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The Republic of Gallia (Republique galliaise) (ガリア共和国 ?) is a country in western Europe in the Strike Witches universe, that more or less mirrors that of France. In the first season of Strike Witches, it had been occupied by a Neuroi Hive which was later destroyed in Season 01 Episode 12, "Strike Witches".

Gallian Witches

  1. Jeanne Accart
  2. Perrine H. Clostermann (501st)
  3. Gabi Gauthier
  4. Pierrette Le Gloan
  5. Louis Hoche (Tank Witches) Renault R35 striker unit
  6. Georgette Lemare (502nd)
  7. Amelie Planchard (Isle of Wight Det.)
  8. Rosalie de La Poype (503rd) 
  9. Éléonore Giovanna Gassion (Music Squadron)


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