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Belgica (ベルギカ?) is a monarchy in Western Europe, its Real-World counterpart being Belgium.

Witches that are born in Belgica are considered to be the country's property, although the exact details for such a policy, such how it was instilled and how it is implemented, are not yet detailed.

Due to the policies regarding the witches of Belgica and the fact they are treated as property of the state, the majority of citizen witches are assumed to be conscripted into military service. Some witches, whether of their own volition or at the wishes of their parents, may try and hide both their genders and their magic in order to dodge the conscription, but such cases are few and such ruses may not necessarily guarantee avoidance of compulsory enlistment.

Witches from Belgica

  1. Isabelle du Monceau de Bergendal (506th)
  2. Rosalie de Hemricourt de Grunne (506th)


  • Belgica is formally recognized as a Kingdom