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These are a series of doujinshi, drawn by Nogami Takeshi.

They are set in the North Africa of 1942/43 and prominently feature the Storm Witches, Major Miles, the Patton Girls, Friederike Porsche and Charlotte Lueder.

Witch in Africa

The first doujinshi, that focuses on a battle taking place at the Halfaya Pass, most likely inspired by Operation Battleaxe. A group of soldiers from Karlsland, Romagna and Britannia lead by Major Bach is defending the pass against an overwhelming force of Neuroi until reinforcements formed of Major Miles, her Tank Witch squadron and Marseille arrive. Eventually the Neuroi are defeated by the regular forces and an 8.8 FlaK.

In the newest edition, the English title is changed to "The Witches of Africa".


Tiger in Desert 1

The second doujinshi centers around a group of Karlslander soldiers and the development of the Tiger unit under the command of Friederike Porsche. Due to the war-ridden state of Karlsland, they are looking for additional funding from other allied Nations, therefore General Patton pays a short visit at the beginning. After sorting out some minor problems concerning Charlotte's motivation to pilot the tiger, the volume closes with a Neuroi surprise attack at night.


Tiger in Desert 2

The direct sequel to Tiger 1. It is set immediately after the surprise attack and shows the single different forces arriving one after another to aid in the defense of the Tiger. After nearly reaching victory, a super heavy land battle type that uses the hull of a wrecked battleship as armor appears. It can finally be defeated through setting the magic engine of the Tiger to overload, catching and destroying it in the subsequent explosion.


Witches of the Sphinx 1

Three Generals and a Fuso Witch

After being shown by the previous events, that it is crucial to work together, the allied forces decide to unify their forces in a joint operation. The thing gets a little tricky, because all three generals think they deserve the position of the supreme commander the most. After unsuccessfully trying to solve the matter like grown-ups, they decide settle this question through a Neuroi hunt, declaring the commander of the victorious forces the new supreme commander. This plan fails as well, since the three generals ignored the previously agreed on battlegrounds and turned the whole thing into a fiasco, with Matilda scoring the desired kill. After getting some sense knocked into them by Kitano Furuko, the generals decide on a compromise about the chain of command.


Witches of the Sphinx 2

The Waterpipe from the Bazaar

Now that the allied forces are unified, there's only one last obstacle before it will be possible to start an operation to retake the Suez Canal - the distrust of the Egyptian people (including future president of Egypt), originating from their abandonment during the initial Neuroi invasion. The matter is solved by Furuko giving candy to the children of the locals and the witches defending the Al Ashiev Market against a Neuroi attack with a help from Lawrence of Arabia.


Witches of the Sphinx 3

Charlotte's Home

Preparations to begin Operation Sphinx are underway. Mail and supplies arrive, and as Montgommery, Rommel, and Patton make plans, the witches go off for one last bit of rest. After the start of the operation, several witches are sent off on another mission. Though being left out has drawbacks, it also has advantages. After Charlotte receives new equipment, she and the others eventually join the fight.

Witches of the sphynx vol.3 Katou Keiko.jpg

The Witches of Africa Total Comic Collection

Collection of manga part from Witch in Africa, Tiger in Desert 1, and Tiger in Desert 2. It also includes a brand new short Witch of Stuka. In Witch of Stuka, Marseille, calling herself Scheherazade of North Africa, tells a tale of Karlslander Witch (Friederike) who left the skies to get her man (Schmitt), though it is somewhat dramatized according to Friederike herself. Also, Hanna Rudel makes a cameo appearance.

999-143 Major Miles.jpg

Katou Keiko North Africa Military Photos 1943

Collection of photo's taken by Keiko Kato during her time in North Africa. Nearly everyone who appears in the previous books appears at some point in this release. Also included are photos showing the regular troops and equipment that support the witches in their efforts against the Neuroi.

Katou Keiko North Africa Military Photos 1943.

Witches of the Sphinx 4

Into the Eye of Horus

Though the witches are the stars, as always, volume four of 'Witches of the Sphinx' opens up with the Romagnan Folgore Airborne Division locked in close combat with the Nueroi. (As in; 'jumping out of a trench and attacking with magnetic mines' close combat.) Rommel and the witches with him are surrounded by the Neuroi, Hanna makes Mami mad, Major Miles' brother has been around, and a clue to just how long the Neuroi have really been on the earth is revealed.

Inagaki Mami and Raisa Pottgen, cover of Sphinx 4

Witches of the Sphinx 5

Answering the Sphinx

"What is the flight-speed of an unladen swallow?"

It isn't quite like that; but a serious question is asked as Fuso, Karlsland, Liberion and other allied witches and troops battle the unexpected counter-attack of the Neuroi! Unfortunately; like a certain incident in normal history; Montgommery's attack plan may have sent the allied forces a ridge too far towards Suez...

Sphinx 5 heralds the return of a short story, in this case 'The Witch of Capuzzo,' being included in the back of the doujinshi, as well as several pages of information on different land-striker units.

Mami Inagaki