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Anne De Gaulle is the youngest Daughter of General Charles De Gaulle, whom the General is deeply caring and attentive to.

Anne arrived early to the 506th Noble Witches official commencement ceremony with her father. In fact, she had prompted and convinced her father to take her to the commencement ceremony earlier than the intended scheduled time.

She was born with an incurable disease, and thus confined to a wheelchair for mobility.

She was responsible for the creation of the 506th official Mascot: "Mr. Nobel". She wanted to create the mascot in order to help the witches in whatever way she could, and was delighted when her design was chosen to that end.


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  • Anne's noted "incurable disease", while not expanded upon in her debut: may likely be a reference to her real life counterparts spectrum genetic disorder of Down syndrome.
  • If Anne is diagnosed with Down syndrome somewhere on the spectrum like her real world counterpart, and given the use of a wheelchair; it's possible one or several of her physical symptoms may involve poor, low muscle tone (also known as Hypotonia), motor skills delay, decreased strength, decreased activity tolerance, and given she doesn't seem to speak during her appearance and interactions with other: possible speech difficulties. Granted there is no obvious indication, elaboration or display of Anne's condition specifically; it's possible to extrapolate from her real life counterpart and from the possible implications of her use of wheelchair.
  • The real world Yvonne de Gaulle (Anne's Mother and Charles De Gaulle's wife) bought the Château de Vert-Cœur at Milon-la-Chapelle (Yvelines) and installed a private hospital for handicapped young girls in October 1945. The private hospital was named the "Fondation Anne de Gaulle."
  • In real world history: Anne died of pneumonia on February 6, 1948, at age 20.