The episode begins with Sadako and Georgette destroying a few ground Neuroi, and clearing up the supply lines towards Murmansk. Commander Rall states that a new shipment of Striker Units were on the way, Krupinski asks if there will be any "grape juice" arriving as well, but is met with a blunt "no" from Rall. In the hangar, Nipa, Kanno, and Hikari are seen opening the last supply box previously given by Sanya and Eila. Inside are three new STG 44s, a Liberator pistol, and a box of macarons. Krupinski, disappointed that it isn't grape juice, decides to try one and finds a hidden micro film inside. It is revealed that the micro film contains photos of the Warlock prototype, as it appeared during the climax of Strike Witches season 1. Afterward, during dinner, Rall informs the squadron of a mission to escort a naval convoy en route to Murmansk. On that convoy is a Britannian Royal Navy witch, unmentioned as being named Nora Taylor, that will assist in destroying the Grigori nest. After seeing a photo of the witch and finding her to be "cute", Krupinski volunteer's herself to lead the mission. Nipa, Kanno, and Hikari are chosen to accompany her as well. They fly 1,000 kilometers towards Murmansk to obtain their new units. Kanno receives her Shiden Kai unit, while Nipa is given Krupinski's Type-K after her unit gives out, again. Krupinski also gets her "grape juice" at last and proceeds to get drunk and pass out in the sauna. The next morning, Krupinski is hungover and in bad shape. The group launches to meet the convoy, when they receive word that the convoy is under attack. After finding out that the witch had been shot down, a determined Krupinski beats the others to the convoy in order to save her. The attacking Neuroi splits in half and both halves begin launching smaller Neuroi. Once arriving, Hikari helps Nipa and Kanno with one half, after giving the Liberator pistol to Krupinski as a "charm" for good luck. After a hectic battle, Hikari's half is destroyed but there is no core. Meanwhile, Krupinski uses her inherent magic ability, known as Magic Boost, in order to give herself more strength and speed, and eventually destroys the other half of the Neuroi along with its core. Before the rest of the smaller Neuroi are destroyed, one rams Krupinski and injures her. Luckily, Krupinski was hit in the pocket holding the Liberator, saving her life. She is eventually taken to the Murmansk hospital and is later seen being treated by Nora, to the irritation of Kanno. However, unknown to the girls, the previously defeated Neuroi reforms, despite a seemingly destroyed core. While reforming, the Neuroi took in Krupinski's Striker Unit, and the episode ends with a suspenseful Neuroi sound.

It should be noted that the events of episode 13 takes place, chronologically, before the events of this episode, and after the events of episode 7.

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