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Anna Ferrara (アンナ・フェラーラ, Anna Ferahra?) is a retired Venezian Witch that makes a living training younger witches. She has lent her instruction to Mio, Yoshika, Perrine and Lynne.


She was part of the Venezian military even before the First Neuroi War and fought against the Neuroi before the introduction of the Striker Unit. Therefore, she is one of the few Witches who can still fly with brooms in the 1940s. Now, she teaches younger Witches how to fly with brooms to let them train their magic control ability.

Although she is definitely past 20 in age, Anna still retains her magical power just like the Miyafuji family. However, she does not have any other special abilities like the healing magic of the Miyafuji family. This suggests that her magical ability is the act of flying itself.

She is currently spending her retirement on a small island near Ancona, facing the Adriatic Sea.



Light Novels


  • She is based on the Italian WWI fighter pilot Arturo Ferrarin, who received medals and fame outside of Italy after setting a long distance non-stop flight world record. He died in 1941, when a prototype aircraft he was test-flying crashed.