Gundula Rall is a veteran witch of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Karlsland. Behind Barkhorn and Hartmann, she is Karlsland Airforce's (and, therefore humanity's) 3rd greatest ace.

Phyiscal Appearance



An expert at Deflection Shooting, with a certain artistic flair for dogfighting; during the evacuation of Karlsland, however, she was injured by an unlucky shot when her field of view was blocked by a piece of Neuroi debris, her back fractured severely.

After pouring her determination into extensive medical treatment and nine months of rehabilitation she eventually returned to the front. During her hospitalization she was placed adjacent to the future Africa Corps commander Katou Keiko, with whom she gave a popular interview.

To keep her old injuries from flaring up while dogfighting she wears a special corset made of magically woven fibers.

When in formation with the 502nd the favored tactic is for her to fly with the so-called "Crusher Trio" and leave the practical command decision-making to Flight Lieutenant Pokryshkin. This seems to be the best way to handle the diverse group of oddballs.

Within the setting of the Strike Witches' world, she one of the best-seven witches in terms of shot down count (the other six being Wilcke, Barkhorn, Schnaufer, Hartmann, Marseille and Rudel).


Strong and confident, Rall takes to her role as commander with relish, acting as more of a brash, frankly-spoken older sister than the more motherly nagging of Pokryshkin and nurturing of Shimohara. Unlike many in her position, however, she doesn't let herself get too serious, and is laid back and good-humored on a personal level.


Her magic is called Deflection Shooting (偏差射撃, hensa shageki). It's same that Marseille's skill. There's a possibility that it's a combination of three different magics - Future Sight, Three Dimensional Space Understanding and Magic Bullet - but there are no definite conclusions.

Ace Archetype

Her Ace Archetype is Günther Rall. Like Gundula, he was World War II's third highest-scoring ace, with 274 victory claims and one more unconfirmed claim. This number includes one French P-36, one US P-38, and 272 Soviet aircraft on the Eastern Front.


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