Hattori Shizuka(服部静夏) is a Witch from Fuso, attached with the Fuso Imperial Navy.

Her archetype is Utou Kazushi (羽藤一志). She is voiced by Uchida Aya.

Physical Appearance


A 14-year-old officer cadet with a heart full of dreams and idealism. A student of Sakamoto, she's a first-year at the Fuso Imperial Navy Military Academy. As she was born into a military family, she had a sense of duty drilled into her from a young age. She has good character, but no actual combat experience whatsoever, and sticks closely to rules and regulations. Harbors a naive admiration for Miyafuji, and dreams of becoming a Witch like her someday.


Shizuka plays a starring role in the Strike Witches Movie.

First appearing to save her idol from falling over a waterfall, as soon as she discovers the identity of the one she rescued, Shizuka reveals she has a visa for Yoshika to go to Europe with her to study medicine, and when the latter agrees, they set sail on the Amagi. However, Shizuka completely disapproves of Yoshika's behavior on the voyage, first being shocked by the fact that Yoshika brought very little with her as a doctor, then dragging her out of helping with cooking and cleaning, stating for someone of her rank she shouldn't do such things.

An accident occurs on the Amagi, starting a fire which threatens to destroy the ammo and subsequently, the ship. Shizuka tries to pry open the wreckage to rescue a trapped senior officer, but cannot clear the way, and gives up as said officer orders for the chamber to be flooded with him still in it. Everyone stands down reluctantly, but suddenly a drenched Yoshika appears intending to save the man. Refuting Shizuka's attempts to get her to back down, Yoshika saves the ship and the officer, but when she tries to apologize later for shouting at the Witch, a furious Shizuka once again berates Yoshika for disobeying orders and stalks off.

At the end of the movie, Shizuka flies up and hugs Yoshika.



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