With Episode 2, Hikari and her sister Takami set off for Europe. Hikari is bound for Kauhava and the 507th Joint Fighter Wing in Suomus, while Takami is destined for the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing in Petersburg. They take the Arctic route. Along the way, Hikari attempts to fly her sister's strikers, named Chidori, for a migratory bird. She finds this difficult. En route, they are attacked by a large formation of Neuroi. The fleet suffers heavy losses, and Takami is seriously injured after using a special ability to wipe out the remaining Neuroi. She falls unconscious. A second wave of Neuroi attack and Hikari is forced to fight them using her sister's striker units and is rather unsuccessful. She is saved from defeat by the intervention of the 502nd JFW. After it is determined that her sister will be unable to continue on to Europe, Hikari offers to join the 502nd in her stead, to the chagrin of Naoe, who considers Takami to be a close friend.

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