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The 504th Joint Fighter Wing "Ardor Witches" is a squadron based in Romagna. It was established in 1944 under the jurisdiction of the Mediterranean Sea General Headquarters. Although defeated by the Neuroi, it was reformed when the 501st Joint Fighter Wing was disbanded, and is responsible for the defence of Romagna and Venezia.


The core of the 504th JFW is composed of Romagnian Witches of the Elite Corps, Pantaloni Rossi, and Witches of other countries that fought in Romagna or in other areas of the Mediterranean Sea, like Malta. It was established in 1944 in the wake of the foundation of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing. The primary purpose of the 504th was the defense of Romagna and Venezia, but they are more famous for the execution of the ill-fated Operation Trajanus. They currently defend the Romagna and Venezia regions, after the 501st Joint Fighter Wing liberated those areas.

Service history

It was established in 1944 for the purpose of defending Romagna and Venezia. In the spring of 1945, the 504th Joint Fighter Wing participated in the Operation Trajanus, executed with the intention of establishing contact with the Neuroi, and learn of why the Neuroi are here. Some of the members were absent. It had ended in failure. The problem lay in what would be to come after, a huge Neuroi hive, on a scale that had not been witnessed even during the various battles in Europe. The Ardor Witches had to lead an evacuation war due to the failure of said operation. Venezia fell. The 504th was defeated by the Neuroi, suffering massive casualties and was no longer considered mission-capable. Fortunately, all the members survived the battle. Only the witches and some soldiers survived. Some of the members were rescued with great difficulty, and undergoing long-term medical treatment. It resulted in a great blow to the forces of humanity. Because of this, the 501st Joint Fighter Wing was reactivated to defending Romagna and liberated Venezia.

While the 504th JFW was out of service, the members that are not in the hospital stayed in Romagna and assisted with the unit's reconstruction. The 504th was finally reactivated when the 501st defeat the Neuroi Hive over Venezia.


Commanding Officer

Commanding Officer in battle


Non-canonical members (Only in the non-canonical Strike Witches: Maidens in the Sky manga)


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