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Georgette Lemare is a Witch of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Gallia.


Born to the owners of a small inn in Ballanton, amongst Gallia's Lower Norman countryside, she developed her talents as a witch quickly. Eventually she volunteered in the military and qualified as a Flight Witch. During the Neuroi attack she flew a P-36 Hawk Striker as a sergeant and experienced her first combat, recording her first Neuroi downed.

Afterwards, she participated in the Gallian retreat and defended the Brest naval port, close to her hometown. She then escorted the Gallian Navy, including the unfinished Battleship; Richelieu, which evacuated to the West African Port of Dakar. She took on defense duties when she arrived there, and became part of the Gallia Air Force which belonged to the Casablanca-based Southern Orthodox Gallian Government.

When the Neuroi attacked the fleet anchored in Dakar, she was assigned to protect Richelieu. She ended the day credited with shooting down 3 confirmed Neuroi.

In 1943, the Gallian air power reformed into the Free Gallian Airforce, and with the help of Orussia she was commissioned as a Pilot Officer and transferred to Normandie-Niemen.

Because of her tenacity in battle, exceptional defensive technique, and healing talents, she was personally invited to join the 502nd by Flight Lieutenant Pokryshkin.


Though talented in the air, Georgette sometimes feels like just a girl amongst soldiers. She has a sweet disposition and a gentle soul, she is also world-wise, straight forward, and possesses strong common sense.

Most of her childhood she assisted her parents at the inn so she is quite adept at general housekeeping like sweeping or making beds. When cleaning she never allows others to get in the way, but if that happens, she gets very angry.


Similar to Miyafuji Yoshika, Georgette shows a particular talent for healing magic. Using this ability sends her metabolism into overdrive, and she may end up underweight and understrength unless she eats constantly. Additionally, whenever she uses healing magic, her body temperature increases causing overheating and additional fatigue. However, this also provides a considerable warming sensation within the individuals she heals from the aura around her hands. While her magic is normally restricted for healing others, things that are cold or frozen can be warmed-up and even thawed out while inside the radius of her aura. However, the application of using her magic for heat is incredibly unorthodox, and was only used once for that purpose.




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  • She is referred to as "Jose" by her friends.
  • Her familiar is the Persian.
  • Georgette is based on French ace Georges Lemare.