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Alexandra Şerbănescu (アレクサンドラ・シェルバネスク) is a Witch of the 503rd Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Ostmark.


Alexandra flew as a witch before the war started, she was in 7th Fighter Group 57th Flying Corps, which was in charge of defending the southern border. When Ostmark fell she worked as a rear guard in the evacuation of the people. She was left in the midst of the Neuroi and was saved by the Karlsland Air Force JG 3, with whom she evacuated into Orussia. The evacuation was so fierce, that the witches had to sometimes carry the maintenance personnel on their backs and force their way through.

During the fall of Ostmark, she lost her striker unit during battle. She experienced ground battles mixed with the army. At this time, she may have used a land striker unit.

Afterwards Alexandra kept on fighting in the Ostmark unit inside the JG 3, and during operation Typhoon she fought in the Ostmark 1st Independent Flying Corps. During a battle with ground Neuroi she was injured, which left a scar in her face. The sight of the left eye was temporarily lost, but the ability of the magic eye awakened during the recovery process.  When the 503rd JFW was established she was scouted for her daring and resolute way of fighting.

She gives priority to firepower at the expense of mobility, and she preferred to use a 20mm gun.


She is a woman who defends discipline values[2]. Too honest and stubborn, she is especially picky with disordered clothes, which makes Wing Commander Bonin her natural enemy in this regard. Wing Commander Bonin had the character of "the strong take command regardless of the rank", so Alexandra used this to challenge her and take the leader role. She was defeated by Bonin.


Her inherent magic is called magic eye (魔眼, Magan). Classified in the perception-lineage, her left eye has enhanced vision. Details on the specific type of enhancement are unknown.


  • She is based on Alexandru Şerbănescu, who was actually a Romanian ace, yet is not from Dacia because parts of this country are belonging Ostmark in the Strike Witches universe.