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Helmina Johanna Siglinde Lent (ヘルミーナ・ヨハンナ・ジーグリンデ・レント) is a Night Witch from Karlsland.


A great ace who was the first in history to achieve a shoot down count of 100 units during nighttime combat. In comparison to her subordinates, Helmina's inborn magic-radar abilities are by no means high; something that only reinforces the appraisal of her developed skills as a Night Witch.

When the Night Fighter-Wings were just founded, she was called in as a suitable candidate, even if just slightly. However, after half-a-year, she repeatedly requested a transference to the Day Fighter-Wing due to being unable to adapt to the still-developing Night Fighter-Wing, both as an individual and military structure. A superior officer who believed in Helmina's talents managed to dissuade her and, thanks to that, her eye for night warfare bloomed along with the perfection of related machinery and tactics. Until she was surpassed by Wing Commander Schnaufer in 1945, Helmina was regarded as mankind's #1 ace in night warfare.


Earnest and diligent. She gives off a somewhat cold impression when silent, but she actually has a bright and extroverted personality that honestly expresses human emotions.

Because of her own troubled experiences, she knows how to take good care of others. She also likes to invite her subordinates to go cooking and shopping.

Due to shyness, she is bad at things like covering an event or collecting data for articles.




Based on Helmut Lent.