Amelie Planchard
Amelie planchard


15 (1944)

Date of Birth:

November 22


Forces Aériennes Galliaises Libres 802nd Flying Corps, Isle of Wight Detachment Group





Striker Model:

Spitfire Mk V,
VG39bis (LO-X)


Bren Light Machine gun Mk 1.


European Rabbit

Voiced by:

Yahagi Sayuri (Japanese)

Amelie Planchard (アメリー・プランシャール?) is a Witch of the Isle of Wight Detachment Group, originating from Gallia.

Her ace archetype is Henri Planchard.


Born to a farming family in Normandy, in Northwest Gallia. As the first witch in her family line, she was sent away to a national training institute where she lived alone, away from her family, a difficult experience for such a young girl. During the Neuroi invasion of Gallia, she was still a trainee witch undergoing final tests, and thus did not participate in any of the actual fighting. After the fall of Gallia she moved to Britannia with operation Dynamo, where she received training with the Free Gallian Air Force, and became a formal Air Infantryman. Her uniform and striker (a Spitfire Mk. V) and the training facilities she uses were all provided by Britannia. Her magical powers are not low, and she had excellent results in class, but she was noted for not being assertive enough.

A very emotional person, her eyes well up with tears at any show of strong feelings. She is a pampered girl who cannot stand to be alone. Planchard flew as the wingman to Flying Officer Perrine H. Clostermann (a Pilot-Officer (Sous-Lieutenant) at the time) while the two were deployed to a defensive fighter unit at a Britannian airbase before the latter was invited to the 501st Joint Fighter Wing. Planchard appears to be deeply moved by something she sees in Flying Officer Clostermann, and in the way she always forges ahead recklessly, even at the cost of losing everything.


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