry. After the increase of Neuroi attacks in recent years, most of Eurasia's factories (including weapon & ammo factories) were relocated here, and as a result the city has become an important industrial city in Eurasia.

To the south of Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk has vast deposits of iron ore and a large steel industry, while in the west, Ufa has oil refineries. A defense line is currently in place to cover both cities. Samara, located along the east of the Volga, has become the frontline HQ for the 503rd Joint Fighter Wing.


Commanding Officer

Deputy Commander

Commanding Officer in battle



Units map

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