December has now arrived. With the Neva river being almost completely frozen over, Nipa and Kanno decided to have a sleigh ride with Hikari. However, Hikari ultimately becomes ill due to Orussia’s cold weather, but it is also likely due to her low levels of magical energy, as pointed out by Rossmann. Meanwhile, the 502nd base gets a supply shortage, to the disappointment of Nipa who wanted to hold the Saturnus festival for Hikari. Undeterred, Nipa decided to go on with the preparations for the festival using the remaining supplies. Everything was going well until everyone mistakenly ate laughing mushrooms just before a Neuroi attack, due to Krupinski initially claiming they'd be "delicious". Leaving Nipa as the only healthy witch capable to sortie, she set out to confront the Neuroi. After a few bursts, Nipa’s MG42 got jammed, but Eila and Sanya of the 501st come to her aid, bringing with them the supplies for the 502nd as well. Later that night, Saturnus was celebrated happily by the 502nd.

It should be noted that the events of episode 13 takes place, chronologically, after the events of this episode, and before the events of episode 8.

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