The Commonwealth of Australis (アウストラリス連邦) is a country in the Southern Hemisphere. Its real-world counterpart is Australia.

Witches from Australis

  1. Robina Gibbes
  2. Nora Taylor (Britannia Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, 804 Naval Air Squadron)


  • Semi-canon sources from the Witches of Tobruk series by Dan Kanemitsu show that Australis has normal, non-witch women serving in Australis military units, in specific particular: front line infantry units. This is likely due to Australis' culture being egalitarian between the sexes and a result of Australis colonists and prisoners/criminals in exile from Britannia living and working in the hostile outback and wilds of Australis, much like the case of Australia. If this semi-canon detail still carries over into the series full canon and holds true in full canon; this would mean that, aside from Moesia, Australis is among one of the few nations to allow full gender integration of non-witch women in military service and in front line combat in its current time period, and would be the second confirmed example of non-witch women serving directly on the front lines.
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