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Francie Gerard (フランシー・ジェラード) is a Witch of the Isle of Wight Detachment Group, originating from Liberion.


She is from Lyndhurst near New York. She is a young girl from Liberion who entered a flight school in Liberion after her witch powers appeared. Her results were bad during training. She got her rank right after she finished flight school. She had almost no combat experience at the time when she was assigned to the Isle of Wight Detachment Group.


She is shy and very insecure about her combat capabilities.

She seemed to admire her fellow Liberion, Charlotte E. Yeager.

Because she is the smallest member of the Isle of Wight detachment, she is treated as a child by Wilma Bishop.


Her magical ability is of an Intrinsic Magical Lineage, known as: "Sprinting" (スプリント,Supurinto) or alternatively Short-Ranged Speed-Up (短距離加速, Tankyori Kasoku), which gives her an instantaneous acceleration boost to allow her to make tight turns while in combat and for incremental boosts of speed over distances. Unlike Shirley's magic, it does require a degree of concentration and due to Francie's inexperience is difficult to use, but in time it can be refined once she gains more experience through training and actual combat. It is likely that her magic is of a similar magic Linage as Charlotte Yeager's magic ability.


Her P51-D Striker Unit has the personal marking "Yi Yi", which comes from a popular song.