• ItsShio

    Editing Work

    May 24, 2020 by ItsShio

    I've been doing some more editing work lately, (classes are finished and I need something to do during quarantine) and I've found some interesting things to note. Firstly, the way I've been editing has just been hitting "Random page" and seeing where it takes me, hence why all my recent edits are pretty random. I did stumble across a pattern while editing older articles though. I'm not sure who originally wrote the older stuff, but they didn't have the best grasp of grammar. A lot of the info is plagued with overuse of semicolons, with them often replacing commas and sometimes being used without any reason at all. They also confused "it's" and "its" a lot, and there were a lot of run-on sentences and weird sentence structures. I've been go…

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  • Sastrugi

    I have a suggestion if I may, that we perhaps consider a new background for the wiki. The png in the corner is a neat idea, but I feel it doesn't really fit the tone of a wiki well and the sky blue background can be a little harsh on the eyes imo, especially when reading for long periods of time and contrasting with white. I think it may be a good idea to perhaps have one featuring 501 using some RTB art as with the anime coming out we are going to have interest spikes with newbies checking the series out, and  they'd be more likely to pay attention if they see something familiar at a glance. Most casual witch fans are completely unaware of Afrika outside of Marseille. 

    Also as well, a monthly feature of a random non 501 witch on the front …

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  • ItsShio

    Grammar sure is a thing.

    October 29, 2019 by ItsShio

    Oh boy, where do I even begin..? I figured that a lot of the witches with less content (I.E. with only light novels and/or manga) would have some poor formatting and grammar errors here and there, but I wasn't prepared for the sheer number of them. I don't pretend to be an English major, but I do write in my spare time, and I can recognize blatantly poor grammar when I see it. It looks like a lot of the wiki has been poorly translated from something else, especially parts of 501's pages.

    I just finished fixing Sanya's and about half of Erica's, and god damn... Between labeling Erica as both "it" and "himself", the constant messy sentences, seemingly contradictory personality descriptions for Erica, and lines I've literally seen copied in ot…

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  • ItsShio

    Time to get to work!

    October 27, 2019 by ItsShio

    Hello everyone, I'm Shio, though a few people affectionately refer to me as Don. I've been a fan of the series for... Not very long, a friend of mine got me into it this Summer. I actually started with Noble Witches, which was... Not a fantastic decision, but I did enjoy it greatly, so I started watching Strike Witches. I've currently finished most of the media aside from the last few episodes of Brave Witches, the OVAs, and a few light novels. I figured due to an apparent skill with writing, as well as tons of time to spare, I'd give the wiki some love and edit some of the articles, since there's a lot of grammatical errors in most of them. Hopefully I don't bug anyone, but if I do, or if you desperately want me to alter an article or som…

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  • Jatts

    Slightly old news but definitely still worth mentioning. There's been an ongoing event for mobile game Alice Gear Aegis, featuring a crossover with Strike Witches to help promote Road to Berlin! During the past month Yoshika and Lynette have been featured as playable characters within the game, and now more recently Erica and Trude has been introduced as well! The plot of this event has also hinted that future 501st members may also one day arrive, but we'll see. The gameplay and setting of AGA is actually very similar to Strike Witches; flying mecha musume waifus shooting bad things and so on. For those that did not know, artist Shimada Fumikane had also helped with the character designs and in-game artwork of AGA which is pretty neat! AG…

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  • Jatts

    Strike Witches x War Thunder

    November 9, 2018 by Jatts

    Announced back in July, there was a crossover event between Strike Witches and the popular online vehicular combat game called War Thunder! Various skins were introduced.


    While this was very cool, sadly you could only access these skins if you played through (eww) and if you weren't a dirty Westerner! Theres other complications, so yeah it's too bad... but hey any publicity for World Witches is fine by me! That being said... I figured this could maybe be worth mentioining somewhere on the wiki? Just cause its an event thats related to the series. Although I have no idea where to even mention this, so I decided to post it in a blog! Either way, I doubt anyone will read this... but h…

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  • Karl Kaiba Wesker

    Who has the largest breasts size between Schnaufer or Marseille?

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  • DerPresenz


    September 18, 2018 by DerPresenz

    Here are some infoboxes, for easier edits:

    • Unit Infobox

    • Character Infobox
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  • Johnnytopsidee

    Who are the top aces

    October 12, 2017 by Johnnytopsidee

    So you are the top witch aces in their respective  order?

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  • Joeynator3000

    Brave Witches

    April 25, 2017 by Joeynator3000

    Welp, it's being dubbed on May 8th. Thought I'd point this out, not that good at editing pages so I'll just post this and let others handle the editing.

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  • Snugglemuffins

    I barely even remember how to operate this thing and everything has changed in the six years since I was last active. What am I even doing?

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  • Joeynator3000

    Well, I tried. TwT

    April 18, 2016 by Joeynator3000
    • some guy on Twitter asks Funimation a question, they reply back with an answer*
    • I decide to ask them about the Strike Witches movie, gets absolutely no response*

    ....Oki. TwT *goes back to corner*

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  • Stealthmomo

    Completely wrong page

    December 31, 2015 by Stealthmomo

    So, yeah, this page here:

    I object to many inaccuracies, but most glaringly...

    THIS:  "Strike Witches are women with high magic potential."

    AND THIS:  "Called Strike Witches (sic)hiding(sic) witches who are in the military. 'Strike Witches "are talented girls aged 12-14 years, with great potential."

    Strike Witches is the Unit Designation of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing.

    It is not a catch-all name for any Witch in the military.

    Strike Witches is also the name of the franchise, with appropriate subtitles for stories not involving the 501st JFW

    I won't critizise the broken English since it is obviously not the editors native language, but there are MANY inaccuracies within the page itself. May I…

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  • SoldierlyCloud

    Strike Wizards

    March 4, 2015 by SoldierlyCloud

    I think they should add an few guys within the show don't get me wrong but the main character is 17 and they should have guys around the girls ages and should be a reinforcement squad

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  • Baron Von Esguerra

    Where exactly is it mentioned Minna's dead lover is named Kurt Flachfeld?

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  • A Fox Lost in the Garden

    Chapters from the six Otome no Maki novels will be translated sporadically when I feel like it. There will be a bias towards Eila and Sanya, and then to new material that isn't in the Anime. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions here.

    For these, I will be preserving name suffixes (san/chan/etc). In the Misfits novels, it's all 少尉 this, and 中尉 that, so the odd extra suffix is just assimilated into inflection.

    Note; the third Misfits novel is already under way, so don't worry about that.

    • Volume 2
    Chapter 2: TBA (twice as long as the Misfits chapters).
    Intermission 1: Novelisation of the opening to S1E7. All the things described can be seen in Eila's room throughout the episode (I wouldn't blame anyone for missing the statue, considering...)
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  • A Fox Lost in the Garden

    Well, I was browsing Amazon, and went on a bit of a spending binge. I bought all six of the Otome no Maki novels (partly a novelization of the anime, but with some other stories), and the novelized version of the recent movie (again, an expansion on the anime, apparently giving Eila and Sanya more scenes).

    There are a couple of other books I'd like to work on (things like; 'Beyond the Fox Whistle, and Kitsune no Hanashi), but I haven't decided for sure what to do after the third Misfits novel.

    So what would people be most interested in reading?

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  • A Fox Lost in the Garden

    The current translation rate seems to be working out, so I'll aim to release a chapter every month or so. Schedule is out of the window (in the good way). If there is going to be a long delay, I'll leave a message about it on my talk page.

    Feedback and comments are welcome.

    Volume 2

    • Chapter 3; Needs a few corrections when I have the time.
    • Chapter 4; Although I usually like to see suffixes preserved, I have decided not to do this with 'Onee sama' (which is what Ahonen has told her squadron to call her). The reason being that they're supposed to be speaking English anyway, and all the other suffixes have been translated as P/O,F/O etc. In any case I think hearing someone say 'big sis' in English is probably about as rare as 'Onee sama' is in Japa…

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  • RellekEarth1

    I know this is rather early, since the movie just came out on DVD a week ago, but I was wondering if anyone would be able to provide a script of the movie. It doesn't even have to be in english, just some form of written dialogue for the movie.

    I don't know how many of you are familiar with the japanese language, but I certainly am not, especially not verbally. It would be greatly appreciated if this request was acknowledged. Thank you.

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  • Drdeath66

    No one will probaly see this but could someone translate the endings to Strike witches 2 DS. I've been dying to know what they mean.

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  • Strikers1944

    Jet Aces

    September 16, 2011 by Strikers1944

    In strike witches I see normal prop driven striker units shouldn't start adding some jet aces like Helma Lennartz there may be a shortage of witches who can use the jet strikers?

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  • Strikers1944

    strike witches movie

    September 10, 2011 by Strikers1944

    so far i have found the promo poster for the movie but no new information I found the poster (concept poster) on the official Strike Witches website so far i dont know what the poster says but i do know its being releses at spring of 2012

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  • Britfag

    Should have the remainder of the first novel finished in 1-2 weeks. This is good, as I think volume 2 is probably the best of the three and the only one I've actually read fully, so expect a quicker translation (hopefully). As for the third novel...that's probably about 50% Tomoko getting 'shot down'.

    Also, once I've finished translating the files I uploaded to Mediafire from Engrish to English I'll try put them on the wiki to make things easier for everyone. If you've already read the translations I uploaded it might be worth reading the new ones, because it turns out I missed a lot of sentences and just generally didn't bother making any sense.

    Sorry it's taken so long, hopefully we can have all three novels translated by 2012.

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  • Nipa's Weasel


    --What does the future hold for Strike Witches?
    In the animated series, I wanted to follow the story of Miyafuji and Sakamoto. I'm glad we were able to complete that story with the second season. The future is up to the fans, really. If we get messages of encouragement from people saying they want to see more of the witches, we'll consult our schedules and see if we might be able to make that happen. (laugh)

    [white on blue text: 高村和宏セレクション / "Takamura Kazuhiro selection"]

    Translated by >>40697102 and 40697145

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  • Nipa's Weasel

    #8 女医さんは20代後半独身 声優さんへの演技プランとして、監督が台本にメモっていた情報

    "She's in her late 20s and single."
    It's a note the director wrote on the script for directing seiyuu's acting.

    女医さんはおそらく501基地付で、基本ウィッチ専属かな ウィッチに男医はまずかろうし、逆に一般兵相手だと仮病が続出しそう

    She's probably assigned to the 501st's base as a doctor basically exclusive for witches .
    (Because) a male doctor would be inappropriate, and also if she were for standard soldiers, they would be lining up with faked illnesses.

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  • Snugglemuffins

    もの、のはず 明確に書いてないのでサーニャの拳骨でもそれはそれで面
    Eila probably got her bump on the head when she leaped up in surprise and hit her head on the top bunk of the bed. It's not really shown, so it could be the result of Sanya's fist too. That's also a fun way to interpret it.

    Seeing Eila faint in agony should have calmed Sanya down, yet in the following scene, she still seemed a little annoyed. Thinking about why that is could also be fun.

    You should always try to interpret thing in ways that are fun, or cute. My way of taking things is just my way of taking things.

    Having said that, there are some peopl…

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  • Anon1001

    humikane: 通常兵器でネウロイを破壊するのは不可能ではないが困難、と以前書いた。これは言い直したい  困難ではあるが不可能ではないと その方が燃える
    It's not impossible to destroy Neuroi using conventional weapons, but, it is difficult, as I've written previously. I'd like to restate it. It's difficult, but not impossible -- and that way is more exciting.

    humikane: まー艦砲射撃効かないようなのは、ネウロイさん基準でも規格外の化け物なので・・・
    Well, if a ship bombardment doesn't work, then even among Neuroi it's unusual and monstrous.

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  • Snugglemuffins

    info possibly related to the new, as yet unnamed brittanian witch. seems like nough for an ewacs profile.


    砂漠のスピットの青い腹が好き。 そんな色合いで。


    で後送され休養中 。

    ップ家のウィッチに負けるんじゃないぞ」と言われている 本人はどーで

    先に設定だけ書いとくぞ パトリシア「パティ」・シェイドはブリタニア空

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  • Anon1001

    This scan came from Nyantype magazine, Vol. 10 (info). The following is a translation of the cast interviews section on the left side of the scan.

    Comments after the recording of the Himeroku CD.

    A second series of drama CDs has begun. We received comments from the whole cast after they finished the first recording session.

    1. Along with the anime, a second series of the drama CDs has started -- what are your feelings about your performance?
    2. What are the highlights of this drama CD? (Your recommended scenes or favorite characters, please.)
    3. If there are further drama CDs, what would you like to see, for example "I'd like to see this kind of story," or "I'd like to perform this," etc.
    4. In "Striped boing hour", do you have a grouping you'd like to see…

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  • Snugglemuffins

    shits 'n tweets

    July 26, 2010 by Snugglemuffins
    Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)19:21 No.38439570

    > 絵だけ 調べごとが済まない about 5 hours ago via Twitpic Picture only. I haven't finished research. > まだオラーシャが薄いか about 4 hours ago via web Not many Orussians, are there... > 海軍の詰め襟で紺はいよいよ学生服みたいだな about 4 hours ago via web The navy-blue upright collar used by the Navy has started to look like a school uniform. > オラーシャウィッチなら503・507に層が厚いか about 4 hours ago via web Maybe there's a lot of Orussian witches in the 503 or 507. > ウサギ使い魔のウィッチは、他の動物と比べてお互いこれという理由もなく 仲が良さそうだ about 4 hours ago via web
    For no particular reason, witches with bunny familiars seem to get along well together, compared to other familiar types. > スペックは遠視+夜間視 坂本の元で鍛えられるが、当時は厳しい、怖い人 という印象しかなく、竹井のほうに懐いていた 西沢は新人?食えんのそ

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  • Snugglemuffins

    tweets 'n shit

    July 25, 2010 by Snugglemuffins

    Fumikane's tweets courtesy of some random tripfag and anon.:

    so, has anyone get a proper translation of that "captain Rebellion meddlesome wife"-text?
    して世話焼き女房。 二人組での「ワンツーパンチ」戦術で多くのネウロイ


    >Liberion Army Flt. Lt. Jane Godfree is Flt. Lt. Dominica's meddlesome partner. The two together, using "one-two punch" tactics, have taken care of many Neuroi. "My boss has done something again!?" It doesn't really mean "romantic partner" by the way. Though of course this is SW after all, and Humikane ships Yoshika and Lynette, so, yeah.

    I'll try it

    Jane Godfree, Liberion Army Captain is Captain Dominca's partner as well as her Meddlesome wife. They've slain number of Neurois with their two-pair "one…

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  • Nagscreen

    Witches new and old

    July 24, 2010 by Nagscreen

    So Humikane has been going on a twitter spree recently, posting pictures and bits of info on witches both new and old. Here are the witches that have yet to make their way to the e-wacs page:

    • Nishizawa Yoshiko
    • Suwa Amaki
    • Dominica S. Gentile
    • Jane T. Godfrey

    New on the e-wacs page:

    • Patricia Schade
    • Shimohara Sadako
    • Hanna Wind
    • Adolfine Galland

    If you have anything to add or the ability to translate the Japanese tweets which are on the respective talk pages for some of these witches, please do share.

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  • Jugauld

    Translated by >>35687690, will upload the scan in a few weeks unless someone does it for me.

    Q1: How did you come up with the idea for the 'pants' that almost has become a symbol for the franchise?

    It just naturally turned out that way when I was doing the character designs. I never had the intention to try to surprise anyone by making it as it is. It was rather I who was surprised by large audience it attracted. (laugh). I thought it was just natural to use the same designs in the anime. However, even if the viewers first get attracted to the show because they want to see pants, I hope they also will take interest in the story once they're hooked.

    Q2: So, is girls fighting in mechas your fetish?

    I think seeing the combination of girls and me…

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  • Snugglemuffins

    Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)14:23 No.38061526


    Here's the whole paragraph about Dorrio and Takei. Someone with a better grip of Japanese can probably translate it better.
    本来、隊長にはロマーニャのフェデリカ・ N・ドッリオ少佐が就任していた
    いる。竹井大尉は、この部隊に配属 される前に、第501統合戦闘航空団にて
    扶桑からは、陸軍の中 島、諏訪両少尉が配属された。
    It seems like Dorrio was the leader of the 504th, but since she got injured, Takei took over.

    Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)14:59 No.38062984


    The unit commander from the beginning was Major Federika N Dorio. Because of injury in battle, Fuso Captain Takei Junko assumed command. Before being assigned to this the unit, Captain Takei was training in the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, including getting lectures on co…

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  • Nagscreen

    This little scan talks about the first few episodes of the second season. The same information is also somewhere on the Newtype magazine homepage. Here are some of the juicy bits:

    Training episode! As Yoshika, Lynne and Perrine haven't had any combat experience in six months, they are sent to an island where it's back to the basics for them.

    Trude is proud of a "secret weapon incorporating new technology" straight out of Karlsland, but Shirley issues a challenge to her.

    Speculation: It seems likely that said new technology is the Jet Striker.

    ■3話 (7/21)


    半年間、戦いから遠のいていたブランクが響き、芳佳、リーネ、ペリーヌの 3 人は練習でも調子が上がらない。そんな3人のようすを見た坂本は、基礎 訓練のため芳佳たちをある島へ修業に行かせる。≫脚本=浦畑達彦 演出=岡尾貴洋 絵コンテ=八谷賢一 作画監督=斎藤雅和

    ■4話 (7/28)



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  • Snugglemuffins

    1) How does I into naming conventions?

    • Japanese characters use Japanese/eastern naming conventions, ie:
    • Western Characters use western naming conventions, ie:

    2) Where do i find such and such an article

    • click the "Index" button in the side menu. Its in there somewhere.
    • Use the search function. spell things correctly, its not that good.

    3) Why doesn't the wiki have such and such an artice?

    • Because you haven't created it yet.
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  • Snugglemuffins

    Saving this little tidbit because its time to let the rest of the entry die

    The MG-42 is used by a number of witches. In the 501st JFW, It is used by Trude, Erica, Minna and Eila. The MG-42 as depicted in the series is slightly but significantly different than the weapon as it actually was; it uses a saddle drum magazine based on that of the MG-15 (This is similar in apperance to a Beta C-mag). Aircooled variants of the MG-15 were issued by the Luftwaffe with this type of magazine. However, the MG-15 is a top feeding system while the MG-42 feeds from the side; the saddle-drum type magazine blocks the ejection port of the weapon.

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  • Snugglemuffins

    >Fumikane's tweet about the unnamed witch in episode 1: >1話で赤ズボン隊と一緒に飛んでたの誰なのか。  制 服にてるけど他国 の >504ウィッチか、本国から派遣された別の赤ズ ボン隊かもしれない。ボー イズ >もってるのでスナイパータイプか 場 所柄案外ヒスパニアあたりの人か も >about 2 hours ago via web

    >Who was that girl flying with the Red Pants in episode 1? She has a similar uniform, but she is a 504th witch from another country? Perhaps she was dispatched as part of her own country's Red Pants squad. She carries a Boys, so she is a sniper type? Maybe she's from somewhere like Hispania.

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  • Nagscreen

    On the top left page in this magazine scan there are quotes of the 501st's voice actresses on their roles in the second season of the Strike Witches anime. The following translation was provided by a kind anonymous:

    Mai Kadowaki (Sanya): In the second season, I was able to fight alongside everyone in an early episode, and what's more, it was in the daylight, so that was really fun. Everyone performed their parts skillfully, so I was able to perform without any uneasiness. Today, for the first time, I accidentally called Eila "Eilya," but I won't do it again. (laugh)

    Ayuru Oohashi (Eila): They told me that Eila would be busy and talk a lot, so going into the second season, I was wondering what would happen and looking forward to it. Today ther…

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  • Snugglemuffins

    >The wiki is great for storing information, but there's not really a good way to alert to people that new information exists.
    allow me to cross-copypasta myself from the /a/ thread then:
    >so right now I'm envisioning a kinda blog-like (minus the comments) wiki page that acts as a catch-all for magazine scans and other tidbits like twitter translations that don't really fit in anywhere else. new entries would get their own subsection with a "date - description" format so you can follow shit via the page's toc.

    well, some random dude asked for it, so this is the SW wiki blog. use it for stuff. tht doesn't quite merit its own wiki page but that you thin ought to be included.

    Snugglemuffins 05:16, July 14, 2010 (UTC)

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