Carla Ruspoli (カーラ·ルスポリ ?) is a famous Witch from Romagna and the president of the Romagnan Air Force Film Club.


Carla is a very famous Witch from Romagna. She is the president of the Romagnan Air Force Film Club and her special skill is photography, and she does aerial photography herself. She is specialized in shooting angles showing butts. The newspapers claim that it is a composition for powerful images.

In 1944, the Ministry of Public Affairs of Karlsland asks her to be seconded to the 501st JFW for filming a promotional film for the country. The photographic film is enormous in volume, some of which are precious color film. It is a detailed document from the coloring of the striker units to the pants of the witches.

Most of the photographs (images of the main anime) published in a series of records of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing are based on Flight Lieutenant Ruspoli's photographs (this refers to the booklets that come with the blueray limited edition of the anime).



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  • Her pilot archetype is unclear, but is likely Marescotti dei Principi Ruspoli, Lieut-Col. in Command of a Battle Group of the Folgore Parachute Division, KIA at the Second Battle of El Alamein at El Alamein, Egypt, October 24, 1942.
  • Because she approached from nowhere and shot decisive shots, it was often thought that she had stealth abilities.
  • Her full name is presumed to be "Carla Maurizia Giuseppina Edgarda dei Principessa Ruspoli".


Strike Witches A complete record of 501st Joint Fighter Wing 3.

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