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The 508th Joint Fighter Wing "Mighty Witches" is stationed in the Atlantic Ocean and their "base" is comprised of the USS Enterprise (Liberion), HMS Victorious (Britannia), and the Shōkaku (Fuso). It's made up of 4 Liberians, 4 Fusoans, and 1 Britannian.

Originally formed for the Task Force 16 and the Fifth Carrier Division, with the collaboration of Liberion, Britannia and Fuso, the 508th JFW form the lynchpin to the Allied forces Atlantic fleet, working to prevent the Neuroi from trying to send units to invade and raid Liberion from the Atlantic.

Thanks to the highly successful efforts of the 508th and the Atlantic fleets: no Neuroi has been able to reach Liberion.


Commanding Officer

Commanding Officer in battle



  • The two naval task force the 508th was initially formed from were two actual naval formations.
    • Task Force 16 was formed in February of 1942 around the USS Enterprise and the naval task force would go on to participate on many famous actions such as the Battle of Midway, Battle of Eastern Solomons, and Battle of Santa Cruz. These battles would make the task force one of the most famous naval task forces of World War II.
    • The Fifth Carrier Division centered around the Japanese carriers Shōkaku and Zuikaku and formed in August of 1941. The two fleet carriers participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Indian Ocean Raids, and the Battle of Coral Sea. In July of 1942, a month after the Battle of Midway, the two fleet carriers were reassigned to the First Carrier Division, thus permanently dissolving the Fifth Carrier Division.

Units map

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