Etou Toshiko is a Witch originating from Fuso and attached with the Fuso Imperial Army.


During the time of the Fuso Sea Incident, she was in charge of the Fuso Imperial Army's 1st Fighter Squadron. Kuroe Ayaka and the "Fuso Sea Triumvirate" - Anabuki Tomoko, Katou Takeko and Katou Keiko - were left under her command.

During the final battle, she was injured when, alongside Kitagou Fumika, she fought a navy forces battleship that wasn't following the plan and put other witches in danger. She drifted in the sea with Fumika during 3 days before being rescued. After fully recovering, she retired despite being missed by many of her subordinates and opened a coffee shop. Having learned about coffee from Katou Takeko, she went into business, running a café. With the critical success of "Flash in the Fuso Sea", and rumors that its star, Anabuki Tomoko, could often be found there, Toshiko's café became a popular stop for school-age girls. The café may or may not be located near the Akeno airfields.

Her relationship with Fumika goes back a long time, and has testified that she is "scary when mad".


A very skilled witch both in and out of combat. Toshiko has exquisite control over magic power - especially over magic shield - as her forte, and possesses a high technical strength for things like averting the fire from the Kaii with a magic shield. She can use multiple layers of shields to counter powerful blows.





  • She is based on Katou Toshio (加藤敏雄).


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