The 506th Joint Fighter Wing "Noble Witches" is a newly established Joint Fighter Wing for the purpose of protecting Gallia. Thanks to the great efforts of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, Paris was liberated, but small number of Neuroi were still present in Gallia and the bulk of the fighting continued in the area around the border with Karlsland. So, as a squadron with the purpose of protecting Paris, Gallian soldiers who continued to fight in various locations make up the central force of the unit. There were plans to give the command to Perrine H. Clostermann and promote her to Flight Lieutenant, but because she wanted to concentrate in the efforts of rebuilding Gallia so she declined the promotion and the command to led the 506th.

506th was established during the reconstruction of Gallia, so due to chaos and political turmoil, the unit wasn't made with just military aspects in mind, but also the clout that is in the aid many major countries offered to Gallia, that sparkled rivalries among them. This strange phenomenon has caused that there is slight division in 506th, and lead to a potential flaw to the air defense of Gallia. Squadron Leader Grunne is the honorary commanding officer of it all, but she doesn't command the battle. In the A-unit, which is made of world's noble aces, Flight Lieutenant Wittgenstein works as the commanding officer in battles and when Grunne is not around, and the witches from Liberion actually form their own B-unit, which is commanded by Wing Commander Preddy. Also, Rosen is not formally part of 506th, as she is more of an irregular member.


Honorary A-unit Commanding Officer

A-unit Commanding Officer in battle

A-unit Members

B-unit Commanding Officer

B-unit Vice-Commanding Officer

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