Europe map

The Commonwealth of Britannia (ブリタニア連邦 ?) is a country in northwestern Europe, which is similar to modern Great Britain. It is the setting for most of the first season of Strike Witches.

Their nation's insignia seems to be a small red disk on a larger blue circle superimposed on a wider white circle outlined with another yellow circle. Britannia was the Front Line of the Neuroi War and the Battle for Gallia.

Britannian Witches

  1. Dolores Bader
  2. Lynette Bishop (501st)
  3. Minnie Bishop (First Neuroi War)
  4. Wilma Bishop (Isle of Wight Det.)
  5. Delia Jeram (508th)
  6. Adolpha Malan
  7. Cecilia Glinda Miles
  8. Patricia Schade (504th)
  9. Harriet Steer (Britannian Air Force, 19 Sqn)