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Season 1 Hime Uta Albums

Five Hime Uta song albums were made after the first season aired, featuring the witches of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing (and Ursula). They each feature several songs sung by the Witches' respective voice actors interspersed with dialogue. Mio and Yoshika star on the first album. The second album features Eila and Sanya attempting to learn Bookmark A Head for an upcoming propaganda film. The third album stars Erica, Trude and Minna. It also features Ursula Hartmann, who is visiting from Suomus in order to give Sanya the newest version of her Fliegerhammer, which Ursula designed. The fourth album sees the return of Yoshika, along Lynne and Perrine as they look after the base in anticipation of Mio's return, who is in Fuso helping with casting for an upcoming propaganda film. The fifth album stars Shirley and Lucchini.

Movie Hime Uta Albums

Five more Hime Uta albums were made after the movie was released on BD/DVD. It features the 501st witches, Hattori Shizuka, Heidemarie Schnaufer, and Fernandia Malvezzi. 4 of 5 volumes have been released, with the last one coming in November.

  • Volume 1 - Eila, Sanya, Schnaufer
  • Volume 2 - Shirley, Lucchini, Fernandia
  • Volume 3 - Barkhorn, Erica, Minna
  • Volume 4 - Yoshika, Shizuka, Mio
  • Volume 5 - Lynne, Perrine, Amelie Planchard

Based on the dialogue, it seems like the drama CDs occur before the events of the movie.