Francesca Lucchini (フランチェスカ・ルッキーニ, Furanchesuka Rukkīni) is a witch of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Romagna and affiliated with the Romagna Air Force and her original unit: Romagna's Sovrana Aeronautica Romagniana 4th Air Unit. She is often named by her surname (Lucchini), and reffered by the alias of 'Gattino' (Kitty in italian) and 'Franca'. Also, her callsign takeoff is 'Gattina Nera' (Black Kitty in Italian).

Her familiar is the Black panther. Some characters confuse with a black cat (Shirley, for example), or even some media says that her familiar is a leopard. This is also the origin of her alias Gattino. Her familiar's name is Ombra (Shadow in Italian)[2].


Joining the 501st from the Duchy of Romagna, born in Rome, Francesca is the youngest soldier of the unit at a mere twelve years (in the Season 2 she's thirteen). Her unit affiliation was with Romagna's Sovrana Aeronautica Romagniana 4th Air Unit. Apparently, it's actually several different units, but Lucchini don't really know that much about it. Her rank is Pilot Officer (Sottotenente), by Francesca's opinion 'It's pretty low for a witch''. However, her aerial victory score is pretty high.

Unlike most other members of the 501st her past isn't marred by tragedy, she joined the Strike Witches out of a sense of duty to ensure that no harm would ever come to her beloved Romagna. While she might not look like it, in actuality Francesca 's way more of a veteran than Miyafuji Yoshika or Lynette Bishop. In Rome, the witch Corps recognized the power of Francesca when she was a mere 10-year-old. In response to the training base in Grosseto in Tuscany as Midshipmen and Second Lieutenant Cadet, was sent to the Mediterranean area then. Magic power is very high, firepower is also hidden and master class, the makings of an excellent witch a fighting-spirit strong. At the time, she was very attached with a kitty who was in the base. The kitty was the daughter of a black panther, who becomes her familiar later.

But, there are times where she tends to is too reckless, often repeatedly struck in the aggressive assault and the Striker Unit destruction, which she has been a problem for the troops to deal with. Also, she had nearly been expelled from the Romagna Air Force, due her vague and overly cheerful attitude. Fold such, there is increase in the number of requests to Romagna from 501st Fighter Wing integration, Francesca is sent to the Britannia and hopes of a improvement in her vague behavior. The behavior problem were many still assigned initially, but her friendship with Flight Lieutenant Yeager has made a improvement in her behavior, her shot-down and her abilities. However, she never gets put into house arrest or anything since she’s the youngest of the 501st JFW.

Unlike her vague nature, in the air she displays a passion and talent for flying that nobody in the 501st can match. She's still attached to her mother. Francesca might look fine, but she's actually having quite a rough time. Her mother had large breasts, and her waist and hip is even greater than her bust. She also always carries around a picture of a mother who had raised her on the family vineyard lovingly. Francesca is very attached to Shirley, partially thanks to Shirley's bust size. The Duchess Maria of Romagna is a good friend of Lucchini and assumes title after a grand day out with her. Lucchini's father is a sailor of the Romagnan Navy and has served out at sea for a long time. Both Luccini and her parents have frequented Delos island in the past: the island containing ancient Ruins and statues of the countries ancient history; containing old buildings and status of witches long past in history and legend. The island of Delos is considered a very personal place to Lucchini, seen both as mankind's legacy (though she has difficulty in articulating this due to her young age) and a place of precious memories of her family.

Shortly after Miyafuji Yoshika was assigned to the unit, during a special training in the beach, Miyafuji spots something: a high-speed Neuroi. Shirley scramble to intercept and destroy the Neuroi, but she notes something rare in her Striker Unit. In the previous night, Lucchini accidentally causes and accident with Shirley's Striker Unit. Shirley exceeded the sound barrier, but she collapsed after a collision with the Neuroi. She also was involved in a 'stealing-pants' during the decoration of Erica Hartmann, grips the base. Lucchini participated in the final battle versus the Warlock and liberated Gallia with the other 501st Witches.

After the liberation of Gallia and the disband of the 501st JFW, Shirley and Lucchini travel across North Africa, established in the 31st Joint Fighter Squadron Afrika's base, meet some of African witches, like Hanna-Justina Marseille and participated in the African campaign.

When Venezia collapsed, Lucchini returned to Romagna and opposite the new Neuroi Hive over Venezia with the other 501st Witches, ever since the 501st JFW was reformed in Romagna. When Ursula Hartmann developed the first Jet Striker Unit prototype, the ME-262 Swallow and was delivered to the 501st JFW for testing, Shirley initially seems to showed interest in the prototype, but after Lucchini tests it, and felt something was wrong with the unit and leaped out she succeeds in her pleadings to Shirley not to operate the jet striker. Also, when Shirley, Lucchini and Yoshika arrive in Rome after a short yet terrifying trip to go shopping, Lucchini meets the Duchess of Romagna and takes the girl on a whirlwind tour of Rome. Upon their return to the base, Lucchini is punished for spending the money. Minna turns on the radio just in time to hear an announcement by Duchess Maria of Romagna personally thanking Francesca Lucchini for her work above Rome that day. After, Lucchini participated in Operation Mars and liberated Venezia with the other 501st Witches.

In the movie, Lucchini and Shirley are in Venezia and meet Fernandia Malvezzi, Martina Crespi and Luciana Mazzei. After a race between Shirley and Luciana, Lucchini is wound due a accident in the race, but is cured by Fernandia. When a Neuroi appears, the five girls fighting in co-operation succeeds in eliminating the Neuroi and defending the city and it's citizens from harm.


Francesca is often childish and self-indulgent, shirking training and other duties in order to have fun around the base or nap. However, in battle she displays a true talent and passion for flying. She is good friends with the similarly casual Charlotte E. Yeager, has the tendency to occasionally speak in a sing-song tone, is full of energy and jumps around a lot. Cheerful and talent, for all her lofty ideals she's still twelve years old and often acts childish or self indulgent like a typical twelve year old. She hates the cold. Francesca eats slightly more than the other witches and for her food is always a top priority. She doesn't seem to fear anything (not even Shirley's driving) except the Wing Commander Wilcke and Squadron Leader Sakamoto.

Sleeping is a favorite past-time of Francesca. She has a knack for sleeping in the darnedest places (e.g. trees, the hanger wing). Noise is not a factor to her ability to sleep as she can stay asleep even as a striker's engine is raging. She'll often spend time napping around the base only waking up to change where she naps. She is also often out of her room, and only sleep there every 6 months. Also, she is showing the body's ability was away whether the ordinary person thanks to the magic, this is the jumping off your hand or in a somersault from a high place, such as a two-stage kick in the air.

Francesca has an obsession with cleavage. She is almost always cuddled up in Shirley's bosom (which Shirley allows). Otherwise she is prowling around and hunting for a new victim to get her grabby hands on. This habit got her into hot water in the third chapter of Kimi to Tsunagaru Sora. Certainly, she hates the canned food and can to boil pasta.

She doesn't follow the rules, and always does as she pleases. However, it is true that Lucchini is a big part of the reason why everyone doesn't lose heart. Somehow, you just can't hate her. She is also a quite rude, carefree, lively, and likes to play pranks, but she's really a good girl. Even her buddies never have any idea of what she's thinking. She seems to always be either eating, sleeping or playing. However, she plays her part when it really matters. Lucchini is also some hypocritical (Makes fun of Perrine's boobs, although she's the flattest of the witches, which is nothing unusual, since she's also the youngest).

Despite her carefree, childish nature and penchant for occasional mischief: she still remains a talented witch prodigy for her age and holds a deep seated sense of protective desire and duty to protecting people and in particular to protecting her homeland and the legacy's it holds, fighting with either her characteristic enthusiasm and free spirit or in more dire times or instances that strike close to her heart, with a surprisingly serious and grim determination and focus, and rarely for the latter to the point of being single minded and tunnel visioned in her efforts to protect even to her own personal detriment: with the mission to retake or destroy Delos island being one such clear example.

She has a relationship of best friends with Flight Lieutenant Yeager. She is almost always cuddled up in Shirley's bosom (which Shirley allows), and their abilities are a good match for each other in a rotte. Their relationship is often view like a mother-daughter relationship. She also has a good relationship with Sergeant Miyafuji and Flight Sergeant Bishop, and has a 'similar interests' with Flying Officer Juutilainen.


She has the ablility to directly concentrate, manipulate somewhat, and discharge magic energy (光熱攻撃 Kōnetsu Kōgeki (Sunlight Strike; lit. "Light and Heat Attack"). Classified in the attack system, send magic energy and hot to the enemies. The power is great, thanks to magic ability, Francesca can penetrate in the Neuroi structure and forge barriers, that are almost unbreakable. Even Shirley throws her for kill a Neuroi with her magical power. Because it is the magic that stretched around over and over again shield to protect themselves, the apex has a light-to-heat, can not be effective if you do not contact with the target. In battle, she can focus their magic on a point in front of her.

Unlike her vague nature, in the air she displays a passion and talent for flying that nobody in the 501st can match. Her marksmanship is great, and she's a genius when it comes to dogfighting and dodging maneuvers. Lucchini is often referred as a child prodigy.

Ace Archetype

Francesca is based off the Italian flying ace Franco Lucchini, an ace in the Spanish Civil War and the World War II. He's acredited with 22 victories and named 'Francesco Baracca della Seconda Guerra Mondiale'. He died in 1943 during a mission. He was described as a young fighter, animator, enthusiastic and convinced, aspects of his personality that shares with Francesca.


Before she joined in the 501st, was uses a MC.202 Folgore. However, she changes at a Farotto G.55 Centauro (84-1 Unit) when she joined in the 501st. It seems like the Centauro uses the same kind of engine Minna and the others are using, so it's easier for the maintenance crew.

Lucchini uses in combat a Liberion-made M1919A6. She also uses a Romagna-made weapons, but she lost it and receive the MG1919A6 of Flight Lieutenant Yeager.

Strike Witches “What If?” — 1947

What-if Lucchini
Even though she used to be a fickle child prodigy who the upper stratum didn't know what to do with, Flying Officer Lucchini is now in a position to have subordinates as the Platoon Commander. The substitute mother who she used to depend on like a spoiled child became a friend, a partner, and now a role model.

This shouldn't be considered entirely canonical, because it was only tweeted by Humikane.



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  • Strike Witches Otome no Maki
  • Strike Witches 2
  • Strike Witches Short-Shorts: After the Sky
    • Ichimen no Ao
  • Strike Witches 2 Visual Short Story
    • 500overs in Africa


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Francesca's Comments About Other Characters

Chara05 1 On Minna

"Wing Commander Minna? She told me it was okay for me to make hiding places in the base, so I think she's a nice person. As long as I do what I'm told and don't break or sabotage anything, I'm allowed to do whatever I want! And I can eat as much as I want too, so I love her!"

7e76a6de6c77f06f0411243096a766fc On Lynne

"She's a nice person who makes candy for me! And her boobs are big, although not as big as Shirley's. But unlike Shirley, she won't let me touch her... Boring!"

14d1528b765811585ad16da16f4d04cd On Yoshika

"Yoshika makes good food! The food here in Britannia is pretty bad, but although Yoshika's food is a little strange, it's really good! That Fuso pasta... umm... u... u... uron? Ah, udon! That was nice too! I'd like to try it with tomato sauce sometime. Well, she only gets a consolation prize for her boobs though."

E14538eb81bf8236ee742a8aa76241ac On Mio

"The Major... I don't like that she sometimes forces me to practice with her. I'm a genius, so I don't have to train! It's more important to sleep and grow bigger!"

Chara07 1 On Perrine

"Perrine? Well, she's really stubborn, so she's fun to make fun of, but... hm... mm... she's that flat-chested, and yet she always tries to put me in place, I don't like that! But I think her personality has changed a little since Yoshika came here?"

C1be48c1f27bce67edbf28f2a92a719c On Shirley

"I love Shirley! It feels safe to be around her, and she doesn't complain about things I do. Um, well, she's a bit scary when she's angry, but that reminds me of my mama back home. Her boobs are big like mama's too! Uh, I want to see mama... Ah, and sorry for breaking your striker units."

Chara06 1 On Barkhorn

"I always thought of Flight Lieutenant Barkhorn as a very strict person, but she's softened up a little lately! She used to always furrow her brow and look tense, but she's recently started to feel like a big sister for the rest of the unit!"

Chara04 1 On Erica

"Flying Officer Hartmann is amazing! She always sleeps way more than I do! There's no way I can sleep that much! And I don't think I can get my room as messy as hers... I respect her for that!"

Chara10 1 On Eila

"Eila sometimes does fortune-telling on me with her tarot cards. That's fun, and she has a lot of weird things in her room, so I go there to play sometimes but... I keep making things fall over, so she gets mad at me... strange... nyunyu..."

Chara11 1 On Sanya

"Sanyan (Sanya) and I almost never meet, so I haven't talked to her that much. I can't keep myself awake late enough to be up when Sanya is awake, but I'd like to talk with her more."



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