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Grete M. Gollob (グレーテ・M・ゴロプ), full name Grete Maxmiliane Gollob, is a Witch of the 505th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Ostmark.


Grete was born in Graz, central Ostmark. Her powers as a witch were discovered in her early childhood, she was put into naval academy from where she graduated to the Ostmark Air Force. She completed her flying practice with outstanding results and was made Pilot Officer as well as the chief coach of the training company.

Although she was talented, she was haughty and ruthless. She was thought to be an uninteresting person who doesn't understand humor, but due to her spartan methods in the training company, the witches she trained would later say that they learned everything they would need to survive in actual battle.

When she was promoted to Flying Officer she got in an extermination group that used Bf 110 units given by Karlsland. They were deployed to protect the borders of Ostmark. The protection of L'vov was especially vital. Grete earned a lot of kills during the Neuroi's charge.

As Dacia's situation got worse, they got the duty to protect the city of Altland in the Transylvania region. As this was also a very important area her kill count kept growing. But the situation kept getting worse and Dacia's capital city Bucharest fell, also the defenses of the important areas in south Ostmark were destroyed. The Neuroi pierced into central Ostmark, but the witches declined the proposal of big retreat and kept on fighting.

Because of their efforts, after Ostmark, Dacia and Moesia fell, the region of Transylvania was the last piece that was in the hands of humans. But due to the lack of supplies, taking care of the troops and refugees was too difficult and they had to make the bitter decision to do a full evacuation. As the Neuroi's main force was in the west of Transylvania they decided to evacuate by going towards the Neuroi hive over the Black Sea. This fierce operation was later known as "the longest evacuation war"