G. Fiesen is a witch originating from Karlsland.


Fiesen is an ace from the first Neuroi war and later founded the Fiesen Aircraft Company.

After her retirement, she initially made a living by doing aerobatic flight, but was dissatisfied with the conventional aircrafts and designed and developed her own aerobatic aircraft.

One of them was the RK-26, and it was noticed that she used it to win the Acrobatic Flight Competition. The RK-26 was adopted by the Baltland Air Force as a training aircraft, and Fiesen started her own company in 1930 based on the proceeds from the sale and the funds raised in the competition.


  • Her ace archetype is Gerhard Feizerer, a WW1 german ace that performed aerobatic flights after the war. He became later a designer and founded the Fieseler company.


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