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This is the Translated transcript of the second Drama Album

Track 01: Memories of a camomile, Part A

Lynne: The tea is ready!

Yoshika: Okay, thanks!

Minna: Oh, it smells nice, kind of like apple. What tea are we having today?

Lynne: It's Perrine's camomile tea.

Trude: Camomile? What kind of tea is that, Perrine?

Perrine: Camomile has been used as a medicinal plant for a long time, it is said to make you relax, let you sleep better and protect you for catching a cold.

Sakamoto: Oh yes, you've made some camomile tea before.

Yoshika: Really?

Sakamoto: Yeah, saying it was good for sleeping. I think it was before this unit was formed... hmm, where should I begin?

Perrine: Oh, please let me!

Lynne: Where did you first meet Major Sakamoto, Perrine?

Erica: Come on, tell us!

Yoshika: We don't really know much about what happened before this unit was formed, right?

Erica: Well, I can tell you I came here because Minna dragged me here...

Trude: It was the same for me. When I arrived here after fighting during the evacuation, this unit was more or less already here.

Yoshika: I see...

Perrine: Weren't you going to listen to my story?

Yoshika: Ah, sorry!

Erica: Yay! Clap clap clap!

Perrine: Geez... Well, what can I do?

Announcer: That's enough! Pilot Officer Clostermann wins!

Amelie: Uu... I lost again...

???: Again?

???: She's too strong.

Perrine: Amelie? You're flying too straight. It's too easy for your enemy to read your movements.

Amelie: I'm sorry...

Perrine: And, you can't defeat the neuroi by just running away. You should attack without hesitating when a chance arrives.

Amelie: Yes! ...

Perrine: Really... I'm just trying to her advice, yet she starts crying...

Amelie: I'm such a coward... I'm just in the way, I'm so bad I can't even serve as Pilot officer Clostermann's sparring partner...

Perrine: sigh... So, who is next? This doesn't even qualify as ”training”.

Squad leader: Not me

???: Not even our squad leader stands a chance against her anymore...

Amelie: Pilot officer Clostermann is really strong...

Squad leader: Pilot officer... perhaps you should rest now?

Perrine: Oh yes, squad leader, what happened to my application for joining the combat squad?

Squad leader: Well, I've sent several requests to the Britannian high command, but...

Perrine: God... Those Britannians doesn't seem to trust us... I mean, all striker units we get are used goods...

Squad leader: Well, we're like freeloaders, so we shouldn't complain.

Perrine: ...Well, I'll take my leave.

???: Why is such an amazing witch in our unit?

???: Yes, she's a famous witch in Gallia, and she's also from the nobility, and yet...

???: Well, Britannia can't just pretend all the trouble is on the other shore anymore, they're also busy trying to protect their country.

???: Yeah, well, if that's the case, I guess freeloading exiled Gallians like us are just a bother.

???: Yes, we'd better hurry up and get stronger as quickly as possible.

???: Yes, but I can't keep up with someone who seems to be thinking of nothing but training all the time.

Amelie: Pilot Officer Clostermann lost her family in this war, so... so...

???: Amelie, you really like her, don't you?

Amelie: That's...!

Perrine: Geez... Though our homeland is in such great peril, everyone around here are so carefree... How are we going to get through this with an attitude like that? Gallia was overrun, and even though there are Gallian governments set up in various places, no matter where I send my requests, all I get back is paperwork. We never get any new striker units, they never even send us guns. In fact, they haven't even sent us one bullet of ammunition so far! And Britannia is Britannia, they never let us out on the real battlefield. How long will it take before I can take back my father's chateau?

Squad leader: Pilot officer Clostermann!

Perrine: Yes, squad leader?

Squad leader: We've received a patrol mission from the Britannian headquarters. Can I count on you?

Perrine: Understood. Who is flying with me today?

Squad leader: Sergeant Planchard.

Perrine: Amelie? I see...

Squad leader: You will patrol the usual place. A transport ship will pass through the area, so you are also to escort it.

Perrine: Understood.

Perrine: Amelie, are you ready?

Amelie: Yes! I'm all done and ready to go!

Perrine: Good. We are prepared for take off.

Squad Leader: You have permission to leave.

Perrine: Let's go.

Amelie: Yes!

Perrine: Amelie, do you see anything?

Amelie: No, nothing.

Perrine: What about the sea?

Amelie: It seems like the one which just passed was the last of the transport ships..

Perrine: I see...

Amelie: Something wrong?

Perrine: All we ever get to do are these patrolling missions with no signs of the enemy... We won't be able to free our homeland like this!

Amelie: Pilot Officer Clostermann... you shouldn't be so impatient...

Perrine: How can I not be!? As it is now...!

Amelie: Ah... umm... Would you like some camomile tea once we get back?

Perrine: Camomile? ...Oh, yes. We had some of those in our flower garden back home.

Amelie: Really? In the very famous Clostermann flower garden?

Perrine: Oh? You know of our flower garden?

Amelie: Yes! A lot of Gallian witches who uses medicinal plants told me they wanted to get their hands on herbs from the Clostermann family.

Perrine: So, what kind of effects does camomile have?

Amelie: Umm... It's used as a sedative, to speed up digestion, against light colds, and to treat exhaustion and dry skin. When made into a tea, it's mostly to help with sleep. Also, plants which are planted in its vicinity gets more resistant to diseases.

Perrine: You seem to know a lot bout herbs...

Amelie: No, no, my family are farmers, so I just happen to know a little... I'm sorry...

Perrine: I'm praising you, you know?

Amelie: Eh? Ah... T-thank you very much...!

Perrine: Really... Well, we're finished with patrolling. Let's return to base.

Amelie: Yes.

Perrine: And... please make me some camomile tea.

Amelie: Gladly!

Perrine: Who's that? That fierce scream... I've never heard anything like it at this base.

Perrine: Those clothes... and a katana? She must be a commander from Fuso's navy. Why is she here? And why is she using a katana? That's just silly, you can't use that against the neuroi. But... Her movements are flawless, they seem powerful, yet they're beautiful, almost like a dance...

Sakamoto: Instead of just standing there silently, why don't you stop hiding and come out here?

Perrine: Eh? Ah... Umm, what is a soldier from Fuso doing here?

Sakamoto: Ah, sorry. I'm Flying Officer Sakamoto Mio from the Fuso Imperial Navy's European battle fleet. Ah, no... I guess I'm a Flight Lieutenant of the allied forces now.

Perrine: Excuse me, Flight Lieutenant! I'm Pilot Officer Perrine Clostermann of the free Gallian Air Force, Alsace Squadron, stationed here at Detling.

Sakamoto: Yeah.

Perrine: You... know of me?

Sakamoto: Ah, sorry. It's not something we should discuss right now. Anyway, you don't have to be so formal, be at ease. I'm just here because I'm going around inspecting various places in Britannia at the moment.

Perrine: Inspecting? So you're inspecting a small and unimportant base such as this? I guess the navy of Fuso doesn't exactly have a shortage of staff.

Sakamoto: Ha ha ha! No, not exactly! We just recently retreated from Libau and the supplement of new equipment is lagging behind, so we have no choice.

Perrine: From Libau?

Sakamoto: Yeah... Hmm, so this is the base in Detling? A guide brought me here in the middle of the night, so I had no idea what it was called! Ha ha ha!

Perrine: I see...

Sakamoto: Anyway, I admire that you're training by yourself this early in the morning.

Perrine: It is nothing special.

Trumpet: du duu du duu du du du duu~!

Sakamoto: Ah, that's the signal for breakfast. What do you say? Care to join me?

Perrine: No thank you.

Sakamoto: I see, well, see you around.

Perrine: ...People from Fuso are... strange.

Track 02: Takeoff voice: Minna Dietlinde Wilcke/Gertrud Barkhorn/Erica Hartmann


Track 03: Memories of a camomile, Part B

???: Have you heard? A group of people from Fuso came here yesterday to inspect.

???: I heard it was only one person...

???: Yes, someone said she was a super ace from the legendary squadron stationed in Libau.

???: What? Don't they say people from that squadron are scarier than demons?

???: Yeah, yeah, I've heard things like one of them took care of over 10 neuroi at the same time, and that they cut up neuroi using katanas and stuff.

Amelie: Good morning!

???: Hey, Amelie, have you heard a soldier from Fuso is here?

Amelie: Really?

???: If you meet her, she might cut you in two!

Amelie: What! Why!?

???: Well, because samurais from Fuso can cut up anything with their katanas, or so I've heard.

Amelie: That's scary!

Perrine: Fools... Fuso is just an island country in the far east... Witches who haven't experienced that awful retreat probably don't amount to much. Yes, I'm certain. I won't be charmed by her...

Amelie: Ah, squad leader!

Squad leader: Ladies! As you might already know, Flight Lieutenant Sakamoto from Fuso is here doing inspections for the allied forces. It seems like the Flight Lieutenant will be kind enough to help us out with combat training in the afternoon.

???: I'm not good at dueling...

???: Yes, I'm the same. What should we do?

???: To be honest, me neither...

Sakamoto: We will practice as if it was a real fight, with one on one. We will use guns loaded with paint, and I will start with a disadvantage. So, who wants to start?

???: Aren't you going to do it?

???: No way!

???: Me too...

Sakamoto: What? Nobody? Well, then...

Perrine: Then I will go.

Sakamoto: Pilot Officer Clostermann... Okay! Let's go!

???: There they go...

???: Who do you think will win?

???: I guess the witch from Fuso.

Amelie: Pilot Officer Clostermann will win!

???: Well, we'll see...

Sakamoto: Oh, nice acceleration. It seems like she's quite fast. It'd be a hassle if she could out-speed me...

Perrine: She seems to be on her guard, but she doesn't seem to be very fast.

Sakamoto: Okay, start!

Perrine: I'll start with a dive!

Sakamoto: She dived, just as I thought. But I won't fall for that!

Perrine: She evaded? Where did she go!?

Sakamoto: I'm right behind you!

Perrine: Eh!? I have to dive!

Sakamoto: I can't keep up with her high speed... But in a mock combat, you can't just run away. So, what's your next move?

Perrine: It's frustrating, but she's good... Now she has complete control of the high altitudes... What should I do? ...Oh, yes!

Sakamoto: Although she is at a disadvantage, she still decides to boldly attack? This looks promising, let's test her.

Perrine: I will catch up!

Sakamoto: She comes!

Perrine: Almost there... almost... I have the advantage when it comes to speed... I caught up!

Sakamoto: ???

Perrine: I have you now! She disappeared!? Ah! Where from!?

Sakamoto: Looks like I won. Should we go down?

Perrine: ...Yes...

Sakamoto: Those were some fine movements, Pilot Officer Clostermann.

Perrine: What kind of magic did you use? I've never heard of anyone who could teleport!

Sakamoto: Ha ha ha, I haven't teleported anywhere!

Perrine: But you disappeared right before my eyes!

Sakamoto: That was a so-called left twist turn... well, it's not normally used when fighting the neuroi but...

Perrine: Please, one more time!


Perrine: Augh! One more time!


Perrine: Agh! One... more...

Sakamoto: I don't think your body can take more.

Perrine: No! I can... still continue.

Sakamoto: Wah!

Amelie: Pilot Officer Clostermann!

Squad leader: What happened!?

Sakamoto: Well, it looks like she overdid it and lost consciousness. I guess I got a little too into it as well. Someone, carry her off to the medical room.

Amelie: Understood!

Perrine: One... more... time...

Amelie: Ah, you're awake?

Perrine: Where am I?

Amelie: The medical room. You used up too much magic power and lost consciousness.

Perrine: Ah... What happened to that person from Fuso!?

Amelie: She went somewhere a while ago.

Perrine: I wasn't able to win even once...

Perrine: On the other side of this sea lies Gallia... But... If I can't even beat her...

Sakamoto: So this is where you were, Pilot Officer Clostermann.

Perrine: F-flight Lieutenant Sakamoto.

Sakamoto: I've been looking for you.

Perrine: Did you want something?

Sakamoto: So Gallia is on the other side of this sea...

Perrine: Yes... My homeland.

Sakamoto: Do you want to go home?

Perrine: Of course I do!

Sakamoto: Ah, yeah... Sorry. Anyway, have you heard of the Joint Fighter Wing, Pilot Officer?

Perrine: Only a little. For example, that it's a mixed unit with the elite from various countries.

Sakamoto: Yes.

Perrine: It mostly consist of witches from Karlsland, and the Britannian Air Chief Marshal Dowding is involved.

Sakamoto: Ha ha ha ha, well, you seem to be quite familiar with it. There's nothing left for me to explain.

Perrine: And? What is it you want?

Sakamoto: A Joint Fighter Wing is going to be established here in Britannia, and we have to scout for new promising members. That is the reason I'm here on inspection. And, you'll have to forgive me, but I've checked up on your personal history.

Perrine: And? Were you disappointed?

Sakamoto: No. You're strong.

Perrine: Strong!? We did mock battles all day, 15 times, and I wasn't even able to get on your tail once!

Sakamoto: The new unit that will be established will have the defense of Britannia and the recovery of Gallia as their main objectives.

Perrine: Recovering Gallia?

Sakamoto: Yes. I'm planning on recommending you as a member.

Perrine: So that's... Because I'm one of those who escaped from Gallia? If you're doing this out of pity, then stop it!

Sakamoto: This is not out of pity, and it's not a joke! Pilot Officer... Do you know of the three H:es a flying witch needs?

Perrine: N-no...

Sakamoto: Well, it's something I've heard from someone else but... It's Head. Hand. Heart.

Perrine: Head, hand, heart?

Sakamoto: Head and hand... in other words, knowledge and technique. I can teach you this. But you know what? Not even I, no... no one can teach you about “heart”. The strength of your spirit. That's what you possess. A strong spirit that won't lose to anything.

Perrine: A strong spirit...?

Sakamoto: Yes, you're the first one who's ever went up against me 15 times in a row. Not even in our ???, no-one was able to do it more than 10 times. Ha ha ha. So, you're not obliged to do it, and you don't have to answer right now either. However, I'm sure you will follow me.

Perrine: I haven't...!

Sakamoto: That's what my intuition tells me! Well then, I'm expecting a good answer! Ha ha ha ha!

Amelie: Ah, Pilot Officer Clostermann!

Perrine: What's this smell... it smells like apple?

Amelie: It's camomile tea.

Perrine: Ah... the one you talked about earlier?

Amelie: I was thinking it would be the best for calming down.

Perrine: Okay, I'll have some.

Perrine: Yes... It's soothing.

Amelie: I'm glad it helped!

Perrine: How do you make it?

Amelie: You put flowers with little of their stalks left in a pot, pour boiling water over it and just leave it in for around 5 minutes.

Perrine: That's it?

Amelie: You could also used dried flowers, but I just picked these.

Perrine: For my sake?

Amelie: I like adding a little honey as well. Even if things are rough, I can sleep well as long as I have this.

Perrine: I see... Oh? You're hurt?

Amelie: No, it's just a scratch. It's nothing, really.

Perrine: Amelie... did you go up against that person from Fuso?

Amelie: ...Yes. After carrying you here.

Perrine: And the result?

Amelie: Of course, I didn't stand a chance!

Perrine: Haha, that's not something you should say so proudly.

Amelie: Oh, really?

Perrine: Also... You saw how badly I was beaten. Yet you still wanted to fight her after that...

Amelie: Pilot Officer...

Perrine: Hm?

Amelie: Pilot Officer always tells me I should be more aggressive. So...

Perrine: Oh... really, there's a difference between being bold and being reckless!

Amelie: I-I'm sorry...

Perrine: I've decided.

Amelie: Pilot Officer Clostermann?

Perrine: Actually, that person from Fuso wanted to scout me for a joint fighter unit that is about to be established.

Amelie: Eeh!? The super elite unit there are so many rumors about!? Wow, that's amazing! Amazing, Pilot Officer Clostermann! But... but...

Perrine: What's wrong?

Amelie: Although I should be happy you can leave this base... I should celebrate it... and yet...

Perrine: R-really, what's wrong!?

Amelie: I... I've always looked up to you, Pilot Officer Clostermann... and I was happy when we ended up in the same unit but... I was always just a burden on you, and now...

Perrine: You can call me ”Perrine”.

Amelie: Eh?

Perrine: Call me ”Perrine”. I call you ”Amelie”, so...

Amelie: Ah, that's...

Perrine: Amelie. You're not just a burden. I know you're working hard.

Amelie: Really, Pilot Off-... ah, I mean, Perrine?

Perrine: Yes. I didn't know what to do, but thanks to you, I've made up my mind. Thank you. I'll show the rest of the world what us Gallian witches are made of.

Amelie: I'll be cheering for you! I'm sure you can do it, Perrine!

Perrine: You really think so?

Amelie: Yes, Perrine!

Perrine: I'm glad to hear that. I'm sure we'll meet again.

Amelie: Yes, for sure!

Perrine: And after that, I made some camomile tea for the Major and...

Erica: That story wasn't very special. It felt quite ordinary.

Trude: You were scouted by Major Sakamoto, and got personal training of her before this unit was formally formed. And that's all?

Perrine: Yes, so!? Really, you asked me to tell the story, and I did, and yet you people...!

Lynne: Hm? Perrine, you look red around your eyes...

Yoshika: Oh, yes, you're right!

Perrine: W-w-what are you talking about? We're not talking about this anymore!

Yoshika/Lynne: Eeh? Tell us more!

Perrine: I refuse!

Yoshika: Why are you getting angry?

Perrine: Besides, Miyafuji, ever since you came, the Major...!

Yoshika: I don't know what you're talking about!

Perrine: Wait!

Yoshika: Uwah!

Lynne: My tea set!

Perrine: I told you to wait!

Lynne: Yoshika, wait!

Track 04: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen's Life Counseling 4

Eila: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen's Life Counseling!

Lucchini: ”Boing boing” Shirley and...

Shirley: ...the striped Lucchini's...

Shirley/Lucchini: one, two... Striped boing hour!

Shirley: Oh, I must say you look quite full of stripes today as well, Lucchini.

Lucchini: And you sure look boing boing today, Shirley! Boing Boing! Boing Boing! Right?

Shirley: No, not ”right?”! How many times to I have to tell you my breasts aren't toys?

Lucchini: But they're so much fun! Boing boing! Boing Boing!

Shirley: Oh you're helpless.

Eila: Well, looks like the two of you are having fun...

Lucchini: Ah, she's here.

Shirley: Today's guest is Pilot Officer Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen!

Eila: What do you think you're doing with my corner!? If you didn't come here to ask me for help, go away!

Shirley: Well, you see, we can't let you do everything around here since you're so unreliable, so we thought we might as well come here today to show you how it should be done.

Eila: ”Might as well”? What do you mean by that? I haven't asked you to come here or anything.

Lucchini: Whatever. I'm ”striped”...

Shirley: I'm ”boing boing”... meaning?

Eila: I'm ”unreliable”... Hey, stop joking around!

Lucchini: Haha, you joined in!

Shirley: By the way, have you made up with Sanya yet?

Eila: Eh!? How...?

Lucchini: The Major told us.

Eila: Argh, damn that Major...!

Shirley: Now, now, don't get angry. See, the Major came and asked us, the two around here who gets along the best, to help you because she knew you were troubled.

Lucchini: Aren't you happy you have such a thoughtful superior?

Eila: Gah! This was supposed to be a helpful corner where I helped others out with their problems using my tarot cards!

Shirley: Shirley and Lucchini's Striped Boing Hour! Today's guest is Pilot Officer Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen! Hey you, introduce yourself!

Eila: Okay, but just for today!

Shirley: So, you want us to help you with making up with Sanya, right?

Eila: Um, well... About that... It's not like we're having a fight or anything... I don't know why but... it seems like Sanya has been angry at me since this morning... She hasn't said a word to me since then...

Lucchini: I've never seen Sanya being that angry...

Shirley: Just what have you done now?

Eila: Eh? If I knew that, I wouldn't ask anyone for help, now would I?

Lucchini: I have a good idea!

Shirley: Oh?

Lucchini: Eila, you're good at tarot, so why don't you just ask the cards?

Shirley: I see! What a good idea! Wait, doesn't that mean we're here for nothing?

Lucchini: Hahaha, oh, right!

Eila: I've already tried that.

Lucchini: Oh, and?

Shirley: What did they say?

Eila: Well, about that...

Eila(whisper): I was so scared, I couldn't flip the card over...

Shirley: Eh?

Lucchini: What?

Eila: I said...

Eila(whisper): I said it was so scary I couldn't flip it over...

Shirley: What's wrong? Say it louder!

Lucchini: This isn't like you!

Eila: I said my fingers slipped and the card wouldn't turn!

Lucchini: ...why?

Eila: Well, it was scary!

Shirley: Your fingers slips if it's scary?

Eila: Well, yeah... What if I draw a bad card? What should I do then!? And, my fingers were shaking... look, like this...

Shirley: sigh... well, this is serious.

Lucchini: Yeah...

Shirley: What do you say, Lucchini?

Lucchini: Well, Shirley...

Shirley/Lucchini: one, two... MU RI DA NA!!

Eila: Argh! Just go! Go away!

Shirley: Flee!!

Eila: You guys are the ones who are ”unreliable!”

Lucchini: That was scary!

Shirley: Hm, yeah, but we never got to know why they are fighting...

Lucchini: Are they really fighting to start with?

Shirley: Well, what's important is how it usually is.

Lucchini: Usually?

Shirley: Yeah, you know, like how the two of us always get along well, so we don't have to worry about stuff like that.

Lucchini: Ah! Right! We've never had a fight!

Shirley/Lucchini: Right!?

Shirley: Oh?

Lucchini: What? Shirley?

Shirley: Lucchini, face this way.

Lucchini: Like this?

Shirley: Hmm... There's something about you today that isn't as it usually is.

Lucchini: Really!? Perhaps my breasts have grown!?

Shirley: Of course not! No... Oh, I see, your right hair ribbon is ¾ inches lower than usual!

Lucchini: What? Who cares about that?

Shirley: You didn't look yourself in the mirror this morning, right? You're hopeless, come here and let me tie it.

Lucchini: No need, it's just a bother to do.

Shirley: No, no, you can't look like that... Hey! Don't run away!

Lucchini: Haha! Of course I do! You're always so clumsy, it hurts!

Shirley: What!? That's because you always try to run away!

Lucchini: Haha! Looks like I hit a weak spot!

Shirley: Hey! You know no-one can win against me when it comes to speed! Hold it!

Track 05: Major Sakamoto's drill in military affairs

Sakamoto: Miyafuji, Lynne? Are you ready?

Yoshika/Lynne: Yes!

Sakamoto: Good. To put it simple, I will teach you magic today.

Yoshika/Lynne: Magic?

Sakamoto: Yes. It would be bad if you didn't know of everyone's special power when you form a rotte, that is, fly in a pair with them.

Yoshika: Ahh... special power... Right... it wouldn't be good to not know that, right? Hehehe...

Sakamoto: What kind of reaction is that? Don't tell me you don't know what it means?

Yoshika: Oh, no, I've heard of it. It's just that I don't really remember that clearly...

Lynne: Oh Yoshika, you're so forgetful. Hahaha...

Yoshika: Hahaha

Sakamoto: It's not a laughing matter!

Yoshika/Lynne: I'm sorry!

Sakamoto: Really... ”Special power” refers to a witch own special magic ability. Like your healing ability.

Yoshika: Ah, I see. Right, it's not like everyone can use healing magic.

Lynne: No, that's why I always think ”Wow, Yoshika is amazing” every time I see you use it.

Yoshika: You think? Isn't your sniper magic even more amazing?

Lynne: Oh, no. You're more amazing!

Yoshika: Noo, Lynne is!

Lynne: I think you are, for sure!

Sakamoto: Ha ha ha, don't fight over something like that! Just having a special power in the first place is amazing, you know.

Yoshika: Really?

Sakamoto: Yes, even among witches, only a handful are able to use special powers.

Yoshika: I see...

Sakamoto: Most witches can only use basic body enhancing and shields. Just that you can use special powers makes you part of the elite from the start.

Yoshika: Really? Yay!

Sakamoto: However... you lack the basics.

Yoshika: Agh....

Sakamoto: Really... you did so well on your first flight, why can't you get your act together during training?

Lynne: Ah, but, see, Yoshika is the type who is strong when it really matters!

Yoshika: Thanks, Lynne...

Sakamoto: And you're too weak when it really matters, Lynne.

Lynne: Uu... Sorry...

Yoshika: I-I guess we're kind of similar, Lynne...

Lynne: Yes, you're right...

Sakamoto: Ha ha ha, but don't worry! I'll make the two of you into fine witches in no time!

Yoshika/Lynne: Please teach us!

Sakamoto: Then run around the grounds ten times, now!

Yoshika/Lynne: What!? Now!?

Sakamoto: No questions! Run!

Yoshika/Lynne: Yes!

Shirley: What is it, Major? ”Show them your magic”?

Sakamoto: Yeah, I'm drilling them right now. Could you show them your special power?

Yoshika/Lynne: Please.

Shirley: Haha, no problem. Okay then, could you move away a bit?

Yoshika/Lynne: Sure!

Yoshika: Will this be enough?

Shirley: Farther away!

Yoshika: Will this be enough?

Shirley: Yeah, I think that will be enough! Okay! I'm coming!

Yoshika: S-she disappeared?

Yoshika/Lynne: Uwah, the wind!

Shirley: Oh, maybe I was too close?

Yoshika: I got dirt in my eyes!

Shirley: Oh, sorry. I don't usually use it on the ground, so I don't really know my limits.

Yoshika: That magic... was it teleportation!?

Shirley: Hahaha, now that would be useful! But unfortunately, no.

Lynne: Um, it was telekinesis-type acceleration magic, wasn't it?

Shirley: Oh, well done, Lynne. You're right.

Yoshika: Wow, Lynne, you're great!

Lynne: Thanks, but you know, knowing that is pretty normal?

Yoshika: What's ”clay-type”? (nendo = clay, nendou = telekinesis)

Shirley/Lynne: What?

Sakamoto: Mi ya fu ji...

Yoshika: I know, I know! Ehm, It refers to clay made of magic power, and an ability to make your breasts bigger!

Lynne: B-breasts!?

Shirley: What the...!? Hahaha

Sakamoto: Of course not! What kind of magic is that!?

Yoshika: Ehh... I was thinking Shirley's breasts are so big it's magical!

Shirley: Hahaha... So what? When I run out of magic power, my chest becomes flat like yours?

Yoshika: That's mean! I'm not flat! I have... some...

Shirley: That's not the problem, Miyafuji.

Lynne: Yoshika...

Yoshika: W-what?

Sakamoto: Really... just what are you thinking?

Yoshika: Sorry...

Sakamoto: It's not ”clay-type”, it's ”telekinesis-type”! That's what you call magic that moves things around.

Yoshika: Aha...

Shirley: In my case, I use magic to push my body forward and add more speed.

Yoshika: I see, the ”nen” in ”nendou”(telekinesis) means ”mind” since you move things with your mind.

Lynne: My sniper magic is also telekinesis-type. I use magic to move the bullets.

Yoshika: So Lynne is also clay-type, I mean telekinesis-type.

Sakamoto: It's the same for Flight Lieutenant Barkhorn. Her magic is also called ”superhuman strength”, but she also uses magic to move things that she touches around.

Yoshika: Shirley, Lynne and Flight Lieutenant Barkhorn are clay-types...

Sakamoto: It is absolutely not magic to make breasts bigger!

Yoshika: Ah, r-right...

Sakamoto: Besides, your healing magic is also telekinesis-type.

Yoshika: It is?

Sakamoto: Yes. It changes the structure of the body and fixes things. In other words, magic that has an effect on objects are telekinesis-type.

Yoshika: I see.

Sakamoto: Good, you get it. Then I want you two to make 100 push-ups!

Yoshika/Lynne: What!?

Sakamoto: You have to be fit to use telekinesis-type magic! Stop complaining and start working!

Yoshika/Lynne: Yes! One, two, three...

Shirley: Is there really a connection between your body and telekinesis-type magic? ...Well, whatever!

Eila: Uwah! Don't surprise me like that!

Yoshika/Lynne: Sorry to bother you...

Eila: Why do you two sound like you're about to die?

Yoshika: We... We've been training...

Eila: Ah, I see. Well, well done. Go back to your rooms and rest well, then.

Sanya: ...mhm? ...What are you doing, Eila? It's noisy...

Eila: Damn...

Yoshika: What? Why is Sanya sleeping here?

Sanya: Ah, Miyafuji...

Eila: T-that's not important! Why are you here?

Yoshika: Ah, Sakamoto told us to ask you to show us perception magic...

Sakamoto: Ah, sorry to bother you on your free time.

Eila: You're here too, Major? The mood-spoiling duo is gathered...

Sakamoto: Haha, I don't know why she's here, but it's good Sanya is here too. See, I'm teaching these two about magic right now.

Eila: Okay... And now you want to see my magic?

Sanya: Sounds fun. It's great to be able to help Miyafuji and Lynette? Right, Eila?

Eila: Eh? Ah, sure! Leave it to me!


Eila: Hmm...

Yoshika: Ehm, Eila?

Eila: Oh! The Star in the right position! Something good might happen to you today, Miyafuji.

Yoshika: Yay! But isn't this more like fortune-telling rather than magic?

Eila: What! I can use magic to see into the future, you know?

Yoshika: In that case, tell me straight up what is going to happen!

Eila: Well, you say that but... It's not like I know what will happen, it's more that I feel it.

Yoshika: Mhm?

Eila: Yeah, for example, if you see an angry Perrine bump into Lucchini, who looks like she's got nothing to do, you'd think ”Something is bound to happen here”, right?

Yoshika: Well... yeah...

Eila: My magic is like that, except it's much more accurate.

Yoshika: In other words... You're just guessing?

Eila: Argh! I told you it's really accurate! If it's about the near future, it's almost never incorrect!

Yoshika: So it's very very accurate guessing?

Eila: You don't call that ”guessing”!

Lynne: Umm, so we could say it's very accurate, but at its core, it's actually more of a prediction than really knowing?

Eila: Right, right. Like, if you have complete understanding of what going on around you, it's pretty easy to figure out what is going to happen next, right?

Yoshika: Well, yes...

Eila: Having almost 100% understanding like that is my magic. But it's still just a prediction, so when it actually turns out like that you go ”I see”. You're still a little uncertain.

Sakamoto: Yes, I guess that means Eila's ability isn't unlimited either.

Eila: Well, it would be boring if you knew too much about the future anyway, don't you think?

Lynne: Yes indeed. Knowing about the future sounds kind of scary...

Yoshika: Really? I think it sounds useful!

Lynne: You think? I always think too much of fortune-telling and such, I wouldn't be able to focus on anything else.

Eila: Ooh? Hehehe... Well then... Let's do some fortune-telling on you too, Lynne!

Lynne: No, stop!

Eila: Let's see here... Oh! The Devil! It's a sign of lust and corruption!

Lynne: Uwaaah!

Eila: The Death! Sudden ordeal and misfortune!

Lynne: No! It won't happen!

Eila: The Judgment in reverse position! The end of everything and separation! And disappointments!

Lynne: No! No!

Yoshika: Eila... aren't you just picking out cards at random?

Eila: Darn... You caught me.

Lynne: Uuu...

Sakamoto: Well, let's leave fortune-telling for a while... Now you understand what perception-type magic is, right?

Yoshika: Ehm... Magic that helps you see what is going on around you, right?

Sakamoto: Yes, like my magical eye, Minna's surroundings perception, Sanya's magical waves and such. That kind of magic is called ”perception magic”.

Yoshika: I see

Sakamoto: But among those, Eila's magic is especially rare.

Eila: Hm?

Sakamoto: Even though it's only a prediction, in order to make it almost 100% certain, you have to see and feel everything that is going on around you. That truly is some amazing magic.

Eila: Ooh! You sure say some good things, Major Sakamoto! Come on, you two too, praise me more!

Yoshika: ...Amazing!

Eila: Hahahaha!

Lynne: Fantastic!

Eila: Ehem! What do you say, aren't I great, Sanya?


Eila: ? Sanya...?

Yoshika: S-she's sleeping...

Eila: ??? Why!?

Yoshika: Sorry for disturbing...

Sakamoto: There's also offensive-type magic, but... Well, it's just what it sounds like.

Lynne: Like Flying Officer Hartmann's wind, Perrine's lightning and Lucchini's light and heat, right?

Sakamoto: Right. It's magic that turns magic power into energy to attack with.

Yoshika: I see...

Perrine: Hold it right there you thieving little cat!

Lucchini: I'm not a thief! I just took it without permission!

Perrine: That's what thieves do! Give it back!

Lucchini: Nah!

Yoshika: This doesn't look good...

Lynne: Yes... you don't have to be Eila to see that...

Lucchini: Catch me if you can!

Perrine: Argh, she won't stay still... Tonnerre!

Yoshika/Lynne: Uwah!

Lucchini: Whoa! ??? Frizzle head!

Perrine: Ah! My hair got messed up because I used tonnerre!

Lucchini: Haha! Frizzle frizzle frazzle frazzle frozzle frozzle!

Perrine: I have no idea what you're saying but it's really annoying! Don't get too cocky, or I'll shoot you for real next time!

Sakamoto: Perrine!

Perrine: Eh? Major Sakamoto? When did...?

Sakamoto: Just what do you two think you're doing!? Lucchini, get down here!

Lucchini: Ugh... 'kay...

Sakamoto: Really... how could you use offensive magic against your friends?

Perrine: I'm really sorry...

Lucchini: Haha, you got yelled at.

Sakamoto: That goes for you too, Lucchini! Just what did you do to make Perrine, who usually is so kind and gentle, this angry?

Yoshika: Usually...

Lynne: ...Gentle?

Perrine: Ah, Major Sakamoto... Pilot Officer Lucchini took my... my...

Yoshika: Aah!

Lynne: What's wrong, Yoshika?

Yoshika: Lucchini's breasts...!

Lucchini: Aren't they nice~? Want to touch them~?

Yoshika: They're big!

Lynne: You're right, they're big!

Yoshika: I knew clay-type magic existed!

Sakamoto: No it doesn't!

Yoshika: B-but then what kind of magic did she use? I thought Lucchini used offensive-type magic... Well, in a way, this is offensive-type magic, but...

Lynne: Y-yoshika?

Lucchini: It's because of these... Ta-da!

Yoshika: Oh? ...Breast pads?

Lynne: It is.

Lucchini: I found them in Perrine's room!


Perrine: I-it's not what you think! It's not like I usually have them on!

Yoshika: Then... When are you using them?

Perrine: Why are you looking at me like that!? It's not like that at all!

Yoshika: I haven't said anything...?

Perrine: It's for when wearing a dress! On official occasions, when wearing a formal dress, you need these!

Lynne: Oh yes! Dresses made for adults are made with room for the breasts, so...

Perrine: Yes, yes! Lynne understands! Well, it's not strange that low-class raccoon-dogs and cry-baby thieves don't know about them.

Yoshika: That's mean! The culture in Fuso is different, that why! You can look good in a kimono even if you have small breasts!

Lynne: !

Lucchini: Yoshika... Doesn't it feel like a loss to say something like that?

Yoshika: J-just a little...

Lynne(thinking): It's better to not have big breasts...

Sakamoto: Alright then. Now you know about the different types of magic, right?

Yoshika: I understand, I think...

Sakamoto: Well, the research in magic still has a long way to go. There are a lot of things we still don't know.

Yoshika: I see... But there really are some big differences between different people...

Lynne: You're right... And everyone has magic that makes you think ”that's very fitting for her”.

Yoshika: Like how Shirley likes speed and Eila likes fortune-telling... you're right.

Sakamoto: Yeah, magic comes from the heart. It might just naturally become that way.

Yoshika: I see...

Lynne: So the reason Yoshika can use healing magic might be because she's so kind.

Yoshika: Ah, I don't think so. My mother and grandmother can also use healing magic, so...

Lynne: Oh, really?

Yoshika: Yes, It's probably just because I'm like them.

Sakamoto: Ha ha ha... but the strength of your magic is probably not like theirs at all, right?

Yoshika: Ah... maybe so... hahaha...

Sakamoto: And they probably don't control their magic as badly as you do either.

Yoshika: Ugh...

Sakamoto: And now... 100 sit-ups!

Yoshika/Lynne: Eeh!?

Yoshika: Umm... are magic control and sit-ups related in any way...?

Sakamoto: No! Ha ha ha ha!

Yoshika/Lynne: Eeeh!?

Sakamoto: Start!

Yoshika/Lynne: One... two... three... four... five... six...

Track 06: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen's life counseling 5

Eila: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen's life counseling!

Eila: Argh! What's with everyone here? Gah... I don't feel like doing anything...

Someone knocks on the door

Eila: Hm? I'm not doing this counseling thing anymore! Can't you just leave!?

Sanya: Eila?

Eila: Uwah! Sanya? Why are you here? I mean... I'll make some tea! Come in and sit down. What cushion do you want? Do you want some salmiakki?

Sanya: Eila, the microphone on the desk has been left on for quite a while...

Eila: Microphone? Ah, you mean this? So you mean you could hear what I've been saying this whole time?

Sanya: Yes...

Eila: I see... Well, I don't mind so much if people in this base could hear me...

Sanya: That's not how it was, Eila...

Eila: It wasn't?

Sanya: So you haven't heard... Everything you and the others said was broadcasted on radio all over Britannia.

Eila: I thought it was set on testing, so I thought it would only broadcast within the base...

Sanya: I was out flying until now, but I could hear it clearly even outside the base. My magical antenna can receive radio signals as well... Eila, what's wrong? It looks like you're about to cry?

Eila: Ah... Well, Sanya... You haven't said a word to me this morning...

Sanya: That's...

Eila: W-what are you getting red in the face for? What have I done!?

Sanya: No... Eila, you did a microphone test here yesterday, yes?

Eila: Eh? Ah, right. Since we were going to do a radio show, I tried out the microphone to see if it worked, right. Hmm... What was it I said?


Eila: I just have to speak close to this thing, right? Doesn't matter what I say, right? Yeah, guess so. Okay, let's go! Aa. Aaaa! Sanya! I love you!


Sanya: Eila, you didn't have to shout it so loudly.

Eila: Oh, I don't have to shout?

Sanya: I mean, you can just talk in your normal voice.

Eila: But it feels embarrassing to say it if I don't shout.

Sanya: ...silly.

Eila: Ah, but it was just a microphone test! Maybe I did something wrong? Like, was everyone in Britannia able to hear it?

Sanya: No...

Eila: Oh, good!

Sanya: It wasn't just Britannia... I got contacted by night witches from all over the world after that. They asked me if it was about me...

Eila: Hm? So you mean my voice was heard all over the world!?

Sanya: It was really embarrassing to answer ”Yes, it was”.

Eila: I see, and that's why...

Sanya: Yes, I was so embarrassed... I couldn't look you in face because I couldn't stop blushing... See... like this.

Eila: Ah, I'm sorry, Sanya!

Sanya: But, I was just embarrassed, not angry.

Eila: Really? So you'll forgive me?

Sanya: Well, there's nothing to forgive, because I wasn't angry to begin with...

Eila: Great! I know, let's start doing ”Eila and Sanya's life counseling”! Ah, it can be ”Sanya and Eila's” too! Which one is best?

Sanya: Why are we doing this all of the sudden...?

Eila: I'm so happy to be able to do a corner with Sanya! Yay!

Track 07: After Story – Towards Fuso, Part 2

Sakamoto: Ah, Perrine, Lynne, there you are.

Perrine: Yes, Major?

Lynne: Ah, Yoshika is with you too.

Yoshika: Yeah, Sakamoto asked me to come.

Sakamoto: You see, I have a favor to ask of you three.

Perrine: Oh, Major, you don't have to ask us like we're strangers. I, Perrine Clostermann could go through fire and water...

Lynne: Perrine...

Sakamoto: That's good to hear! Then I'll cut it short! Could you do an aerobatics show this Saturday?

Perrine: Eh?

Lynne: Aerobatics?

Sakamoto: Yes, we're going to arrange an event to deepen the ties with the local residents. I was thinking we should do something for that.

Lynne: Did you know about this, Yoshika?

Yoshika: Yes, Sakamoto told me...

Perrine: I've never done aerobatics before...

Sakamoto: Ha ha ha! Don't worry, it's not that different from normal formation flying. I'm counting on you!

Perrine: Ah, eh? Major?

Yoshika: ...She went...

Lynne: Yeah...

Yoshika: But Lynne... What do you do when you do ”aerobatics”?

Lynne: Umm...

Perrine: What? You don't even know about that?

Yoshika/Lynne: Yeah...

Perrine: Well then, I guess I have to be helpful and teach you then.

Yoshika: Yay! Tell us, please!

Lynne: Yes, please tell us.

Perrine: First of all, it is said the first demonstration of aerobatics was done in my homeland, Gallia, in 1931.

Yoshika: Ooh, it's from that time? Was it the same in Britannia?

Lynne: No, I didn't know that.

Perrine: It was very popular when shown at a flying school, and after that, a team was formed.

Yoshika: Yeah?

Perrine: It is said that that team is the best aerobatics team in the world.

Yoshika: Wow! Amazing! Well, now I know of the history, but what is it you do exactly?

Perrine: Don't be so impatient! I'm coming to that.

Yoshika: Yeah, sorry...

Perrine: Aerobatics are techniques used for combat that are more refined. You don't just fly around, you show that you do rotations, fly in formations, etc. to the outermost limit.

Yoshika: Ah, that's why Sakamoto said it wasn't so different from how we usually do.

Perrine: Yes. So if you just are able to do well during normal training, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Lynne: But just ordinary formation flying is difficult...

Perrine: Have you really trained as you should?

Yoshika: We have! Just not for a very long time...

Lynne: It's the same for me... I'm not very confident...

Perrine: Really... That's not good. Yet you train with Major Sakamoto so much! We'll have to start with training really hard then!

Yoshika/Lynne: Eeeh!?

Perrine: We'll start with ”Premier passage public en diamant”.

Yoshika: Puri... What!?

Perrine: It's when you form a diamond formation and fly over the audience.

Yoshika: Lynne, what formation is the ”diamond formation”?

Lynne: Umm... I think it's the formation where you fly in she shape of a rhombus.

Yoshika: Ah! Sakamoto has told me about it! But how can we do that when we're only three?

Perrine: Oh, stop complaining! We start by learning about the basics, and then we make changes to that it fits better with out situation.

Yoshika: Ah, I see. Yes, we have to know the basics first.

Lynne: Can you please teach us, teacher Perrine?

Perrine: Ehem, next is ”Le croisement évitement à 4”

Yoshika: Uwah... I have no idea what that means.

Lynne: It means ”Four planes crosseach other's paths and evades”

Yoshika: Thanks for explaining, Lynne.

Lynne: Oh no, I'm glad to help.

Perrine: Are you listening?

Yoshika/Lynne: Yes!

Perrine: This is a technique where two pairs comes in from different directions, flies by and evades each other in the center of the grounds. But you don't just cross each other, you have to rotate to the side and make a complicated vapor trail in the sky.

Yoshika: Argh, I don't really understand...

Perrine: For example, you make a 90 degree roll and pass by each other really close. If this action is mirrored between the two who perform it, it looks good.

Yoshika: Sounds difficult if you're not synchronized with the one you do it with.

Perrine: Yes, That's very important.

Yoshika: Lynne, let's do our best!

Lynne: Yes!

Perrine(thinking): Feels like they're leaving me out...

Perrine: There are also various types of loops. Techniques you might be able to handle would be... La Volute, La Percussion and Le croisement dos, perhaps?

Yoshika: Sounds like names it's easy to bite your own tongue while trying to pronounce...

Perrine: We've done La Volute while training before. You know what a barrel roll is, right?

Yoshika: Eh... I don't remember...

Lynne: I've been told it's when you fly like the inside of a barrel.

Perrine: Yes. Everyone does that at the same time, but you start one after another.

Lynne: Sounds like something we might be able to do!

Perrine: La Percussion isn't that hard either as long as you get the timing right.

Yoshika: Well if it's easy, I'd like to try it.

Perrine: Really? That's good. It means ”collision” or ”impact”.

Yoshika/Lynne: What!?

Yoshika: You mean you fly into each other?

Lynne: I can't do that!

Perrine: No-one said that's what you do! You just cross each other so that it looks like you're going to crash into each other.

Yoshika: Oh, that's good...

Lynne: That's a relief.

Perrine: And then when you separate in different directions, you make a big loop and cross each other on the way back. That's a Le croisement dos.

Yoshika: So basically, aerobatics is about flying so that it looks like you're about to collide, and making crosses and loops?

Lynne: Yoshika! You're simplifying it a bit too much...

Perrine: Well... Yes, something like that. And lastly, there is Le coeur.

Yoshika: Oh? I think I've heard of it before.

Lynne: Oh yes, it's the one Barkhorn and Hartmann did a while back, right?

Yoshika: Ah, you mean the one when they painted a heart in the sky the first time I came to the 501st 's base?

Perrine: Yes. You know of that, at least. And we're going to shoot an arrow through our heart.

Yoshika: What! You're going to shoot it down with an arrow!?

Perrine: Of course not! Two will make the heart and the third will fly through it, forming an arrow.

Yoshika: Ooh. I thought it sounded strange!

Perrine: You can do these techniques with airplanes as well, but we'll have some things only witches can do as well.

Yoshika: Eh? Such things exist?

Perrine: Of course they do. Why do you think you have arms?

Lynne: Techniques where you use your hands?

Perrine: Yes. Like rotating while holding hands and flying forming a circle. Some witches I know even danced Swan'Lake.

Lynne: Swan Lake? You mean the ballet?

Perrine: Yes. They played the music and flied around to it. They also did the Black Swan Pas de Deux and ??? (controlled techniques?)

Lynne: Depending on the technique, it sounds like it might be easier to perform it in the air...

Perrine: Not at all! You have be able to fly straight even while holding up a leg and such...

Yoshika: Holding up... a leg?

Lynne: That sounds... really difficult...

Yoshika: You mean like... a dog taking a lea...

Lynne: Yoshika! Don't say anything more than that!

Perrine: What are you talking about?

Yoshika: Anyway, it sounds like quite a challenge! But at least I think I know what we're going to do...

Perrine: Then we should start training at once! It won't look good unless we're synchronized perfectly, and just because striker units are different doesn't mean it will go well from the start.

Lynne: But we didn't bring our striker units...

Yoshika: Ah, Sakamoto said you borrow some from the base.

Perrine: Major Sakamoto is always prepared! Well then, let's go and try them on at once.

Sakamoto: You will use these striker units this time.

Yoshika: Ah, these are...!

Sakamoto: Well, we could use units used for practice, but, putting Perrine and Lynne aside, Miyafuji's flying is little dangerous, so... We'll use these Zero-type units that got left over after some people has been transferred.

Perrine: It's an honor to be able to use the same type of striker units as you, Major!

Lynne: Yoshika, we have the same type!

Yoshika: Yes!

Sakamoto: Perrine, Lynne, remember that these are worse at diving than the units you usually use, so don't try going down too fast.

Perrine: Yes!

Sakamoto: Good, that's the kind of answer I want. So, have you decided what should be on the program?

Perrine: Yes, more or less. I've written it down...

Sakamoto: Ah, let me see.


Sakamoto: Ah, looks good. These are some good choices! Didn't expect less of you, Perrine!

Perrine: Thank you very much!

Sakamoto: But... Only three aren't enough to do these, right? What do you say, should I join in as well?

Perrine: Eh? Ah, yes! Yes, please!

Sakamoto: Good. Let's go train!

Yoshika/Lynne/Perrine: Yes!

Sakamoto: Okay! Let's start with some formation flying! I believe we've gone through how to fly in rotte before, but we'll start with a tight diamond formation.

Perrine: Yes!

Sakamoto: Miyafuji, Lynne, where's the answer?

Yoshika/Lynne: Ah, Yes!

Sakamoto: Good. Perrine, you take the lead. Go!

Perrine: Me?

Sakamoto: Yes, you're the leader this time. Show me what you've got.

Perrine: Yes! Leave it to me!

Sakamoto: Lynne, you'll go in to the left behind Perrine as second. Miyafuji will be third on the right. I'll go in behind you.

Yoshika/Lynne: Yes!

Sakamoto: Perrine, keep going like this!

Perrine: Yes!

Sakamoto: Miyafuji, get closer!

Yoshika: Eh, Yes...!

Sakamoto: You too Lynne, stop being so unsteady!

Lynne: But... the wind...!

Sakamoto: Geez... Perrine, spread you legs!

Perrine: Eh? Ah... Yes!

Yoshika: Eh? Sakamoto, what...?

Lynne: Ah, the legs...!

Sakamoto: Lynne, Miyafuji, grab Perrine's legs!

Yoshika/Lynne: Eeh!?

Sakamoto: Don't worry, I'll support you from behind. Relax and just hold on very lightly. If someone loses their balance, we're all going down, just so you know.

Perrine: You got that, Lynne, Miyafuji?

Lynne: Yes, let's do it.

Yoshika: Let's do this, Perrine!

Perrine: Uwah, don't grab on so forcefully!

Sakamoto: Miyafuji, relax!

Yoshika: B-but...!

Sakamoto: Feel the striker units movements with your hand!

Yoshika: Y-yes!


Yoshika: Wow... I can't believe we're flying this close to each other...

Lynne: Yes, it's like I've become one with you, Yoshika.

Yoshika/Lynne: Hahaha

Sakamoto: Perrine, turn right!

Perrine: Yes!

Yoshika/Lynne: Uwah!

Sakamoto: Don't lose your grip, Miyafuji, Lynne, start turning, or you'll collide!

Perrine: Miyafuji, could you stop hanging on to my leg?!

Yoshika: What do you want me to do then!?

Sakamoto: Okay Perrine, do a half roll now!

Perrine: Yes! ...Miyafuji, I told you to stop hanging on to my leg like that!

Yoshika: But...!

Sakamoto: Come on, Lynne, you're behind.

Lynne: Uwah, the leg...!

Sakamoto: Just move it like this and you should be able to follow. Just learn to feel what to do. When we do it for real we'll keep this distance right off from takeoff.

Yoshika/Lynne: Eeeh!?

Sakamoto: What's kind of a reply is that?

Yoshika/Lynne: Yes!

Sakamoto: That's better.

Yoshika: I'm so tired... Taking a bath after flying is the best!

Lynne: Yes, we've been flying the whole day after all...

Perrine: Hm, so you're admitting defeat after just that? You're too slack.

Sakamoto: Well, you were able to do it quite well at last, everyone.

Yoshika: Really?

Sakamoto: Yes, it seems like you're able to form a diamond formation now, at least.

Lynne: Yes, but, flying straight is pretty easy, but whenever we actually do something, it seems like I always get a little behind...

Sakamoto: Yeah, let's train on that next time.

Lynne: Yes!

Perrine: Really, Lynne let's go sometimes, but this raccoon-dog always grabs on to my leg... Miyafuji? Are you listening?

Lynne: Eh? Yoshika? Yoshika!?

Sakamoto: Ha ha ha... she's so tired she fell asleep. You can stay at the lodging house over the night. We'll have train more tomorrow, so be sure to rest well.

Lynne/Perrine: Yes!

Sakamoto: Faster!

Lynne: Yes!

Sakamoto: Perrine, you have to turn sharper!

Perrine: Understood!

Sakamoto: Miyafuji, you're behind!

Yoshika: Y-yes!

Sakamoto: Great, that was perfect.

Yoshika/Lynne/Perrine: Yes!

Sakamoto: Well then, smoke: on!

Yoshika: What's that?

Sakamoto: I fastened a controller to your arms before we started today, right?

Lynne: Yes, it has buttons in different colors...

Sakamoto: Try push a button, doesn't matter which!

Yoshika: Okay...

Yoshika: Uwah! There's a blue light coming out of Perrine's striker unit!

Lynne: Yours does the same!

Yoshika: And yours is red!

Perrine: It's a function in the magical engine to make it easier for the audience to see how we fly.

Yoshika: I see...

Lynne: It's pretty!

Sakamoto: That's right Perrine, you know what you're talking about. On common airplanes, you usually have fuel nozzles close to the exhaust, but striker units use magic power as fuel instead.

Perrine: The ether in the atmosphere reacts with the magical energy and becomes vapor trails made out of light, right?

Sakamoto: Indeed. And so, if you flip the switch on the controller to ”big”, this happens...

Yoshika: Wow, the whole you are shining!

Lynne: It looks fantastic!

Perrine: So you even have things like these here in Fuso!

Sakamoto: Ha ha ha, well, they were first meant as help during training, though. Good, then we're finished for today. Better rest well for the rest of the day, tomorrow is the big day!

Yoshika/Lynne/Perrine: Yes!

Michiko: Yoshika will fly today. I've heard she's trained a lot for this. I wonder if she's all right?

Hijikata: Good day, Yamakawa.

Michiko: Hijikata!

Hijikata: I heard from the Major that you were here. Let me escort you to your seat.

Michiko: There are seats?

Hijikata: Yes. It will start soon, so we better hurry.

Announcer: Well then, please enjoy this aerobatics show, performed by the honorable 501st Joint Fighter Wing, also called Strike Witches!

Michiko: Oh, It's Yoshika! She looks nervous. Oh, they're taking off in a formation. It's a beautiful diamond formation.

Michiko: They make a steep climb in formation and then break up in two pairs. Wow, there's light coming out of their units! Yoshika is yellow. Are they going to fly by each other coming in from different directions? Wow, great!

Michiko: So this is how Yoshika flies... She's paired up with Major Sakamoto, and the vapor trails they leave behind are really pretty! Perrine and Lynne's vapor trails aren't disordered at all either.

Michiko: Oh! The light turned pink! Wow! A big heart! Beautiful! Wait for me, Yoshika. I'll follow your path some day...

Track 08: Takeoff Voice: Charlotte E Yeager/Francesca Lucchini


Track 09: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen's Life Counseling 5.5

Eila: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen and...

Sanya: Sanya Vladimirovna Litvak's...

Eila/Sanya: Life Counseling!


Eila: ...No-one comes, Sanya.

Sanya: You're right, Eila... Ah, we just received a note... It says: ”It has been confirmed that the guests who were supposed to be here today, the twin demons, are still at home, sleeping. They will pass this time.”

Eila: What!? What's that... And I was so happy I could do this together with Sanya...

Sanya: Anyway Eila, do the preview.

Eila: Okay!... Well then, who will come to my counseling room next time? Let's try to predict it. The twin demons will finally turn up next time? The raccoon-dog, big sister and the one who knows about the world? In other words, everyone who are left? What? I don't really get it this time either... But whatever, be sure to thankfully listen next time too!

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