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Air Force Rank Marines Rank Navy Rank Army Rank Witch Corps Rank NATO Code
Marshal of the Air Force Captain General Admiral of the Fleet Field marshal 元帥大将 (Gensui Taishō) OF-10
Air chief marshal General Admiral General 大将 (Taishō) OF-9
Air marshal Lieutenant-general Vice admiral Lieutenant-general 中将 (Chūjō) OF-8
Air vice-marshal Major-general Rear admiral Major-general 少将 (Shōshō) OF-7
Air commodore Brigadier Commodore Brigadier OF-6
Group captain Colonel Captain Colonel 大佐 (Taisa/Daisa) OF-5
Wing commander Lieutenant-colonel Commander Lieutenant-colonel 中佐 (Chūsa) OF-4
Squadron leader Major Lieutenant commander Major 少佐 (Shōsa) OF-3
Flight lieutenant Captain Lieutenant Captain 大尉 (Tai-i/Dai-i) OF-2
Flying officer Lieutenant Sub lieutenant Lieutenant 中尉 (Chūi) OF-1
Pilot officer Second lieutenant Midshipman Second lieutenant 少尉 (Shōi) OF-1

Other ranks

Air Force Rank Air Force Rank (aircrew) Marines Rank Navy Rank Army Rank Witch Corps Rank NATO Code
Warrant officer Master aircrew Warrant officer class 1 Warrant officer class 1 Warrant officer class 1 准尉 (Jun-i) / 兵曹長 (Hēsōchō) OR-9
Warrant officer class 2 Warrant officer class 2 OR-8
Flight sergeant Flight sergeant aircrew Colour sergeant Chief petty officer Staff/Colour sergeant 曹長 (Sōchō) OR-7
Chief technician (technical trade only) OR-7
Sergeant* Sergeant aircrew Sergeant* Petty officer Sergeant* 軍曹 (Gunsō)* OR-6
Corporal Corporal Leading seaman Corporal 伍長 (Gochō) OR-4
Lance corporal (land units only) Lance Corporal Lance corporal 兵長 (Heichō) OR-3
Senior aircraftman/woman technician (technical trade only) 上等兵 (Jōtōhei) OR-2
Senior aircraftman/woman 一等兵 (Ittōhei) OR-2
Leading aircraftman/woman Marine Able seaman Private OR-2
Aircraftman/woman Private 二等兵 (Nitōhei) OR-1

Note: *Sergeant is the lowest rank a witch can get, is the rank they get when joining the military.

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