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Carla G. E. von Rosen (カルラ・G・E・フォン・ローゼン) is a Witch from Baltland.


Carla started with an old striker unit meant for transport and liaison escort, and modified it for bombing land Neuroi. She originally wanted transfer to the Britannian Air Force, but realized that she probably could only do what she did because she flew with the Suomus witches. She continued transport and logistical duty using her transport aircraft and personal funds. Her efforts were critical to resupplying Sedan.

When the 506th JFW was established, she transported supplies there quickly and helped with the construction of the base. Because of her efforts, she received a formal invitation from Squadron Leader Wittgenstein to join their wing, but declined because she lacked confidence in her skills. Since she didn't mind transport duties, she kept cooperating with the 506th as an irregular member.

Carla von Rosen is described as a "shadow actor" who works in the background to replenish Sedan as few supplies are making it to there to support combat operations. She is also tasked with handling a wide variety of "unreasonably" large or special orders, ranging from ammunition to Heinrike's personal possessions.

While originally volunteering for the Britannian RAF, when Suomus was being invaded she slipped away, bought a transport plane and an old-fashioned striker unit with her own personal funds, and set off towards Suomus with her plane loaded with supplies, and found her purpose in resupply and transport missions. At some point after her time in Suomus she began assisting resupply of the Sedan base.

Carla is also a member of the nobility, supposedly at least an Earl. It seems that among all the nobles in the 506th JFW, Carla is by far the richest, even considered to be a millionaire. It appears that Carla owns several "supply machines", most likely transport Trucks and Aircraft, and also generously donates to the military, though the question of whether she donates to Baltland or other nations militaries specifically is unclear.

Amusingly, Carla von Rosen is a target of one of Kunika's eccentric schemes to get rich. The money-obsessed Fuso Noble concocting a plan to try and adopt Carla, which would automatically add Carla's fortune to the Kuroda family's own assets.


Light Novel


  • She is based on Carl Gustaf von Rosen.
  • Carla's transport plane (seen in two pieces of Volume 4 artwork) is a Douglas DC-2, a reference to a DC-2 famously being used by her real world counterpart as a transport, as well as a makeshift bomber on one occasion. The real aircraft, nicknamed Hanssin-Jukka survived the war and remains on display in a museum.
  • The note in regards to Sedan's supply situation is unclear exactly why Sedan is facing the supply issues. Possible reasons could be found either in convoys consistently getting lost and are unable to find Sedan, or the supplies meant for Sedan keep mysteriously disappearing en route. Alternatively it could be a simple case of regular supply delays, or the supplies Sedan is getting is insufficient to maintain combat readiness. Whatever the case, Carla and her large transport plane are critical to resupplying Sedan. Despite her informal position as an irregular member of the unit, her role is indispensable to the operational combat effectiveness and supply chain of the 506th.