Galina D. Kostylev (ガリーナ・D・コストイリョーフ, Галина Дмитриевна Костылёв) is a Witch of the 503rd Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Orussia.


Galina grew up in a mild southern climate and despite being an Orussian, she is not good with the cold.[2]

She is cheery, lively and diplomatic. Because she gets along with witches from all countries immediately, she was selected in the 503rd JFW right when it was established.

She was part of the Black Sea defense, but when they had to evacuate they merged with the JG 54. They withdrew to Tsaritsin and then all the way to Ufa. As her home unit was destroyed, and she wasn't assigned into any new units during the chaos of the evacuation, she volunteered for operation Typhoon and became a full member of the JG 54.


  • Her full name is supposedly Galina Dmitriyevna Kostylev (ガリーナ・ドミトリエヴナ・コストイリョーフ).
  • She is based on Georgi D. Kostylev.



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