11th Joint Fighter Squadron: Her Majesty's Witch

Nicknamed the "Glorious Witches", the 11th JFS is composed of witches who are in charge of air defenses within Britannia and its surroundings, especially London. The unit's name "HMW" is an abbreviation for "Her Majesty's Witch", with a direct translation being "Her Majesty the Queen's witches". Although the core of the squadron comprises witches from Britannia, other participants include witches from Faraway Land and other Commonwealth countries, Liberated Gallia, Ostmark and Dacia). Witches who have fled from their homeland, as is the case of Moeasia and other Eastern European countries, have also entered the squadron, resulting in a diverse range of different countries and cultures involved in the unit.

Even though the scale of the fighter squadron was far from becoming a wing, the number of members exceeded the requirement and, as it was assumed within the Britannian Air Force that the unit would become a Joint Fighter Wing, there was a certain disdain when it was to remain as a Joint Fighter Squadron due to the service it provides not intended to be associated with the military.

Squadron Leader Dolores Bader of the Royal Air Force Headquarters concurred with the commander, assigning subordinates from two squadrons, the 43rd Squadron and 601st Squadron. From the time of these squadrons being implemented, it was well known that it wasn’t just a mere Joint Fighter Squadron.


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