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Translation of the first Drama CD .

Track 01: Memory of a parfait, Part A

Minna: Since we fought a Neuroi yesterday, we don't expect them to attack again soon. Therefore, I'll give you all a day off today. If you'd like to make a trip somewhere, please turn in a written application for permission to leave.

Yoshika: Yay! A day off!

Lynne: Yoshika, do you want to go somewhere?

Yoshika: I don't know a lot about Britannia, will you show me around?

Lynne: Sure!

Sakamoto: Miyafuji, don't get overexcited just because you're off duty.

Yoshika: Understood!

Eila: Um... Sanya! I've found something interesting... So, eh, i-i-if you want... W-w-w-would you like to go somewhere with me!?

Sanya: Eila? What's wrong? Your face is all red.

Eila: N-no... it's... not.

Sanya: What is this ”interesting thing”?

Eila: You'll see when we get there.

Sanya: Okay, let's go together.

Eila: …!

Sanya: Shouldn't we invite the others as well?

Eila: Eh, w-well, Miyafuji is already going somewhere with Lynne, and Shirley and Lucchini already went off somewhere...

Sanya: Yes, you're right... Let's go?

Yoshika: Hm? Oh, everyone else already left...?

Lynne: You're right... let's hurry up and turn in our application.

Yoshika: Okay! Ah, would you like to go with us, Perrine?

Perrine: No thank you.

Lynne: But you never take time off to rest?

Perrine: I'm fine, really.

Yoshika: ...And there she went...

Lynne: Yoshika, let's go?

Yoshika: Okay!

Sakamoto: Well, someone has to be in the control tower... Hm? Someone's already here? What are you doing, Minna? Isn't today everyone's day off?

Minna: That goes for you as well, what are you doing here?

Sakamoto: Yeah, well, we can't really leave our posts, can we? I thought I might as well patrol around the base for a while.

Minna: Yes... Same here. I'm sitting here on watch out so that everyone can rest without feeling worried about what might happen.

Sakamoto: Ha ha ha... so we were thinking the same thing. I went around the whole base, and it seems like everyone has already left.

Minna: Yes, almost everyone has asked for permission to leave.

Sakamoto: What about Miyafuji?

Minna: She said she was going to London.

Sakamoto: London? But how?

Minna: Haha, Trude had an errand in that direction, so she drove them there. She's really softened up lately...

Sakamoto: I see... Wait, are you saying Barkhorn was the one driving?

Minna: No way! I'm pretty sure she let Erica drive.

Sakamoto&Minna: Speaking of which...

Minna: Please, go ahead.

Sakamoto: No, please.

Sakamoto: This situation reminds me of the first time we met.

Minna: Yes... I was thinking the very same thing.

Sakamoto: It was around the time I was transferred to Libau. (Now Liepāja)

Minna: Yes, and right before I started working on the front line.

Sakamoto: Brings back memories... I never expected us to end up working together like this back then.

Minna: Yes... It was quite some time ago.

Perrine: Argh, I can't hear what they are talking about... Major... Why are you so friendly with Colonel Minna!?

Perrine: Eh? Aaaah!

Sakamoto: What's going on over there!

Minna: Oh, Perrine?

Sakamoto: What are you doing Perrine? Why are you crawling on all fours?

Perrine: Ah, I, eh, I just stumbled a little...!

Sakamoto: You better be more careful.... Look, your glasses are about to fall off...

Perrine: Oh yes! Thank you!

Minna: That reminds me, you never asked for permission to leave, right Perrine?

Sakamoto: Really? Although this is rare chance to take a day off?

Perrine: Yes! But you never know what will happen! I thought it would be better if someone stayed in the base just in case...!

Sakamoto: I see! That is good thinking!

Perrine: Oh no, I see this as my duty as part of the nobility!

Trude: Okay, Miyafuji, Lynne. Don't get too immersed in the fun now just because you're off duty.

Yoshika&Lynne: Roger!

Erica: Well you say that, but you really just want to go with them, right?

Trude: What are you insinuating, Hartmann? See, I'm a superior officer, and I ha-

Erica: Yeah yeah...

Trude: Listen? As a proud witch of the 501st, I have to act as a role model for-

Erica: See ya!

Trude: Hey! I'm not done talking!

Lynne: There they go...

Yoshika: I wonder what she was going to say?

Yoshika: Hey, what's that car that looks like a wagon?

Lynne: Which one?

Yoshika: See, that black one with the high roof.

Lynne: Ah, that's a London taxi.

Yoshika: Oh, I've heard of them. They're called ”Black joker” or something, right?

Lynne: Yoshika... They're called ”Black cabs”.

Yoshika: Ahaha... Oh look, a double-decked bus!

Lynne: Ah, that's a trolley bus!

Yoshika: I bet it'd be fun to ride one...

Lynne: Well then, let's do!

Yoshika: It's here!

Lynne: Do you want to go up to the second floor?

Yoshika: Yeah!

Yoshika: Wow, what a great view!

Lynne: Having fun?

Yoshika: Yeah! Very!

Yoshika: Oh, Lynne, isn't that Shirley and Lucchini over there?

Lynne: Where?

Yoshika: Look, Over there! At that crossing! Let's get off!

Lynne: Yoshika, wait for me!

Yoshika: Shirley! Lucchini!

Shirley: Oh, Miyafuji!

Lucchini: Yoshika's here!

Lynne: Yoshika, you're running too fast...

Lucchini: Lynne too? Yaho!

Yoshika: So you two are here as well? But how did you get here?

Shirley: Ah, we took my bike. Look, this one here.

Yoshika: Whoa, it's big... but why is it pink?

Lucchini: 'Cause pink's cute!

Shirley: Nah, that's not why. I told you before, it's for desert camouflage.

Lynne: Desert?

Shirley: Yeah, we went to Africa last time we took vacation. And we used this then.

Lucchini: Oh yeah, we did! No matter where we went, all we saw was sand and rocks. You could go anywhere you wanted on the bike, it was great!

Yoshika: Wow... Is it really that easy to go to Africa just for a short vacation?

Lynne: You have to cross the Mediterranean to get there so I thought it was pretty far...

Shirley: Well, from Britannia there are boats going via Gibraltar, and we only went to the area around Casablanca, so it's actually pretty close.

Yoshika: Casa... blan?

Lucchini: I heard it means ”white house”.

Lynne: Oh yes, ”blanca” is Hispanian for ”white”, right?

Shirley: Yup! And there are no signs of the neuroi invasion around there so... Ah, oh yeah, and it seems like the ”legitimate government of Gallia” is over there now.

Lynne: Well, it seems like there are different ”legitimate governments of Gallia” in a lot of different places...

Yoshika: Hmm, like ”Honke” and ”Ganso”? (Authentic/Genuine, seen on signs outside small shops) Sort of makes me think of candy shops!

Lucchini: Eh, candy!? Oh look, there's a candy store right over there!

Yoshika: Wow, that's some pretty candy!

Shirley: Why are we suddenly talking about candy!?

Lucchini: Who knows? But it looks tasty!

Lynne: This shop is famous for its delicious shortbread and tart.

Lucchini: Shirley~ When we're finished with what we came here for, let's go buy tart! Tart~!

Shirley: Sure, sure. Just wait a little, okay? Well then, I'll try to get my bike fixed in this store here, so see you guys later!

Yoshika: Okay, take care.

Lucchini: Bye bye!

Lynne: Let's have tea when we get back!

Lucchini: Yay!

Sakamoto: Anyway, Perrine... It's good to be diligent, but you really should take a break when a good chance like this arrives, since it doesn't happen often.

Perrine: No, I can not do that. I won't rest until Gallia has been freed!

Sakamoto: Well, your attitude is admirable, but I still can't agree.

Perrine: What do you mean?

Sakamoto: Well, think about it as bow.

Perrine: Yes?

Sakamoto: If you always put strain on your bow, the string might get slack or even break. Similarly, we must rest when we are given the chance so that we're able to give our fullest when it is time for our abilities to be put at test.

Perrine: Yes, but! You never take time to rest either...

Sakamoto: Well, you have a point there. You're right, me and Minna haven't taken any time off lately... Okay then! I will perform a tea ceremony for you today!

Perrine: Tea ceremony?

Sakamoto: Right! Your black tea is good as well, but having this kind of tea from time to time can be nice too. Wait for me with Minna in the control room.

Perrine: Um, Major...?

Sakamoto: I'll be right back!

Perrine: Geez... Just being with Major Sakamoto is relaxing enough as it is...

Trude: So we're back at the hospital, huh?

Erica: Worried about Chris?

Trude: Well, she is my only sister...

Erica: Yeah, your right... sisters are important...

Trude: What's wrong, Erica?

Erica: Ah, nothing. Let's go, Trude!

Trude: Yeah...

Lynne: This is the London Bridge.

Yoshika: Oh, I've heard about it! There's even a song about it, right?

Lynne: Yes, they say it was first built in 46 AD.

Yoshika: Wow! It's that old?

Lynne: After that, it was used and continuously repaired for 1000 years.

Yoshika: That's amazing!

Lynne: But then, it burned down and broke numerous times, though it was rebuilt. The bridge standing today was built around 100 years ago. Though they say it's slowly sinking down into the river...

Yoshika: Huh? Isn't that dangerous?

Lynne: Maybe... So there are those who think it should be rebuilt again.

Yoshika: Hmm... Isn't it strange that the old bridge lasted longer? Also, doesn't it look terribly ordinary? The bridge over there looks much cooler!

Lynne: Want to go over there instead?

Yoshika: Yeah!

Track 02: Takeoff Voice 1 – Sakamoto Mio


Track 03: Memory of a parfait, Part B

Yoshika: What an interesting bridge, with towers on each side!

Lynne: This is Tower Bridge. It's a so called drawbridge, so it can be opened up to let boats pass under.

Yoshika: Really? Oh, it looks like they're doing repairs on it?

Lynne: Yes, it seems like the roadway took some damage in the latest neuroi attack...

Yoshika: What, really? Did we miss it?

Lynne: Well, the neuroi sometimes attacks from other directions and never gets close to our base... London is Britannia's political and economical center, so a lot of witches are needed for its air defense.

Yoshika: I see...

Lynne: Yes... Seems like my older sister is also here helping out with the defense...

Yoshika: What? You have a sister?

Lynne: Oh, haven't I told you that?

Yoshika: Maybe you did... I might have forgotten... haha...

Lynne: Oh Yoshika, you're so forgetful...

Yoshika: Well, there have been so much new to learn ever since I came here so...

Lynne: Yeah, you're right. When I think about it, I might not know a lot about you either...

Yoshika: Hehe, I guess it goes for both of us.

Lynne: Yes, we're the same.

Minna: “Tea ceremony” you say?

Perrine: Yes, she asked us to wait here...

Minna: I wonder why here of all places...?

Perrine: I have no idea...

Sakamoto: Sorry to keep you waiting!

Minna: That looks quite heavy...

Perrine: Major, let me help!

Sakamoto: Ah, thanks. Be careful with it please.

Sakamoto: Well, I'd rather do this at some other place, but we have to stay close to the control room anyway, so...

Minna: Oh, so that's why...

Perrine: Um, Major. What is this “tea ceremony”?

Sakamoto: Hmm... Well, you'll see.

Perrine: Okay...

Sakamoto: Okay, well, just sit somewhere over there.

Perrine: Yes.

Minna: Will here be fine?

Sakamoto: Sure.

Minna: It sure is quiet...

Sakamoto: It would be nice if it always was this peaceful...

Perrine: I never noticed it was this quiet in this base before...

Sakamoto: Well, you can't hear Shirley's loud engine now, so...

Minna: And not the sound of your yelling voice either.

Sakamoto: Hah.

Sakamoto: Okay, I think this is enough.

Sakamoto: Here you go.

Perrine: How do you do this properly?

Sakamoto: Oh, don't worry about that, what's important isn't the way of doing it, it's the feeling of hospitality.

Perrine: The feeling of hospitality?

Sakamoto: Yes. “Even in the most stressful of times, there is always some time for rest”. You'll never find peace if you keep telling yourself you have so much to do.

Minna: I see, it won't be much of a rest if you put too much importance on how you do it. I'll have some, then.

Perrine: Ah, I will too.

Perrine: This is... so bitter!

Sakamoto: Ha ha ha... Bitter, huh? Try eating some of the sweets.

Perrine: Okay... What is this black thing?

Sakamoto: It's youkan (jelly dessert, usually cube-formed) I've ordered from Mamia(?)

Too much jelly might hurt your belly! Ha Ha Ha!

Minna: Mio...

Perrine: Oh, it's sweet!

Minna: I see, this sweetness blends well with the tea's bitterness, and creates a perfect harmony.

Sakamoto: Ha ha... You're making me feel a little embarrassed... Ha Ha Ha....

Minna: Really?

Everyone: Heartily laughs.

Sakamoto: Oh, I got you to laugh! You're really cute when you're laughing, Perrine!

Perrine: Eh!? Wha- eh, Yes!

Sakamoto: Ha Ha Ha!

Minna: Really...

Yoshika: Wow! What a big store!

Lynne: It's a bit expensive here, but they almost have everything! They even have some things they supply the royal family with!

Yoshika: Wow, amazing! Hey, do you think they have any big pots?

Lynne: I know of another shop specialized in cookware, do you want to go there later?

Yoshika: Yeah! ...But when the store is this big, it's difficult to decide where to start looking around, right?

Lynne: How about looking for something you can send home to your family?

Yoshika: Eh? You can do that?

Lynne: Sure! It will take some time, but you can send things even as far as to Fuso!

Yoshika: Well then, I have to send something to mom, grandma... and Micchan!

Lynne: Micchan?

Yoshika: A friend of mine. Will you help me look?

Lynne: Eh, ah, of course! ...Micchan?

Trude: Chris...

Erica: How is she, Trude?

Trude: She's still asleep... but she looks fine.

Erica: Yeah, but I'm glad you've started visiting her at the hospital like this. I'm kind of relieved.

Trude: Really?

Erica: Yeah, you've been kind of distant lately...

Trude: I see... Sorry.

Erica: You should thank Miyafuji and Minna.

Trude: Hm? I'll think about it.

Erica: I wonder how Ursula is doing?

Trude: Your little sister?

Erica: Yeah, I haven't seen her at all lately...

Trude: You worried?

Erica: Yeah, well, like a normal person. Hehe...

Trude: Hey! Why are you looking at me like that?

Yoshika: We've walked so much! I'm exhausted!

Lynne: Yes, but it looked like you enjoyed it.

Yoshika: I did! There were so many new things to see!

Yoshika: Oh, that shop over there looks nice! Hmm... Oh, it's a cafe! I'm tired, so let's go rest there a little, okay?

Lynne: I was just going to suggest that. It's one of my favorite shops.

Waitress: Welcome! Seats for two?

Lynne: Yes.

Waitress: I'm sorry, but all tables are taken. Would it be okay to sit with another couple?

Lynne: Yoshika, what do you think?

Yoshika: Oh, no problem!

Lynne: Alright, that's fine.

Waitress: Great! This way please.

Waitress: Here we are.

Lynne: Sorry to bo- oh!

Yoshika: Huh? Oh, Sanya! Eila!

Eila: Miyafuji! And Lynne!?

Yoshika: Those sweets looks great!

Lynne: Yoshika, that's this shop's special, a dessert called parfait, made by the gallian chef here.

Yoshika: Wow, it looks amazing. But, are you supposed to eat this together with someone?

Eila: Uh, well you see, we came here because we'd heard they had something special, but then I realized that I didn't bring enough money, so that's why we're now sharing one...

Sanya: Eila said you're supposed to share one with someone.


Yoshika: How cute! Lynne, let's order this!

Lynne: ...Share one?

Yoshika: Eh, you're not supposed to?

Eila: Right! Share one!

Lynne: Okay, one strawberry parfait and tea... uhm... Castleton second flush for 4 please.

Waitress: Certainly!

Eila: For 4...? Lynne... You're gonna drink that much?

Lynne: The tea here is great too. I want you all to try it, and don't worry about paying.

Yoshika: That's not right, I was the one who invited you so I-

Eila: Don't say that. Since I'm the superior here, I'll pay!

Lynne: Eila, didn't you just say you two were sharing one parfait because you didn't have any money?

Eila: ...

Sanya: Thank you Lynne, but I can pay for mine and Eila's.

Eila: Sanya...

Sanya: And Eila... you shouldn't mention your rank in a conversation like this.

Eila: ...I made Sanya angry...

Sanya: Eila, Yoshika, thanks for the other day.

Eila: Don't mention it.

Yoshika: Hehe, right. We're friends after all!

Lynne: Yoshika, isn't it great to have more friends?

Yoshika: Yes!

Sanya: Lynne's cake was incredible as well. It was the first time I've had my birthday celebrated like that...

Yoshika: Ah, I'm also glad I could celebrate my birthday surrounded by so many friends! Let's do something similar on Lynne's birthday, okay?

Lynne: My birthday is in June, so I've already had mine...

Yoshika: Eh? Ah... well... next year!

Lynne: Sure!

Sanya: Eila?

Eila: Mine's in February... So it's far away...

Sanya: Let's celebrate it together then.

Eila: R-really!?

Yoshika: I want to join in too!

Lynne: Me too! Oh, speaking of which, I'm sure Shirley said hers was in February as well...

Eila: Really? Mine's on the 21st.

Lynne: Shirley's is on the 13th.

Yoshika: Oh? Perrine said hers was on the 28th.

Eila: Miyafuji... why do you know when that stuck-up four eyes has her birthday?

Yoshika: I heard her talk to Sakamoto about it.

Sanya: And when is Major Sakamoto's birthday then?

Yoshika: It's supposed to be close to mine... so maybe it's soon?

Sanya: Let's all celebrate it together!

Yoshika: Sounds fun!

Eila: Wouldn't it be great if we could celebrate everyone's birthdays together as they come from now on, not just Sakamoto's?

Lynne: Yes, it would be great if we all could be together like this forever...

Eila: Yes, but we can't do that. Me and Sanya must go back to her homeland...

Lucchini: And my birthday is on the 24th of December~!

Yoshika: Uwah! Lucchini! Where did you come from!?

Shirley: Haha! We've been here for a while!

Sanya: I never noticed...

Eila: Hey, don't surprise us like that!

Lucchini: Lynne told us about this shop, so we figured we'd try it out!

Lynne: So you remembered...!

Lucchini: Well, I wanted to try this... parfait? out!

Yoshika: Yours is black!

Lucchini: Yup! It's chocolate!

Shirley: Mine's blueberry.

Yoshika: Wow, there's a lot of different tastes! Ah, blueberry...

Sanya: Ah, the blueberries Lynne brought a few days ago were very good...

Eila: Do you want to order a blueberry parfait, Sanya?

Sanya: No, I'm fine.

Eila: Ah, okay...

Lynne: Those blueberries and the ones they use here come from the same place.

Yoshika: Oh I see.

Lucchini: Shirley! Shirley! Say ”Bleh!”

Shirley: Hm? Bleeh!

Lucchini: Haha! It's purple!

???: And my birthday is on the 19th of April.

Yoshika: Wha-! Who was that!

Lynne: What's wrong, Yoshika?

Yoshika: I just heard a voice...!

Trude: You're too slack, Miyafuji!

Yoshika: Ah! Barkhorn? So that means that voice was...

Erica: That was me~!

Lynne: Hartmann!

Trude: My birthday is on the 20th of Mars, and Minna's is on the 11th.

Lynne: Oh.

Yoshika: What is it, Lynne?

Lynne: Everyone from Karlsland have their birthdays close to each other.

Lucchini: I'm the only one who isn't close to anyone else...

Lynne: No, it's the same for me.

Eila: Damn... I don't want to have my birthday close to that stuck-up four eyes... I'd rather be born in August as well.

Shirley: What? You don't like having your birthday close to mine?

Eila: What? No, that's not what I meant...

Yoshika: Did you also hear about this place from Lynne?

Trude: Hartmann said she really wanted to come here. She's very fond of sweets.

Erica: Hey, you didn't exactly seem to have anything against it either. Ah, can I have a parfait please! What? There are different sorts? Okay, give me all of them!

Trude: All of them!?

Waitress: Sorry to keep you waiting! You'd like to add...? A-all of them!? I'll be right back!

Yoshika: Go ahead, Lynne.

Lynne: No, you can eat first.

Yoshika: No, you start.

Lynne: No I think you should start.

Yoshika: Well okay then... Hm... but how do you eat this?

Lynne: Yoshika, say ”ah”

Yoshika: ”Aaaah”... Mmm, it's sweet!

Lynne: Right?

Eila: I see, so that's how you do it... S-sanya, do you want to go first?

Sanya: Sure. Thanks.

Eila: ...what?

Sakamoto: It's almost evening already...

Minna: Yes, it's been a long time since I had such a peaceful day off... Thank you, Major Sakamoto.

Perrine: Yes, thank you.

Sakamoto: Ha ha ha... You don't have to thank me. I wonder if everyone else is also having fun?

Minna: Yes, Lynne said she knew of a nice shop, so perhaps they are all there.

Sakamoto: What kind of shop?

Minna: She said it was cafe with some new kind of sweets.

Sakamoto: Perhaps the three of us should go there on our next day off. What do you say, Minna, Perrine?

Perrine: Oh yes, I would be quite honored to visit this shop in your company!

Minna: Oh Perrine...

Sakamoto: Ha ha ha...

Perrine: Eh? Eh? What?

Yoshika: Oh, that was good!

Sanya: Yes, the tea too.

Eila: Y-yeah.

Shirley: This is a nice place!

Lucchini: I'm full! Yup, satisfied.

Trude: Yes, going to places like this can be nice too, from time to time.

Erica: Hey, you ate 2 parfaits, what are you on about?

Trude: What? That was your fault! I had too since you just ordered everything without thinking first!

Erica: So? Besides, I helped you with the second one.

Lynne: I'm glad you all enjoyed it.

Yoshika: I'd like to buy something to bring home to Sakamoto and the others.

Eila: Yeah, but no more parfait.

Trude: Okay, so how about returning to the base once you've found something to buy?

Everyone: Yes!

Trude: Looks like everyone is tired, they're all sleeping in the backseat.

Erica: What! I want to sleep too!

Trude: Want me to drive instead?

Erica: Just kidding... I'll be fine. Your driving is way too dangerous.

Trude: Yeah... thanks. But it was really nice to have a day off for once.

Erica: Yeah...

Shirley: Haha, we're taking the lead!

Lucchini: Go, Shirley!

Erica: I'm not going to lose!

Trude: Wait, wait, Hartmann! Safety first!

Erica: Bah, okay...

Minna: Everyone should be coming home soon.

Sakamoto: Let's see... Yeah, I think that's Shirley's bike.

Yoshika: Where are we?

Lynne: Yoshika, are you awake?

Yoshika: Ah, Lynne.

Trude: We're at the base soon, Miyafuji.

Erica: I'm so gonna sleep when we get home...

Yoshika: Oh, I can see Sakamoto...

Lynne: Where?

Yoshika: Over there, the window in the tower. Minna and Perrine are there as well!

Lynne: Oh yes, and they're waving their hands.

Yoshika: We're home!

Track 04: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen's life counseling 1

Guest: Sakamoto Mio

Eila: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen's life counseling! In this corner, I, the 501st joint fighter wing's ace, also known as Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen, will use my tarot cards to solve your problems, regardless of your military rank, where you're from, or your race. It's a very helpful corner. You should all be thankful for having a friend like me!

Eila: Oh, the first lost little lamb is already here. It's open!

Sakamoto: Hey, Eila.

Eila: Oh, it's just you.

Sakamoto: ”Just you”? Is that how you speak to a superior officer? Oh well, we aren't so strict on these things in the navy of Fuso, so... Ha ha ha.

Eila: I see, you're always trying to hide it by laughing like that, but you're actually full of things that troubles you that you can't talk to anyone about. Well then, please sit down in the chair over there.

Sakamoto: Yeah, thanks.

Sakamoto: I heard you had started up something strange over here, so I decided to drop by to see what but... hmm... So, what is it that troubles you?

Eila: You think I'm the one who's troubled!?

Sakamoto: Ha ha ha ha... I see, I see. It's called “Eila's life counseling”, so I thought everyone would have listen to your problems!

Eila: Of course not! You're not thinking!

Sakamoto: I guess not, I did think it sounded strange to hear you were actually worrying about something in your life! Ha ha ha!

Eila: For some reason... that feels like an insult. So? You don't have anything to ask me about?

Sakamoto: Questions, huh?

Eila: You can ask me anything!

Sakamoto: I see... hmm... ...

Sakamoto: Nope, can't think of anything! Ha ha ha!

Eila: She's the worst customer ever!

Sakamoto: What's wrong? You look really troubled!

Eila: You sure have it easy! I bet you're never troubled by anything, being so popular and all!

Sakamoto: Popular? Me? What are you talking about?

Eila: Me on the other hand... I noticed this morning it seems like Sanya's angry at me again. She hasn't said a thing to me since she woke up last night! And I have no idea why she's angry! I... I... don't know what to do!

Sakamoto: Oh, what? See, there is something troubling you!

Sakamoto: But you know... I'm not really that good at when it comes to socializing... Sorry, but I don't really think I can help you.

Eila: Feigning ignorance isn't really like you.

Sakamoto: Feigning ignorance? Me?

Eila: Don't think I don't know! I know how popular you are with Miyafuji, that stuck-up four eyes and Minna! You're the most popular in the whole unit!

Sakamoto: That's not true! I treat each and every one in this unit in the same, normal way.

Eila: That's a lie! You must have some kind of secret...I won't let you out of here until you tell me!

Sakamoto: You say that but... I really don't know.... Or... I guess...

Eila: See? I knew there was something!

Sakamoto: Yes. Training!

Eila: What?

Sakamoto: Regular training, every day! That must be it. Wake up with the sun, thrust the bamboo sword with all your might, run 30 kilometers (~18 miles) and keep it up for half a year. Do this, and becoming ”popular” as you say might not just be a dream! Yes! How about it? Why don't we go out and run right now!? ”Strike while the iron is hot”, as they say!

Eila: Just go away!

Track 05: Lieutenant Colonel Minna's drill in military affairs.

Minna: Miyafuji, Lynne, are you prepared for the lesson?

Yoshika/Lynne: Ye~s!

Minna: It's good that you're enthusiastic, but we are in the military now, so you should just reply with a short ”Yes!”.

Yoshika/Lynne: Yes!

Minna: That's better. I'm not planing on teaching you about international affairs as usual today, but instead talk about how this unit, the 501st joint fighter wing, came to be.

Yoshika: How it was formed?

Minna: Yes. You know how we're not a very typical military unit in many regards, like how you answered me just now?

Yoshika/Lynne: Sorry...

Minna: Oh, I'm not mad or anything. On some points, we've created a relaxed atmosphere like this on purpose.

Yoshika: Really? You're right, everyone does seem kind of carefree when they have time off. And we have afternoon tea almost everyday that everyone looks forward to and such...

Minna: Yes, you're right. We've regularly been having afternoon tea ever since Lynne came here. I also quite enjoy it.

Lynne: I'm very glad to hear that! It's an honor!

Yoshika: Oh, so that was your idea, Lynne!

Lynne: Yes, we had tea regularly before too, but I proposed the idea to have Britannia-style afternoon tea, and lieutenant colonel Minna allowed it!

Yoshika: I see! Perhaps doing it Fuso-style would be fun as well? With green tea, rice cookies... and youkan would be nice too!

Minna: That sounds like a good idea. It seems like Major Sakamoto knows a lot about green tea, so how about trying it out next time?

Yoshika: It feels like it will become a real tea ceremony if you put Sakamoto in charge of it...

Lynne: But yes, this unit does feel very relaxed in that way. We're not so concerned about ranks either.

Yoshika: Yes, like Lucchini for example. She even talks to superiors without addressing them with ranks, even I wonder if that's really okay sometimes...

Lynne: Yoshika, you know, Lucchini is above us in rank so... Pilot officer Lucchini.

Yoshika: Oh right! ”Pilot officer Lucchini”... Haha, it just feels strange to say.

Minna: Well, we're all from different units to begin with, so it's natural that we aren't so concerned about ranks here. Even if some is ranked higher than you, she's not directly your superior.

Yoshika: I see...

Minna: And by the way, this unit is under direct control of the headquarters of the allied forces, so it's independent from all countries control. So, remember that you don't have to follow orders from other units, even if the person who gives you the order is higher ranked.

Lynne: Yes, understood!

Minna: Your situation might be slightly more complicated since you're from the Britannian air-force, Lynne, but I hope you trust us.

Lynne: Yes!

Yoshika: Complicated situation?

Lynne: Yes, the Britannian air-force is involved in the establishment and management of this unit too, so...

Yoshika: Hmm? Oh, I see. So there might be a time where it's difficult to know what orders to follow?

Lynne: Yes.

Minna: The one who established this unit in the first place was Air Chief Marshal Dowding of the Britannian air force. He got the idea after seeing the multinational force that evacuated out of Gallia to Britannia after operation dynamo.

Yoshika: Oh yes, I've heard a little about it. There was a big battle, and Gallia on the other side of the shore was overrun by the neuroi...

Minna: Yes... I guess the people of Fuso don't really know much more than that about it... Perhaps I should tell you more about since the subject came up? The dynamo operation was a large-scale withdrawal from Gallia, which had been invaded by the Neuroi, to Britannia. There were a lot of different units from all over Europe, from Karlsland, Ostmark, etc. that helped out during the retreat.

Lynne: A lot of people took refuge over the Strait of Dover from Pas-de-Calais. It was a terrible time, the whole country was in disorder.

Minna: Yes, even boats belonging to civilians were gathered up to help the refugees. It must have been hard on you too, Lynne.

Lynne: Yes... actually, the boat our family had at home was also confiscated by the military.

Minna: Oh, I see...

Lynne: It made me quite sad at first. Our family had used it ever since I was small, so we had a lot of memories with that boat.

Yoshika: I see... That was kind of mean of them.

Lynne: No, not at all!

Yoshika: Eh?

Lynne: Sorry for shouting...

Yoshika: It's okay.

Lynne: See, I found it when I was watching the refugees coming here.

Yoshika: What did you find?

Lynne: I saw our boat coming in, filled with worn-out refugees. When I realized that our little boat had saved so many lives... it made me cry.

Yoshika: Ah...

Lynne: I still remember it very clearly, the refugees, how everyone was in a state of confusion, and the burnt smell that crossed over the sea. The bright flashes on the opposite shore, shadows of the neuroi swimming in the thick fog, and all the flying witches... They were hurt, tired to the brink of exhaustion, and some of them had smoke coming out of their striker units...

Yoshika: I see... That's what war is...

Lynne: Yes, Britannia was quite peaceful up till then because of the Strait of Dover, so I hadn't really realized it...

Minna: The reason we can call that operation a success is mostly thanks to how powerful the Britannian air-force is. And of course, thanks to the help from the civilians. Thank you, Lynne.

Lynne: Oh no... I'm thankful everyone is helping out protecting Britannia... But I'm sure my sister would be happy to hear those words. Because she was one of the witches flying that day.

Yoshika: Oh, right, your sister is also a witch.

Lynne: Yes, I look up to her a lot. Unlike me, she's always happy positive, and has a surprisingly strong will to act. She is pretty similar to Yoshika in that regard.

Yoshika: Eh, really? Yeah, I think it would be fun to meet her.

Minna: Seems like everyone says Miyafuji is similar to someone else they know...

Yoshika: Eh? Lieutenant Colonel Minna, did you say something?

Minna: No, never mind.

Yoshika: Okay...

Lynne: Um, I'd really love to introduce you to my family, but I wonder if we ever will have time off to do that...

Yoshika: Is she in Britannia now?

Lynne: Yes. She's helping out with protecting London. Seems like what happened during operation dynamo really made an impact on her. She's working really hard now. She's told me we never should let London end up like the cities in Gallia.

Minna: Yes... it is not strange for someone who has experienced such a fierce battle to think like that. I feel the very same way.

Yoshika: I see... Reminds me of that time when I was training with Sakamoto and she told me to ”Look at the other shore.” to ”Look at the territory the neuroi is occupying.”. I think I see now what she meant by that.

Minna: Yes, right. Well, we took quite an detour, but anyway, the retreat lead to witches from all over the world being stationed here in Britannia, and that the unit they were assigned to formed the framework for our unit – the 501st.

Yoshika: Oh, right... That's what we were talking about.

Minna: Haha, yes. I told so in the beginning, didn't I? That I would talk about how this unit was formed.

Yoshika: Haha, yes, that's how it was.

Lynne: I was very excited to hear the news when this unit was formed. It was mentioned quite a lot about in newspapers and on the radio. After all, the original members were all celebrities like the trio from Karlsland and Major Sakamoto.

Yoshika: Oh, I didn't know everyone here were so famous.

Lynne: They are! Perrine, for example, is called ”Bleu Première”, and she is very famous from her time in the Free Gallian Air Force here in Britannia.

Yoshika: ”Bleu Première”? I think I've heard that somewhere before...

Lynne: It means ”Blue number one”, and comes from Perrine having the number 1 in her previous squadron. (“The blue platoon?”)

Yoshika: Oh yes, when I told Micchan about how I was scouted by the 501st, she taught me a lot of things... Famous witches are also known by nicknames, like ”Gattino”, ”Ace of Spades” and ”Glamorous Shirley”.

Lynne: Yes! Aren't nicknames like that cool!

Yoshika: But I still don't really know who's who yet... Except Shirley, whose description fits perfectly.

Lynne: You think...?

Yoshika: I wonder if Lynne will get a nickname like that? ”Glamorous Lynne”!

Lynne: What!?

Minna: I'm sure the two of you will also get known by nicknames if you keep on flying for long enough. You might even become more famous then us.

Yoshika: Really?

Lynne: Yoshika might, but I...

Yoshika: You think? If you ask me, Lynne is an amazing witch...

Lynne: Thanks! But if you compare me with everyone else in the 501st, I'm nothing... The greatest aces of the worlds are gathered here, so...

Yoshika: I see...

Lynne: This unit, where the top aces of the world are, has been called ”the hope of Britannia” Air Chief Marshal Dowding and Lieutenant Colonel Minna who formed it are celebrated as heroes.

Yoshika: Lieutenant Colonel Minna too?

Lynne: Yes, she was the one who took command over and put the unit together after all.

Minna: It's a little embarrassing to hear people speak so well about you... I don't really feel I've done anything special...

Lynne: You're so modest! I've heard from my mother who used to be a witch and from my sister how dangerous some of the things you've done have been...

Minna: Really? Well, I've done these kinds of things for a long time, so I guess I've grown accustomed to it. But when I think back on it, there were really so many difficulties back then all I remember is how I had a headache every day.

Lynne: I can imagine. It must have been a lot with all the negotiations with all different countries and such...

Minna: Yes, you're right... It was a handful. But I still had a dream. No matter how impossible it might have seemed, I still wanted to create a unit like this, so I could take it. Ah, sure brings back memories... I sure had a lot of hope back then.


Sakamoto: A bath would be nice.

Minna: What?

Sakamoto: Witches from all over the world will gather in this Joint Fighter Wing. I'd like a bath in the base.

Minna: Umm... I'm sorry, Major Sakamoto, I'm not following. How is witches from all over the world coming here related to wanting a bath?

Sakamoto: Ha ha ha, I'm sorry, Lieutenant Colonel Minna. I was just thinking that socializing in the nude would be the best way to reach an understanding over the cultural differences.

Minna: Wouldn't just showers be enough?

Sakamoto: No. Showers are just meant to make you clean. Only in a big shared bath will we be able to relax mind and body together and thus start to get along.

Minna: R-right... But you know, there's never been tradition to relax for a long time in a bath except for in Fuso and in Romagna... So is it really necessary?

Erica: But doesn't this ”Fuso bath” sound like fun? We're going to ”socialize in the nude” right? I mean, there is a lot of potential for things to poke at around here... Perrine being an exception.

Perrine: W-what!? You may be a super ace, but there are some things even you should shut your mouth about!

Erica: Ooh, scary. Or rather, where did you think I wanted to poke?

Perrine: Wha!!

Minna: There will be no ”poking” around here. Besides, you're only saying that because you're curious about the bath, right? Things aren't free just because we're from the military. Please think more of our whole situation here.

Erica: Yeah, okay... Bah, serious as always...

Minna: What do you think, Captain Barkhorn?

Trude: Anything is fine. The base will only be a place for me to return to for sleep anyway.

Minna: Captain... I understand your feelings, but I'm sure Chris will get better. There is no helping in being so cold...

Trude: Leave me alone.

Minna: What do you think then, Perrine?

Perrine: I won't have it being poked at by Karlslanders with bad manners!

Minna: Well, I'm not asking about poking...

Erica: Oh I see! So you mean you wouldn't mind getting poked by Major Sakamoto, since she's from Fuso?

Perrine: !!

Sakamoto: What, me? Sure, I'll poke! Where do you want me to poke?

Perrine: M-m-major Sakamoto! I-I can't believe you're saying something so shameless!! I thought better of you!!

Minna: Ah, wait, Perrine!

Erica: And she's gone...

Sakamoto: Hmm...

Erica: She's so sensitive.

Sakamoto: Hmm, seems like I did something inappropriate. I don't get gallian culture... Did you understand what I did wrong, Lieutenant Colonel Minna?

Minna: Please don't ask me. (Will this unit really be okay? My head hurts...)


Lynne: What happened back when this unit was created? I'd really like to know what kind of hardships you went through back then!

Minna: Umm... You'd better not ask.

Lynne: ?

Yoshika: Umm, were the members of the unit the same back then, with the exception of me and Lynne?

Minna: That's a good question, Miyafuji.

Yoshika: Okay...

Minna: The members at first were quite different from today. There were the three of us from Karlsland, the Major and Perrine, and there was also one more from Karlsland, one from Ostmark and one more from Fuso. We were eight in total.

Yoshika: Oh, I see. So there were three persons here I don't know back then. But... where... are they now?

Minna: Don't worry, they were just transferred to other units. They are still flying out there somewhere. There was also a time when we had two Britannian witches here, but they were also transferred away.

Yoshika: So there has been quite a lot of shifting here... Though maybe that's common in the military?

Minna: No, not really... There's another reason why it turned out like this. As I said in the beginning, even though we're supposed to be an independent unit, the Britannian air force still have a lot of influence over us.

Yoshika: I see... but this Air Chief Marshal Dowding is cooperative, isn't he?

Minna: Sure, but some time ago, the top of the Britannian air force was replaced. Dowding, who had been in top before, was driven out of the military, and the one who took his place is...

Lynne: Air Chief Marshal Trevor Maloney.

Yoshika: Is there something about him...?

Lynne: I haven't heard much good about him... My sister says she hates him.

Minna: You shouldn't say things like that, Lynne, he is the highest ranked officer in the air force you belong to.

Lynne: I'm sorry!

Yoshika: Umm...

Minna: You don't have to worry about this anymore right now, Miyafuji. Just remember that things like this happens sometimes as well. Especially if you're planing on continuing your career as a soldier.

Yoshika: Okay... it all seems awfully complex...

Minna: Well, that there are those who are unhappy with us and dislikes us just shows how influential we are because of our good results. Especially those who don't want to change the way the military is being run are unhappy with us.

Yoshika: Change the military, you say? Oh yes, you said something about how we are pretty relaxed here before.

Minna: Yes, it might be common for the military to use their soldiers as pawns, but I believe that's not right for us witches. The greater the witch is, the greater is her own special magic, but such an ability is difficult to use in a systematic unit, don't you think? So if we keep it as it were, a lot of potential will be lost.

Yoshika: Oh, Sakamoto told me about this! Telekinesis-type, perception-type and offensive type, right?

Minna: Indeed. Well done! We allow our group members freedom to be able to manifest that kind of personal ability. So we shouldn't be tied to just one country.

Yoshika: I see... So it's not like we're just a collection of witches from different countries.

Minna: Well, that was one of the factors taken into consideration, but no, that's not all. After all, if you mix the culture and traditions from different countries, you can choose the best one in different situations.

Lynne: I see! Like how I've started really liking bathing Fuso-style since I came here!

Yoshika: I'm happy to hear that!

Lynne: I think everyone is getting along better because of the bath!

Minna: A-ah... really? Bath... thanks to the bath, you say...?

Yoshika: Something wrong?

Minna: No, it's nothing.

Sakamoto (in Minna's memories): Ha ha ha Socializing in the nude is the best way for people with different cultural backgrounds to reach an understanding over cultural differences!

Minna: Oh, well then, that will be enough for today. Good work today!

Yoshika/Lynne: Thank you very much!

Lynne: Oh, it's already this late? Yoshika, you're going to take a bath now, right? Let's go together.

Yoshika: Sure!

Minna: Good night then.

Yoshika: Would you like to join us, lieutenant colonel Minna? Since we just talked about how everyone gets along better thanks to the bath, I was thinking...

Minna: No, I'll pass.

Yoshika: Ah, okay...

Minna: Good night.

Yoshika/Lynne: Ah... Good night!

Yoshika: Lieutenant Colonel Minna...

Lynne: Yeah...

Yoshika: I wonder if she really dislikes the bath...

Lynne: Who knows...

Track 06: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen's life counseling 2

Guest: Lynette Bishop

Eila: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen's life counseling! In this corner, I, the 501st joint fighter wing's ace, known as Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen... wait, I just said this, so there's no reason to repeat it, right? Geez, the first time was a disaster, this can't be a good sign... I hope the next guest will be better.

Eila: Oh, speaking of the devil... It's open!

Lynne: Umm... Eila?

Eila: Oh, it's just you, Lynne.

Lynne: What? I'm sorry, am I disturbing you? Perhaps I sh-

Eila: Oh, no, no. No need to go already! Don't worry, you're not disturbing. So, come here.

Lynne: Okay, sorry for disturbing. See, Eila...

Lynne: ...Umm... What are you looking at?

Eila: Hmm... They sure are big...

Lynne: W-what is?

Eila: Hm? Looking more closely, it looks like they're bigger now than they were when you first got here? Let's see...

Lynne: Uwah! W-what are you doing?

Eila: What do you mean? I was just trying to touch them to see...

Lynne: I didn't come here for that!

Eila: What are you getting red in the face for? We're both girls, right? It's no big deal.

Lynne: It is to me! I'm leaving!

Eila: Ah, no... Sorry...

Lynne: Ah, no... I'm sorry too. I just wanted to talk to you seriously...

Eila: Oh right, right. Yes. Go head. You can ask me anything.

Lynne: Well, Eila...

Lynne: If there is anything on your mind, just tell me. I'm here for you!

Eila: You think I'm the troubled one!? Wait, we just did this joke!

Lynne: I'm sorry... It's called ”Life counseling” so I thought you wanted everyone else to listen to things that troubled you...

Eila: I told you we just did that kind of joke! Just what kind of person does everyone around here think I am? Of course it's not like that!

Lynne: You're right...

Eila: Right!?

Lynne: Yes, I can't imagine you being troubled by anything! That's why I was so surprised and jumped to conclusions. I'm sorry.

Eila: That's enough! Just leave!

Track 07: After story: Towards Fuso

Translator's Note:

"Sakamoto comes to Yoshika's house to tell her Lynne and Perrine are on their way to Fuso. Micchan doesn't want to disturb their conversation so she goes out and talks to Sakamoto's chauffeur about boats, boats, boats and... more boats. Also, that cool movie Sakamoto starred in. It's incredibly fucking boring, except for the part where Micchan says she wants to join the army to help Yoshika, but is reluctant to becoming her subordinate because then she'd have to address her as ”Miyafuji-san” instead of ”Yoshika-chan”. TL;DR: Fuck this."

Track 08: Takeoff Voice 2 – Perrine Closterman


Track 09: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen's life counseling 3

Eila: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen's life counseling! What's with everyone around here!? Just what kind of person do they take me as? Come to think about it, not only haven't I been able to help someone out, no-one has even come to me for help!

Eila: I really hope the person who is coming now is someone serious. It's open!

Perrine: Good day to you, Eila. Oh? What's wrong? You look depressed.

Eila: I can't believe it, it's stuck-up four eyes!

Perrine: Can't you at least call me by name?

Eila: Yeah yeah, Perrine, Perrine.

Perrine: Once will be enough! Really, why... Oh, but it's alright. I came here today for a good reason. This truly is what is called ”noblesse oblige”.

Eila: Nobura...? What?

Perrine: ”Noblesse Oblige”! It means ”obligation of the nobility”!

Eila: Oh I see... I bet you came here thinking I was troubled by something.

Perrine: What? Yes, so?

Eila: And, then you thought you'd be so kind as to listen to what was troubling me.

Perrine: Yes? Umm... Have I misunderstood something?

Eila: Now what? I bet you just thought that ”Oh wait, there's no way Eila would be troubled by anything!”.

Perrine: Eh? That's not... H-how did you know?

Eila: Oh I know everything! All I have to do is to flip over those tarot cards that lying spread out over the desk over there, and I'll know anything I want to know!

Perrine: W-what!? Oh you must be jo-

Eila: Alright, which one should I flip over next...?

Perrine: P-please wait a minute! A-are you using your special magic ability to see the future together with the tarot cards, making it possible for you to even read the minds of others!?

Eila: What? Ah, right, that's it! You know, I can find out anything I want... Lately, my own power is almost scaring me...

Eila (background): I'm gonna flip it... I'm so gonna flip it...

Perrine: Oh no! If she turns those tarot cards... All the things I think about every day...

Eila: Oh what's this? Major Sakamoto...

Perrine: Nooo! Oh, it's already this late? I have to water the Marigold flowers in the garden. Well then, I'll be going now, have a nice evening.

Eila: Hmm... Come to think of it, I guess this means that stuck-up four eyes is also caring for me in her own way... I should go apologize to her tomorrow. Though you'd think it would be obvious even tarot cards can't read peoples minds...

Eila: But trying won't hurt... W-what does Sanya think of me...? E-eh? H-how strange... My hand is shaking... I can't turn the card around! W-why!?

Eila: Okay, I wonder who will come to my counseling room next time? Let's try to predict it. Hmm? Stripes, soft and fluffy, and the twin devils? And one more? What's this? That doesn't help a bit. Well, whatever. Just be thankful and be sure to listen next time too!

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