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The 506th Joint Fighter Wing "Noble Witches" was later established for the purpose of continuing the protection of Gallia; after the country having been liberated due to the great efforts of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing "Strike Witches". A small number of Neuroi were still present in the region, and the bulk of the fighting continued in areas around the border of Karlsland.

The Noble Witches were established during the reconstruction of Gallia but, as a result of lingering chaos and political turmoil, the unit wasn't just created with only military aspects in mind. As a squadron with the initial purpose of protecting Paris, Gallian witches made up the starting forces of the unit. But there also existed offers of aid from many other major countries, leading to the addition of non-Gallian members, which would soon spark rivalries. This strange phenomenon caused a slight division within the squadron, and led to a potential flaw in the air defenses of Gallia. As a result, this required the creation of two separate units that would incorporate the 506th as a whole; known as "A-unit" and "B-unit".

A-unit is made up of the world's top aces with connections to European nobility; Squadron Leader Rosalie de Hemricourt de Grunne is the honorary commanding officer, but she doesn't usually command battles directly. Rather, Squadron Leader Heinrike Prinzessin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein is mainly in charge of A-unit's battles, while Grunne focuses more on the political side of the spectrum. B-unit is made up of Liberion witches; led by Wing Commander Geena Preddy. Carla von Rosen is not formally a member of the 506th, as she had declined their offer, so she remained as more of an irregular member.

Originally, there were plans to give leadership to Perrine H. Clostermann and promote her to Squadron Leader but, because she wanted to concentrate on the efforts of rebuilding Gallia, she declined the offer of leading the 506th.


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