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Carla J. Luksic (カーラ・J・ルクシック) is a Witch of the 506th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Liberion.


Carla is a cheerful and confident Liberion Witch with a distinct love for combat.

Carla J. Luksic was born in Hawaii, Liberion on June 20, 1928, to a military family. Her upbringing allowed her to become familiar with machines and weaponry at a young age, however she was constantly on the move from base to base, and had to learn to adapt. Following in her father's footsteps, Carla joined the Liberion Army Air Force where she was assigned to the 352nd Fighter Group's 328th Fighter Squadron, nicknamed "Blue Legs", which was stationed in Britannia. Carla quickly adapted to Britannian culture, and even befriended many Karlslanders during joint operations. While in Britannia, Carla switched out her P-47 Striker Unit for a newer P-51B, which was then quickly swapped out for a superior P-51D model unit. Shortly after, Carla was shot down over Gallia by a Neuroi, partly due to her inexperience. She was saved by her Commander Geena Preddy, who she now has a great respect for.

After the liberation of Gallia, Carla was stationed in Valenciennes in northern Gallia as part of the 328th FS.

In 1945, Carla was nominated to become part of the soon-to-be-formed 506th Joint Fighter Wing. After some political turmoil regarding the treatment of Liberion witches, she was eventually assigned to the B Unit of the 506th, which consisted solely of witches from Liberion. She was then stationed in Dijon, Gallia as part of the 506th.

Physical Appearance

Carla is a short girl with blue-gray eyes and long blonde hair which she usually ties into low twin tails. She wears a pair of flight goggles around her neck although she rarely puts them on. Her outfit typically consists of a long tan shirt underneath a green flight jacket and a white scarf with a red stripe at the bottom.


Always full of energy and true to her appearance, Carla is cheery, clever and mischievous, taking a particular liking to messing with Flight Lieutenant Marian E. Carl. Due to her military upbringing, flying and shooting are two of the greatest joys in her life.

Thanks to her experience in Britannia, she is extremely well-versed in European history and geography. She also learned how to act like a proper lady, and is the person who most appreciates European culture within the B Unit of the 506th JFW. She combines both the typical Liberion girl, and a high-class European lady seamlessly.

Her relatively unstable upbringing is not all positive however. When under a lot of stress, Carla begins to doubt and lose hope in herself. Carla has stated that she's become good at hiding her feelings, and that she stays positive out of fear of being disliked by those around her. Possibly because of this, Carla takes praise well, seeming to enjoy it greatly, and in one instance even asking Kuroda Kunika of the A Unit to continue praising her. Carla cares greatly about the other witches in the B Unit, once even falling unconscious and nearly drowning when she believed Flight Lieutenant Jennifer DeBlanc to be dead.


Her magical ability is Ether-Conducted Cooling (冷却魔法 | Reikyaku Mahō), which she applies to her modified M2 Browning's water-cooling system. She has replaced the water in the cooling with a pressurized ether mixture, allowing her to effectively cool her weapon and thus increase its prolonged firing capabilities. The more pressurized the ether is, the more it conducts her magic, therefore in the atmosphere's regular ether density people around her would notice a slight decrease in temperature.

Other modifications to her M2 Browning include the removal of the water circulation pump in the water jacket for lightening and modifications to allow for single-hand firing.

Carla has the ability to quickly adapt to different cultures due to her upbringing where she regularly moved from base to base with her father. She is therefore able to pick up local accents easily, even stating that she can sometimes begin to use new accents as quickly as within the same day she's arrived.



Light Novel


  • Carla is based on Carl John Luksic. Carl had the name "Lucky Boy" painted on his plane. (This is referenced by Carla's Striker Unit being given the name of "Lucky Girl"). Luksic unfortunately became a POW on May 24, 1944, however he survived and continued to serve in the USAF after the war. He eventually retired in 1969.
  • During the formation ceremony for the 506th JFW, there was an incident wherein someone in a "Noble-kun" costume touched Squadron Commander Rosalie de Hemricourt de Grunne's butt. Carla was suspiciously nowhere to be seen during the event, however there has been no confirmation as to who was in the costume on that fateful day. (Note: "Noble-kun" is the JFW's mascot character. Noble-kun resembles a chicken and is most likely derived from the armored bird seen in the 506's logo.)