Georgette Lemare is a Witch of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Gallia. She is referred to as "Jose" by her friends.

Her familiar is the Persian.


Born to the owners of a small inn in Gallia, she developed her talents as a witch quickly during the evacuation of Gallia; her first combat experience as a new Sergeant coming as a result of escorting forces to the West African naval base of Dakar.

Joining as part of a flood of new recruits during the chaos surrounding the evacuation of Gallia.

When the Neuroi attacked the Gallian fleet anchored in Dakar, she was assigned as an escort to the Gallian battleship Richelieu, and in one day is credited with shooting down 3 confirmed craft.

In 1943, when the Gallian Forces reformed as the Free Gallian Airforce with the help of Orussia, she was commissioned as a Pilot Officer and transferred to Normandie-Niemen.

Because of her tenacity in battle, exceptional defensive fighting technique, and her healing talents she was personally invited to join the 502nd by Flight Lieutenant Pokryshkin.


Though not unskilled in the air, Georgette sometimes feels a girl amongst soldiers; she has a sweet disposition and a gentle soul, although she is not incapable: she is also world-wise, straight forward, and possessing common sense. Because of her childhood assisting her parents she is quite adept at performing general chores like sweeping or making beds.


Similar to Miyafuji Yoshika, Georgette shows a particular talent for healing magic. Using this ability sends her metabolism into overdrive, and she can become underweight unless she eats constantly. In addition whenever she uses her healing magic her body temperature increases resulting in her overheating; causing her additional fatigue. However her healing magic also provides a considerable warming sensation in the individuals she heals and the area surrounding the radius of her magics healing aura. While her magic can only strictly be used to heal living things, things that are cold or even frozen over if placed within the radius of healing of a living subject's healing area; can potentially be warmed up and even thawed after sufficient time has passed; though such applications and use of Georgette's healing magic is highly atypical and most unorthodox.

Ace Archetype

Georgette is based off French flying ace Georges Lemare.





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