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Now part of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, Hikari is formally introduced to the other witches of the unit. Afterwards, everyone has a meal though Hikari falls asleep due to her being tired from the combat earlier. The next morning, Naoe and Nipa are out for a run and initially bypass Hikari though the Fuso witch outran both of them. Naoe continued to argue to Hikari that she was unfit for combat. Nipa advises Hikari to ignore the beratement and go grab breakfast. After breakfast, Edytha gives the situation of how the two Neuroi hives Anna and Vzily are currently over Orussia. The new Neuroi hive that formed is called Grigori and is a threat as it could cut off the supply lines to the 502nd base. Though there are questions on if defeating a Neuroi hive is possible, Gundula reminds them that the 501st were able to do so even though how they did it is classified.

Afterward, Nipa showed Hikari around the base and explains how St. Petersburg used to be home to two million people before they were evacuated for their safety. Both witches then see Kanno doing tensive training.

Sasha and Edytha have Hikari do some practice with her Striker Unit but neither of them are impressed at Hikari's performance as she can't get the most out of the Shiden Striker Unit. Sasha recommends sending Hikari back to Fuso though Hikari said she was able to see a Neuroi's core. A Neuroi inbound from Grigori heading towards the 502nd base causes Sasha, Nipa, Naoe, Waltrud, Edytha, and Hikari to scramble. Edytha tests to see if Hikari can see a core like her sister which she can't. Naoe protects Hikari from Neuroi laser fire before the rest of the witches destroy the Neuroi. Nipa and Naoe are ordred to continue to patorl for any more Neuroi while everyone else returns to base. Gundula is about to send Hikari back to Fuso but is interrupted by news that Nipa has again crashed due to a locust swarm getting into her cooling unit. The recovery team was having trouble finding her and Hikari volunteers to go join the search over Lake Lagoda. Gundula permits as she tells Edytha to get the paperwork ready to send Hikari back to Fuso.

Hikari joins up with Naoe in finding Nipa and the search goes on for a while in which Hikari manages to find Nipa. As the two witches carry Nipa back, another Neuroi appears from below. Naoe goes to engage the Neuroi at around 10,000 meters. Naoe's Striker struggles at the high altitude and the Neuroi keeps Naoe boxed in at high altitude. Hikari carriers Nipa up so the Sumous witch can fire her weapon and distracts the Neuroi long enough for Naoe to destroys the Neuroi with her Blade Burst. As Hikari carries the two other witches back to base, a bug lands on her face, causing her to sneeze and sending all three crashing into the watch just short of the 502nd runway.

As Sasha orders all three witches to seiza and Nipa is able to get Naoe to say some compliments about Hikari. Naoe is then ordered into Gundula's office to report the Neuroi encounter. Seeing that Hikari could be useful to the team, Gundula gives Edytha a week to work with Hikari.


  • The new Neuroi hive being named Grigori could be a reference to Grigori Rasputin. He was a Russian mystic that claimed to have healing powers and befriended the Romanov family who were the ruling family of Imperial Russia after supposedly healing Tsar Nicholas II's hemophiliac son. Despite being a controversial figure through scandals, Rasputin would rise to become a prominent figure in ruling Russia when Tsar Nicholas II went to go command the army during World War I. On the 30 December 1916, Rasputin was assassinated by noblemen who were opposed to the mystic's influence on the royal family. The assassination is notable as it appears to have taken several attempts to kill Rasputin. This potential trivia around the Neuroi hive being named after Rasputin is just speculation.


Flak 36

Flak battery defending the 502nd base

Better known as the eighty eight by the Allies due to the gun's caliber being 88 mm or 8.8 cm, this weapon can trace its history to World War I where predecessors such as the Flak 16 were used as anti-aircraft weapons. During World War II, the Flak 36 was often fitted with a gun shield to provide some protection for it's crews. As an anti-aircraft gun, the Flak 36 was used with the Kommandogerät system to defend Germany against Allied bombing raids. More famously, the gun was also used in an anti-tank role due to the high velocity of the weapon and the ability to train the gun below the horizon. The weapon famously was used during the Battle of France to defeat the heavily armored Allied tanks such as the British Matilda and the French Char B1 bis. During Operation Barbarossa, the weapon was used to destroy the Soviet T-34, KV-1, and KV-2 tanks that were impervious to standard German anti-tank weaponry. The Flak 36 also saw service in North Africa where the vast flat terrain allows the gun to be used to destroy British and American tanks outside of effective range for the Allied tanks to be able to respond. A version of the Flak 36 in the form of the 8.8 cm KwK 36 was mounted to the Tiger I. Around 21,310 variants of this Flak gun were produced in total.

Penny buns

Delicious mushrooms

Called Boletus edulis, the large brown shaped mushroom can be served with butter, in soup, or dried out. This type of "penny buns" is not to be confused with penny buns that are small loafs of bead.

Shuvalovskiy Park

Nice park

A forested park in the northern park of St. Petersburg, it s quite popular for the ponds that people can swim in the summer.


You know it.

Meaning "proper sitting" in Japanese, seiza is a traditional form of sitting where a person kneels on the floor and sits in a position where their legs are folded underneath their thighs. Additionally, the buttocks are rested on the person's heels. Seiza first came about during the Muromachi period as a formal way to sit as a sign of respect. This form of sitting has been known to be painful and cause numbness in the legs of people unfamiliar with this type of sitting.

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