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Bronislava Feoktistovna Safonov (ブロニスラヴァ・F・サフォーノフ, Бронислава Феоктистовна Сафонова) is a Witch of the 503rd Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Orussia.


Because her witch abilities manifested very early on she was taught by the famous Orussian witch Valeriya Grizodubova and went in aeronautics school. She was quickly noted for her skills and she worked as the teachers' assistant. She would sometimes go there to teach even after graduation. When the Neuroi attacked she was assigned to the Northern Fleet Flying Squadron as the commanding officer of the 72nd Mixed Air Force to defend the naval base. As she steadily accumulated military gains she was promoted to Squadron Leader.

When she was taken out from the front lines to receive new striker units, she was promoted as the commander of the reunited 78th Fighter Regiment. She was sent to protect Tsaritsyn, a valuable point on the bank of Volga, and she spent there half a year in intense battles, amidst which she was promoted to Wing Commander. She fought alongside armies of many countries, like Karlsland, and she especially became good friends with the commanding officer of JG 54, Wing Commander Bonin. Later, although Safonov tried to decline because of her age, she was made the commander of the 503rd JFW.


Bronislava always has a gentle look in her eyes and a smile on her face, she is reserved and quiet. She knows the feelings of her subordinates. She doesn't really talk unless it's necessary, but when she has things to say she has put a lot of thought in them, so that they are often very significant and important.


Her Mig I-225 is a pre-production model sent to the 503JFW. Exhaust extinction was installed into her units to better its performance during night missions.