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Translation of the third Drama CD

Track 01: Memory of goggles, Part A

Shirley: Mm, what a nice sound! It's in great condition!

Lucchini: Shirley! Welcome back!

Shirley: Hey, Lucchini! I'm back!

Lucchini: Oh? You have new goggles?

Shirley: Hehe, don't they look cool?

Lucchini: Yeah! ...Hey hey Shirley...

Shirley: No! You can't have them.

Lucchini: I haven't said anything yet...!

Shirley: It's written all over your face.

Lucchini: Eh?

Shirley: Yeah, look. Here on your forehead. It says ”I want them”.

Lucchini: Don't make fun of me like that!

Shirley: Haha, I'm just kidding... But even if it's you asking, I can't give these away...

Lucchini: Come on, that's cheap! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Shirley: If you want goggles, then they're selling new ones almost anywhere. Wouldn't you rather have new ones than these worn-out ones?

Lucchini: I don't want new ones, I want those!

Shirley: Hmm... Sorry, but...

Lucchini: Hmph! Shirley, you're so cheap!

Shirley: Ah, hey! Lucchini! ...I've used these goggles for a long time while racing, I had them on when I broke the record in Bonneville Salt Flats. I can't give them to Lucchini even if she begs me for them...

Lucchini: Good morning, Shirley! Oh? She's not here...

Yoshika: Good morning, Lucchini!

Lynne: Good morning, Lucchini!

Lucchini: Yoshika, Lynne, have you seen Shirley?

Yoshika: Shirley? No, I haven't seen her. Lynne?

Lynne: I haven't seen her either.

Lucchini: I see... Ah! I bet she's in the dining hall!

Yoshika: Lucchini! ...She's gone.

Lynne: I wonder what she wanted...

Yoshika: Yeah...

Lucchini: Shirley! Food!

Trude: Stop making a racket so early in the morning!

Erica: Trude, give me a potato! Potato!

Trude: Don't steal my breakfast! Did you wake up this early for once just to take my potatoes?

Erica: Oh come on! You could at least give me one!

Lucchini: Oh... Shirley isn't here either... Hey, have you seen Shirley?

Trude: I haven't seen her...

Erica: Me neither.

Lucchini: I see... She's not here either... Then where could she be?

Trude: Shouldn't you eat some breakfast? We have Eintopf, Weißwurst and rye bread today.

Erica: The potato is mine!

Trude: Hey, Hartmann!

Lucchini: Oh, I know! She must be in the bath!

Trude: Hey, Lucchini, you have to be a good girl and eat breakfast or you won't grow!

Lucchini: I'll eat later!

Trude: I do say... Shirley isn't having it easy either... Hey! My potatoes!

Erica: I ate them all.

Trude: Argh! Give them back!

Erica: Too late, they're gone.

Lucchini: Shirley! I know you're here!

Sakamoto: Ah, Lucchini, here for a morning bath?

Lucchini: Ah, Major...

Sakamoto: Yeah, I got a little sweaty after morning practice. What do you say, do you want to join me and train late-

Lucchini: Nope!

Sakamoto: It's important to keep practicing, you know!

Lucchini: Anyways more importantly, have you seen Shirley?

Sakamoto: Yeah, I saw her in the hangar a while ago.

Lucchini: Thanks!

Sakamoto: Hey! Don't forget to close the door...! She ran away... Oh? What are you doing there, Perrine?

Perrine: Ah, umm... Major Sakamoto, would if it be alright if I joined you...?

Sakamoto: What are you being so reserved for? Ranks doesn't matter in the bath.

Perrine: Yes!

Lucchini: Shirley! Found you! ...She's not here...

Lucchini: Haha! Shirley! ... Oh, it's just Sanya.

Eila: What do you mean by ”just Sanya”!

Sanya: Hm? Lucchini, what are you doing here?

Lucchini: Sanya, have you seen Shirley?

Sanya: No, I haven't seen her.

Lucchini: Okay... Thanks anyway...

Eila: Hey, don't act like I'm not here!

Sanya: Oh, yes. But I saw a motorbike heading towards town early this morning.

Lucchini: Oh? Ah, yeah, Shirley's bike isn't here!

Eila: Stop ignoring me...

Lucchini: Where did Shirley go...?

Eila: If you're that curious, why don't you ask Commander Minna?

Sanya: Yes, I don't think she would go out with out telling anyone, she probably told Commander Minna where she went.

Lucchini: I see! Thanks, Sanya!

Eila: Come on, stop ignoring me!

Sanya: Lucchini is always so energetic...

Eila: Sanya? Are you alright? We better get you in bed...

Eila: ... Ah, Sanya is... I better carry her...

Lucchini: Commander Minna, where's Shirley!?

Minna: Lucchini, let's knock before we enter, okay? Also, we don't run in the hallway. Okay?

Lucchini: Y-yes!

Minna: Okay, good. So what was it you wanted?

Lucchini: Eh, Commander Minna, where is Shirley?

Minna: Hehe, Calm down a little.

Lucchini: Y-yes... Um, I was going to ask, where is Shirley?

Minna: Shirley? Yes, she was here this morning asking for permission to leave.

Lucchini: Where did she go?

Minna: Well, according to the rules, I'm not supposed to tell you this, but, she went to London.

Lucchini: I see...

Minna: If you want to really badly, I can try to contact her if you want?

Lucchini: No... It's okay...

Minna: Really? Then, good luck with the training today.

Lucchini: Yes...

Minna: She seemed kind of down, I wonder if she's alright?

Lucchini: I can't believe Shirley left without telling me... she's never done that before... Maybe she's angry at me...

Yoshika: Lucchini, what's wrong?

Lucchini: Ah, Yoshika... I think I made Shirley angry.

Yoshika: Eh? Shirley?

Lynne: Lucchini, what happened?

Lucchini: Well...


Yoshika: Hm, I don't think she's angry...

Lynne: I'm sure there was just something she had to do.

Lucchini: You think? But...

Yoshika: Well then, how about making some sweets to give her when she gets back?

Lucchini: Sweets?

Lynne: As a gift to say ”I'm sorry”. We'll help you!

Lucchini: Okay! Let's do!

Yoshika: Ah, Lucchini, wait!

Lynne: Yoshika, Lucchini, wait for me!

Lucchini: Yoshika, Lynne, what are we going to make?

Yoshika: We just recently got some supplies from Fuso, so I was thinking we could make some Fuso sweets.

Lynne: I'll make some scones and shortbread then!

Lucchini: I'll help you both out!

Yoshika: Yeah, thanks.

Sakamoto: Taking a bath after training feels great!

Perrine: Yes, indeed!

Sakamoto: Oh, what are you doing?

Yoshika: Sakamoto, Perrine!

Lucchini: We're making sweets for Shirley!

Sakamoto: Oh, sounds fun. Mind if I give you a hand?

Yoshika: No, please do.

Perrine: If Major is going to help out, then I...

Lynne: Then perhaps you could help me, Perrine.

Perrine: Eh, well, I was thinking of helping Major out but...

Sakamoto: Alright! If you help Lynne out, I'll help Miyafuji.

Yoshika: Yes please!

Lucchini: Yay! Let's hurry up and make some sweets!

Perrine: Argh... I guess I have no choice... Lynne, what do you want me to do?

Lynne: You can start with sieving the flour...

Sakamoto: What are you making, Miyafuji?

Yoshika: We have some glutinous rice and azuki beans, so I was thinking of making marron zenzai.

Lucchini: Yoshika, what is this hammer!?

Yoshika: It's called a kine. You take the glutinous rice that we're cooking right now, put it in a large mortar (usu) and pound it with this.

Lucchini: Kine?

Perrine: Usu? I don't understand.

Sakamoto: I had heard new supplies from Fuso had arrived, but I can't believe they sent things like this to us.

Yoshika: Yes, it seems like it got mixed in with the rest of the luggage...

Sakamoto: Okay, leave the mochi pounding to me!

Yoshika: Okay, thanks! It should be done soon...

Lucchini: Oh! What's that smell!?

Lynne: Oh yes, it smells really good!

Perrine: Does it really smell that good?

Sakamoto: Ah, yes, the smell of freshly cooked rice is great.

Yoshika: You can eat it like this as well! Just add a little sesame seeds and salt...

Sakamoto: Oh, okowa. Let me have some.

Lucchini: I want some too!

Yoshika: Okay, here you go.

Lucchini: Thanks! ...Ah! It's hot, it's hot!

Sakamoto: Ha ha ha, well, it was just cooked, so that's a given!

Perrine: Oh... It's ??? yet it's springy and tastes pretty good...

Lynne: It tastes very good, Yoshika!

Sakamoto: Well then, let's pound away! Miyafuji, help me out with the water.

Lucchini: I'll help too!


Perrine: Lynne, we can't lose to them!

Lynne: Eh? Yes... then, put some butter in the bowl and...

Perrine: Like this?

Lynne: Um, make it a little more ???

Perrine: Hm, this was harder than I thought...

Trude: What's that sound?

Erica: Something smells good!

Lucchini: Ah! It's Captain Barkhorn and Hartmann!

Trude: Ah, Lucchini. Did you eat your breakfast?

Lucchini: Yup! I just did with Yoshika!

Erica: Wasn't the potatoes good?

Lucchini: I liked the sausages better.

Erica: Eh? Really?

Trude: Ehm, what's with that huge hammer Major has?

Lynne: It's a tool to make a kind of sweets from Fuso called omochi with!

Sakamoto: Lucchini

Sakamoto: Wanted to

Yoshika: Make some sweets

Yoshika: For Shirley.

Erica: Looks fun! Can I try?

Trude: No, you can't.

Erica: Why!?

Trude: Nothing good can come out of you helping out with making sweets.

Erica: What do you mean by that! I just want to help out! You're so cold! Heartless!

Trude: Wha-... Well then, I guess I have to join in as well then.

Lucchini: Oh, Flight Lieutenant, you can make sweets too?

Trude: Of course! Making sweets is a form of science! You have to have right amount of ingredients, time and the right techniques. It's very fitting for a Karlslander!

Erica: Stop giving a speech, we have to start working!

Trude: ...Yeah. But if we're going to join in as well, this kitchen might be a little small.

Perrine: Indeed, you have a point there.

Trude: Okay, I'll go talk to Minna about this.

Trude knocks on the door

Minna: Yes? Come in.

Trude: Sorry to bother you, Minna.

Minna: Ah, Trude, something on your mind?

Trude: Well, see... making sweets...

Minna: Making sweets?

Trude: Yeah, it seems like Lucchini wants us all to make sweets for Shirley.

Minna: It's a little early for Saturnalia, isn't it?

Trude: You're right, it's not Saturnalia, but preparing and giving away gifts can be a pretty good way to deepen friendships, don't you think?

Minna: It's good to hear you say something like that.

Trude: What do you mean by that? I'm thinking those Liberians who just eats strange things needs some of Karlsland's little more refined sweets...

Minna: Yes, yes.

Trude: So? Do I have your permission?

Minna: Sure. Go ahead.

Trude: Good. I'll go tell everyone else! If you have time, could you make that?

Minna: That? You mean Baumkuchen?

Trude: Yes, it was very good last time you made it.

Minna: Oh, Trude you...

Track 02: Takeoff voice: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen/Sanya V. Litvak

Translation Omitted. Translator's notes:

"Nah. Though, interesting points: Sanya's nickname/call sign = Belye Lilija (White Lily), Eila's nickname/call sign = Hertta Ässä (Ace of Hearts). Wait. Eila's nickname is supposed to be Ace of Diamonds, not Hearts. (Mentioned in one of the booklets which followed the DVDs, I think.) What the? Did the fuck up the translation?"

Track 03: Memory of goggles, Part B

Trude: Minna gave us permission!

Yoshika: Barkhorn, what are all those utensils for?

Perrine: Are you going to conduct a science experiment or something?

Trude: As I told you before: Making sweets is a form of science. It's very important that the amounts are correct and that you have full control over the time. Scales, measurement cup, mixer, sieve, ???...

Erica: Argh, just preparing takes so much time when Trude is going to bake sweets...

Trude: What do you mean, Hartmann? Just getting one gram wrong might mean that it won't taste as good as it could!

Erica: It's okay to improvise! Ah, I'll have an apple.

Trude: Ah, Hartmann! That's an apple for the apfelkuhen...

Lucchini: I want one too!

Erica/Lucchini: It's sour!

Trude: That's what I was trying to tell you...

Sakamoto: Miyafuji, I'll take the usu and the kine to the dining hall.

Yoshika: Eh? But we're done with it already.

Sakamoto: You're only going to make this much?

Yoshika: Well, there is still glutinous rice left but...

Sakamoto: Well then, no need to hold back. We can keep it preserved, so let's make some more.

Yoshika: I didn't know you liked omochi that much.

Sakamoto: What are you talking about? We have to give some to the mechanics, the other soldiers stationed here and other personal around here.

Yoshika: Eh? Ah, right. Is it really okay to give sweets away like that?

Sakamoto: Sure, we even have permission from Minna. It's not a problem.

Yoshika: I see. I got scolded pretty badly last time so...

Sakamoto: Ha ha ha, Minna worries too much.

Minna: Who worries too much, Major Sakamoto?

Yoshika: Ah! Commander Minna!

Sakamoto: It is thanks to the fact that Minna worries so much about us we can fight feeling relatively safe. Thank you.

Minna: Really... Witches from Fuso...

Sakamoto: Let's go, Miyafuji!

Yoshika: Yes! Bring it on!

Minna: ...Sweets from Fuso seems really odd...

Eila: What's going on here? You're making so much noise I can't sleep!

Sanya: Something smells good... What are you doing?

Lucchini: Ah, Sanya!

Eila: I told you to stop ignoring me!

Lucchini: Oh? You're here too, Eila?

Eila: I was here from the start!

Lucchini: We're all making sweets for Shirley!

Sanya: Looks fun, can I help?

Eila: Ah, sweets. I'll help too. I just had some salmiakki sent to me.

Lucchini: Saru...? (Sounds like ”monkey”)

Eila: Salmiakki, it's a traditional type of candy from Suomus.

Lucchini: Oh! Show me!

Sanya: Lucchini, you better not...

Eila: Here! This is salmiakki.

Lucchini: It's black and square shaped... Looks kind of disgusting!

Eila: But it's not!

Lucchini: Really! Then I'll try one! ...It's soft... ...uwah... what's this? So salty...! It tastes strange!!...Water!!

Eila: Eh? Why? It tastes so good...

Minna: Hm? Oh yes, you're right. It tastes really good!

Eila: Ah, Commander knows what's she's talking about!

Sanya: Commander Minna...

Lucchini: Eeek!

Lynne: Lucchini, that's not water, it's liqueur to use for cooking!

Lynne: Lucchini? Lucchini!? Are you alright!?

Perrine: Eila? What in the world did you give her!?

Eila: Come on, it's my fault?

Sanya: Let's let her lie down in that chair over there. Also, we'll help out with making sweets!

Lynne: Sanya, you can make sweets too?

Eila: Of course she can! Sanya is really good at it too!

Perrine: That's not something you should be proud of, now is it?

Eila: Hmph. Well, can you?

Perrine: Don't be rude! A cake or two, it's easy!

Eila: Really~? Like what?

Perrine: Eh? Well, Brioche... Éclair... and Chou à la crème!

Lynne: Wow, that's great! I want to try making chou à la crème!

Sanya: Perrine, that's amazing!

Eila: Yeah, that's pretty good...

Perrine: Ehe...he... Well, I'm of the Gallian nobility, so it's a given!

Sanya: In that case, we'll have to try our best!

Eila: You're right. Hey, do you have any lingonberries, redcurrants, raspberries or anything like that?

Lynne: We have a lot of blueberries!

Eila: Hm, blueberries...

Sanya: I like blueberries...

Eila: Oh! Then how about making a blueberry tart?

Sanya: I'll make a chocolate cake and pryaniki (Gingerbread).

Minna: Oh, Lucchini, you're awake now?

Lucchini: Uh? Why was I sleeping? Oh, right! We were making sweets!

Minna: Everyone is already more or less finished. All we have to do now is to wait for things to be done in the oven.

Lucchini: Oh... I didn't really help that much...

Minna: Well then, let's make something from Romagna then, shall we?

Lucchini: Really!?

Minna: Sure. Will you teach me how?

Lucchini: Sure! I've never made it myself, but my mom told how to make amaretti!

Minna: Okay, let's try!

Lucchini: First, you ground almonds...

Minna: Like this?

Lucchini: ...then you mix it with sugar...

Minna: Like this?

Lucchini: Then you whip egg whites, add lemon peel, honey and Amaretto.

Erica: Egg whites? Then you'll need eggs!

Yoshika: Eh?

Trude: Erica, what are you doing!?

Erica: I'm sure it'll go better next time!

Minna: No, no more.

Erica: Come on, not you too!

Minna: Erica, you can arrange the sweets in a fun way instead.

Erica: Okay, I can do that!

Sakamoto: Oh, you're cracking eggs? Give them to me, I'm pretty good at this.

Minna: Oh, really?

Sakamoto: Yes, just watch.

Minna: Why are you drawing your katana...?


Minna: Oh my! The egg...! Didn't break or anything?

Sakamoto: Look closer.

Minna: Oh! It got cut in two perfect halves!

Sakamoto: What do you think? I call it ”Secret technique: Egg cut!”.

Perrine: That's great, Major!

Sakamoto: Ha ha ha! I had to practice quite a lot before I was able to do it without breaking it!

Trude: She mastered something like that...

Erica: Yeah but... we don't really need to be able to do something like that now...

Lucchini: Are you done with the egg whites soon?

Yoshika: Ah, yes, yes.

Lynne: Put just the egg whites in the bowl...

Lucchini: And then you add the almonds!

Minna: Like this?

Lucchini: Yes, right! And then you mix it, mix it, mix it good!

Minna: Oh, the dough is quite hard...

Lucchini: And then she said you could add just a little Amaretto.

Lynne: Okay, just a little.

Minna: Oh, it got together pretty nicely.

Lucchini: Good, then you form them small with your hands!

Yoshika: Ah, I'll help!

Sakamoto: Just have to form these, right?

Minna: What shape should they have?

Lucchini: Usually just small balls, but mom made animals and such out of them!

Trude: Okay, I'll go get some molds!

Perrine: I'll make some flowers.

Eila: Put some salmiakki in them!

Sanya: Eila, please don't...

Lucchini: Yay, they're done!

Lynne: You put them in the oven?

Lucchini: Yeah! But first you spread sugar over them!

Lynne: How hot and for how long?

Lucchini: Um... I don't know...

Lynne: Okay, leave it to me.

Lucchini: Lynne, you think it will work out?

Lynne: We have similar sweets in Britannia, so I'm sure it will be fine.

Lucchini: I'll leave it to you then! Here you go!

Yoshika: Let's have some tea while we wait!

Sakamoto: Oh, should I hold a tea ceremony again?

Perrine: Oh yes, please!

Minna: Let's have some black tea today.

Trude: I'd like some coffee.

Sanya: Hot chocolate...

Yoshika: We have some cod-liver oil too!

Erica: Ugh, no thanks!

Minna: What? But it tastes good.

Various: What?

Lynne: The water is boiling!

Yoshika: Ah, let me help, Lynne.

Lynne: Thanks!

Yoshika: Alright, it's done!

Lynne: Black tea to Commander Minna, Barkhorn and Perrine...

Yoshika: Green tea for me and Sakamoto... Hot chocolate for Sanya and Eila...

Lynne: Hartmann wanted everything, and... what do you want, Lucchini?

Lucchini: Can you make Affogato?

Yoshika: Aho? (Sounds like ”stupid”)

Lynne: Um, I've heard of it... Is it a coffee float?

Lucchini: No! You pour coffee over gelato.

Lynne: Okay, wait. I'll try.


Lynne: Is this alright?

Lucchini: Oh! How cute!

Erica: Looks good! Can I have one too?

Lynne: Absolutely!

Minna: Is everyone gathered?

Everyone: Yes!

Minna: Well then, let's have some tea!

Lucchini: Shirley hasn't come back yet...

Lynne: We're all finished with the sweets...

Yoshika: Although it was too bad Perrine's shuu-something didn't rise...

Eila: Just like how Perrine's you-know-what never grows bigger either!

Perrine: What do you mean by that?

Eila: Heh.

Perrine: W-what are you laughing about!?

Lucchini: I wonder if Shirley really is angry...

Lynne: That's...

Lucchini: But... she's never left without telling me before...

Yoshika: I'm sure it's nothing to worry about!

Lucchini: But... but...

Yoshika: Hear that! It's a motorbike!

Lucchini: Shirley!

Lucchini: Shirley, welcome back.

Shirley: Oh, Lucchini, you came to meet me?

Lucchini: Yes... Look! I made sweets with everyone while waiting.

Shirley: Oh, wow! It's like a harvest festival!

Lucchini: Shirley... I'm sorry.

Shirley: What? Why do you say that?

Lucchini: But... because I was being selfish yesterday...

Shirley: Lucchini... here!

Lucchini: ? These are your goggles...

Shirley: Yeah, they don't produce these Alkion Mark 4 Racing Special anymore, so they're pretty hard to find. So, I went all around London to find another pair. I was thinking we might as well have ones that look the same. You can have the old pair or the new pair. Pick the one you like.

Lucchini: I...

Shirley: Hm?

Lucchini: I... understood something today.

Shirley: What?

Lucchini: You have a lot of memories with these goggles, right?

Shirley: Yeah.

Lucchini: Well, I can't take them then.

Shirley: It's alright... I'm here now. With you, and everyone else in the 501st. So, I wouldn't want your crying voice to be the first memory I have with these new goggles

Lucchini: I want the new ones. You should keep the others.

Shirley: Okay... is that what you really want?

Lucchini: What I want... aren't your memories, after all.

Shirley: Hahaha, what was that?

Lucchini: ...Shirley... I'm sorry...

Shirley: Oh? What's wrong?

Lucchini: I'm so sorry...

Shirley: It's okay, it's okay... I wasn't angry, you know. Anyway, you made some sweets, right? I'm really hungry.

Lucchini: ...Yeah... Everyone is waiting.

Yoshika: Shirley! Welcome back!

Lynne: Oh, you have the same goggles!

Sakamoto: Oh, you look like mother and daughter!

Perrine: Yes, really.

Shirley: I'm still just 16!


Lucchini: Shirley?

Shirley: Hm?

Lucchini: Thanks!

Shirley: That goes for you as well. You waited for me, right?

Lucchini: Yes.

Shirley: Thanks.

Lucchini: Shirley, I love you!

Shirley: Yeah!

Track 04: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen's Life Counseling 6

Eila: Sanya! The tea is ready! Let's have some together!

Sanya: Ah, Eila, it has started!

Eila: What!?

Eila: Eh... This corner is... what was it about again?

Sanya: Eila...


Eila: Hm? Who's coming now? At a time like this?

Sanya: That's the kind of corner this is, isn't it?

Trude: Ah, so this is where you are.

Sanya: Good day.

Eila: Oh, it's just you Flight Lieutenant.

Trude: ”Just you”? What kind of greeting is that?

Sanya: Eila, this is your counseling room, you know?

Eila: Oh, right. Yes, I guess that if you usually act all serious and soldier-like, you won't have anyone to ask for advice when there are things that trouble you. I get it, you can ask me anything.

Trude: ... Yeah, there's something I'd like to ask... Actually... I'm having trouble finding a good gift to give my little sister, who has her birthday soon!

Eila: ”Actually...” And that's all?

Trude: Yes, that's all.

Eila: That's what troubles you!?

Trude: What are you trying to say!? This is important! Also... I'm not asking you, Eila.

Eila: Eh?

Trude: You should ask little sisters about things that concern little sisters. That's why I came here to ask Sanya for her opinion.

Eila: Why did you come here to ask Sanya about that!? This is my corner, you know!

Trude: You aren't much like a little sister...

Eila: Like?

Trude: Just look at her. Unlike you, Sanya gives off those ”little sister-vibes”.

Eila: What are you talking about! Sanya isn't your little sister!

Trude: That's not what we're talking about.

Eila: It isn't!?

Sanya: Um... I don't have any siblings.

Trude: What!? Are you serious!?

Sanya: Yes.

Trude: I was certain you had been raised with a kind older sister caring for you!

Sanya: No... I'm the only child.

Trude: I see... I'm sure it must have been very lonely. Well then, don't you have a cousin? Or some nice older girl in the neighborhood?

Sanya: No... no one like that either...

Eila: Flight Lieutenant... You really want Sanya to be a little sister, don't you...?

Trude: Ah... well... What I really want to know about is Chris, and... Oh, I guess I haven't mentioned that yet. Chris is my...

Eila: Little sister. I know that.

Trude: What? That's strange... I'm pretty sure I've never told you that.

Eila: What are you talking about? Everyone here knows what kind of fanatic older sister you are.

Trude: Really? I've been trying to not show it so much in front of others but...

Eila: You've got to be kidding! You're like a grandmother who just had grandchildren, Flight Lieutenant.

Sanya: Ah! When I was little, there was an old witch who often played with me.

Trude: I'm not an old woman! Ah, well... A true soldier always carries a loving heart, so there's nothing to be ashamed of!

Eila: No, it's the people around you who feel embarrassed.

Sanya: Um, does Chris resemble me in some way?

Trude: Hm? Well, I wouldn't say a lot, but sure, you are quite alike. Though I guess Chris is more of a tomboy.

Eila: Wouldn't that mean she was more like Lucchini rather than Sanya?

Trude: Lucchini goes beyond just being a tomboy. But well, I still wouldn't say they aren't alike at all.

Eila: I'm sure you could say that of anyone.

Trude: Of course not! For one, you're out of the question.

Eila: And why is that!? What's so bad about me!?

Sanya: Um, well then, what about Yoshika?

Eila: Yoshika!?

Trude: Miyafuji...? Oh, yes, Yoshika! I see. That's a good idea! You're right, Miyafuji is a lot like Chris.

Eila: Then couldn't you just have gone to Miyafuji from the start!?

Trude: You're right about that. I'm surprised you of all people could give me such a good advice. It was a good thing I came here! Sanya, Eila, I'm thankful. I'll go look for Miyafuji right away. See you!

Trude: Miyafuji! Has anyone seen Miyafuji!?

Eila: Don't come again!

Sanya: Good... She looked happy.

Track 05: Captain Barkhorn's drill in military affairs

Erica: Your ass is unprotected, Miyafuji!

Yoshika: Uwah!

Trude: Miyafuji is down.

Yoshika: She got me...

Trude: You're too focused on irrelevant things. You weren't paying enough attention to your opponent.

Yoshika: Yes...

Erica: Hehe, Lynne is next! Oh?

Lynne: I can't hit her! Why!?

Erica: Those are some honest maneuvers.

Trude: Do you really think you can hit her like that? You have to find a better position!

Lynne: Yes! Uwah! She's coming this way!

Erica: ???

Lynne: Noo!

Trude: Don't run away, you fool! Turn around!

Lynne: Yes!


Lynne: She disappeared?

Erica: Your breasts are unprotected, Lynne!

Lynne: How did...!

Erica: Oh, they're soft! Lynne is down! And they're big!

Lynne: Stop groping me!

Trude: What are you doing, Hartmann!

Erica: Hm? Hand-to-hand fight?

Trude: That's not what you call a hand-to-hand fight! The mock combat is over. Get down here.

Yoshika: Neither of us stood a chance...

Lynne: Yeah...

Erica: You still have a long way to go.

Yoshika/Lynne: Yes...

Trude: Yeah, this was really bad. Put away your striker units and come to me. We'll have to talk about this.

Yoshika/Lynne: Yes...

Trude: First of all, Miyafuji, you have to pay more attention to your enemy. You fall for simple tricks because you act on the wrong assumptions.

Yoshika: Yes...

Trude: And Lynne...

Lynne: Yes?

Trude: Don't run away.

Lynne: Yes...

Trude: Really, turning your back against a diving attack? That's just sheer stupidity.

Lynne: Yes, but...

Trude: Yes but what?

Lynne: Um...

Erica: Come on Trude, if you always look this angry, you're gonna get wrinkles.

Trude: If that happens, it will mostly be your fault.

Erica: Nihihi... So, what was it you were going to say, Lynne?

Lynne: I was thinking I couldn't win against Flying Officer Hartmann straight on, so I was trying to put some distance between us...

Erica: I see, I see.

Trude: Exactly that is what I call ”sheer stupidity”. The enemy who is above you will simply use the extra speed you gain from descending and attack you. You'll just get shot from behind.

Lynne: Oh...

Trude: But now I understand what it is you two are lacking.

Yoshika: What would that be?

Trude: Rules!

Yoshika/Lynne: Rules?

Erica: I bet you're thinking ”Now that stubborn Karlslandian is at it again...”

Yoshika: Ah, oh, no, not at all!

Erica: But there are actually rules for dogfighting! I usually don't break them either.

Lynne: What? There are rules you follow!?

Erica: Whoa, I surprised her with that....

Lynne: I-I didn't mean it like that! I meant, you're so amazing, and yet you're ”doing it by the book” so to speak...

Trude: Come on, don't make this so confusing, Hartmann

Erica: Yes, yes.

Trude: We call them ”rules” but they're not like military laws or anything like that. It's more like established routines like ”in a situation like this – you do this”.

Yoshika: I see.

Trude: Remember? Every time you were attacked, you were attacked from behind, right?

Lynne: Yes.

Trude: That's because Hartmann is following the Dicta Boelke. There's a rule there saying ”No matter what attack you perform, perform it from behind.”

Lynne:Dicta Boelke”?

Yoshika: Boelke...? You mean Lieutenant Colonel Minna?

Trude: Her name is Wilcke. Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke. Boelke is a witch who fought in the first war against the neuroi.

Erica: Haha, had Minna written something like that it would have rules like ”Toilet cleaning should be performed with utmost care!” and such!

Yoshika: Yes, maybe!

Erica: And ”One should be alone when taking a bath!”

Minna: Of course I wouldn't write something like that.

Trude: Oh, you're here, Minna.

Everyone: Uwah!

Minna: Yes, I was watching with Major Sakamoto.

Sakamoto: Yes, it was good that we got some kind of idea of how to make them improve but, perhaps it was too early to put them up against Hartmann.

Trude: However, it might be good to get a better feeling of a real combat.

Minna: Yes, you can't chose your opponent in a real fight after all.

Erica: Yes, who knows? Maybe some day, a fast, pretty and sexy neuroi which looks like me might appear!

Trude: I don't think so.

Sakamoto: Ha ha ha, maybe. Well, I guess we have to get them to master the rules of dogfights in case something like that ever happens.

Trude: Yes, we'll prevent that something like what just happened to Lynne will happen again, just by doing that.

Sakamoto: You mean when she tried to escape from the diving attack? Yes, that was bad.

Trude: Yes.

Lynne: Ugh...

Minna: No need to feel ashamed over that. It wasn't necessarily bad thinking.

Yoshika: Yes, right! Just look at me, I didn't even think anything!

Trude: You do need to think!

Yoshika: Sorry...

Erica: Well, at least Miyafuji is still good at making fast decisions.

Minna: Yes indeed. There is even a rule that says ”Even though it might not be best available tactic, acting fast is still better than not acting at all.”

Erica: That's Malan, right?

Minna: Yes, that's right.

Yoshika: I see... There seem to be a lot of these rules...

Sakamoto: Yes, after having been written down, they spread and soon became accepted by almost everyone.

Yoshika: I see.

Sakamoto: However, there are no rules that say ”You will win as long as you follow this”. You have to learn these rules and then figure out your own style of fighting.

Yoshika/Lynne: Understood!

Trude: It's important to know the basics.

Yoshika: Y-yes...

Yoshika: Hm, ”your own way of fighting”? How do you find that?

Shirley: Oh, lesson's over?

Lucchini: Well done!

Lynne: Thanks. What are you eating?

Shirley: Ah, we're having a snack. Lucchini wanted some cookies, so...

Lynne: I'll make some tea then!

Shirley: Ah, thanks.

Yoshika: Umm...! What are you two thinking about during a dogfight?

Lucchini: Why are you asking that all of a sudden?

Yoshika: We were taught about stuff like that just now, so...

Shirley: Ah, I see. You're talking about the rules of dogfighting.

Yoshika: Yes.

Shirley: I'm just doing what I was taught when I first enlisted. I don't really plan ahead or anything.

Yoshika: Oh, really?

Shirley: Yeah, they are pretty strict on stuff like that in Liberion, it's a little annoying.

Yoshika: That's not what I expected.

Shirley: Well, on the other hand I pretty much do what I want on the ground, so. Hahaha

Lucchini: Gyahahaha!

Yoshika: What about you, Lucchini?

Lucchini: Eh? Me? I... try to be as nyoronyo as possible!

Yoshika: What?

Lucchini: Well, you know. The neuroi comes like ”Ugah!!”, right?

Yoshika: ”Ugah!!”?

Lucchini: Then, it's like ”unya!” and ”DOON”, so I go all ”nyonyo~”.

Yoshika: ”unyonyo”?

Lucchini: Do you understand?

Yoshika: No! Not at all!

Lucchini: I do say, Yoshika sure is a slow learner.

Shirley: That's right, Miyafuji. You better listen well to Pilot Officer Lucchini's words of wisdom.

Yoshika: What?

Lucchini: Oh, Flight Lieutenant, ma'am! Sergeant Miyafuji here seems to have a problem with following her superior officer's orders!

Shirley: What! She's not following orders!? This must be dealt with at once! I say we spank her on the butt!

Lucchini: On the butt!

Yoshika: What? No, please!

Lynne: The tea is ready.

Shirley: Oh, good! Thanks!

Perrine: Oh, something smells nice.

Lynne: Ah, Perrine. If you want some too, please have a seat.

Lucchini: There are some cookies here too!

Perrine: Yes, please.

Perrine: Britannian tea is always strong...

Lynne: I'm sorry...

Perrine: Oh, I'm not saying it's something bad! It's just... that it's different from how it is in Gallia.

Lynne: Oh, so that's what you meant.

Perrine: Really, why do you always take it in a bad way.

Lynne: Sorry...

Shirley: Wouldn't that be your own fault?

Lucchini: Yes, yes!

Perrine: Oh be quiet.

Yoshika: Um, Perrine?

Perrine: Yes?

Yoshika: What are you taking extra care about during a dogfight?

Perrine: Hm? Oh, yes. You got beaten pretty badly by Flying Officer Hartmann just now.

Yoshika: Eh, yes... So that's why I was thinking I'd like to learn more...

Perrine: In a dogfight... Hmm... Oh yes, I try to roll whenever I get the chance.

Shirley: Oh, so you'll be harder to hit. I see, that's good thinking.

Perrine: No, it's to look more elegant.

Yoshika/Shirley: Wha-?

Perrine: What kind of reaction is that? Do you have anything against elegant things?

Shirley: No, but... I think there's a lot of people who think things like that really doesn't matter.

Perrine: People are always watching us witches! We are not to look unsightly!

Lynne: You're leaving already?

Perrine: Yes, I have some maintenance to do on my striker units.

Lynne: I see...

Perrine: Thanks for the tea. It wasn't bad at all. Bye then.

Yoshika: Did I make her angry?

Shirley: Nah, it's not your fault. She's just trying a bit too hard.

Lynne: Oh, because of Gallia...

Shirley: Yeah, well I understand how she feels but she really should do something recreational once in a while.

Yoshika: Perrine isn't having it easy either.

Lucchini: Yes, but she always come here when Lynne makes tea!

Shirley: Ah, you're right. I guess she actually does enjoy it.

Lynne: I hope so!

Yoshika: Oh yes. Can we go see Eila?

Lynne: You want to ask her about the rules?

Yoshika: Oh, it was that obvious?

Lynne: Yes!

Yoshika: Yes, I was thinking it might be a good idea to ask everyone.

Lynne: Yes, I'm interested too. Let's go!

Yoshika: Yeah!

Knocks on the door

Yoshika: Eila, Sanya? Are you here?

Eila: Yeah, what is it, Miyafuji?

Sanya: Ah, Yoshika, what brings you here?

Yoshika: Yeah, there's something I'd like to ask... Oh, you're fortune-telling again.

Eila: So?

Sanya: We're trying to predict when the leaves on the tree over there will fall off.

Yoshika: That's odd! Haha

Lynne: Haha

Lynne(thinking): Hm? For some reason everyone has started to take Sanya being in Eila's room for granted...

Eila: So, what was it you wanted?

Yoshika: Ah, right. Are there any rules or such that you follow when you're dogfighting?

Eila: Rules? You mean like Dicta Boelke?

Yoshika: Yes, exactly! So everyone does know about those...

Eila: Well, yeah. But I must say it was a good idea of you to come to me for advice!

Yoshika: Yes, we were asking other people about it so I thought I might as well...

Eila: ”Might as well”?

Yoshika: Ah! I don't mean that I have to hear what you say or anything, if you don't want to tell us then...

Eila: That way of putting it kind of pisses me off...

Yoshika: Eh? Why?

Eila: Oh well... I guess I'll help you, just this once.

Yoshika: Yay! Thank you very much!

Sanya: Eila looks like she's having fun...

Lynne: Really?

Eila: Okay, listen carefully! The rule of Dicta Eila is ”As long as you never get hit by your enemies bullets, you'll never lose!”

Yoshika: Oh! Sounds like a good rule!

Eila: Yeah, doesn't it? I'm sure it's a rule that will be handed down to future generations!

Lynne: Yes, but... How do you follow it?

Yoshika: Ah, you have a point. There wouldn't really be a problem if you could do it that easily...

Eila: Yeah. I avoid them by looking into the future.

Yoshika/Lynne: Looking into the future...

Eila: Right. You won't get hit as long as you stay away, right? Simple yet powerful! Isn't it a great rule!? Oh?

Yoshika: Yeah, thanks. That really helped...

Eila: What do you sound so disgruntled about?

Yoshika: Well, I can't see into the future!

Lynne: Neither can I...

Eila: And I was so kind as to give you a serious answer...

Yoshika: What about you, Sanya?

Sanya: Me? I... try not to be too close to someone else.

Yoshika: So you won't be in the way? I see, yes, that might be good thinking as well.

Sanya: No... It's because they don't realize that I'm there at first, and then I accidentally startle them.

Eila: ... Wha-what! The people in your previous unit must have been a bunch of untrained fools! I bet they were so focused on trying to stay in the air they weren't able to see what was going on around them!

Lynne: It was like that for me too until recently...!

Sanya: But it was just I who startled them... They always said ”Oh, you were here?”...

Eila: I-I know you're here!

Sanya: I know...

Eila: A-and everyone else knows too! We can see you!

Sanya: Really?

Yoshika: Of course we do! How could we not! You're as pretty as a fairy! With beautiful white skin, slender arms and legs...

Eila: Don't look! You stop looking!!

Yoshika: Eeh? Why!?

Sanya: No... Yoshika...


Yoshika: Why did she get so angry?

Lynne: Don't ask me.

Yoshika: Lynne?

Lynne: Don't ask me, I don't know.

Yoshika: Ah, right... sorry.

Trude: Oh, you two. Still not resting?

Yoshika: Ah, Flight Lieutenant. Yes, we were asking everyone about the rules for dogfighting and...

Trude: Oh, so, did you find out anything useful?

Yoshika: No, not so much... But, I realized everyone was thinking of something at least, and that almost everyone was thinking about different things.

Lynne: Ah, right.

Yoshika: Yes, about their own abilities and how everyone else thinks of them and such. Though I didn't really understand what Lucchini was trying to say, but... So anyway, I'll do as Flight Lieutenant said and think about myself. Because I also want to be able to protect people.

Trude: I see...

Yoshika: So please teach me more later, Barkhorn!

Trude: Yeah... ...Stop being so dependent, you fool! You still have a long long long way to go! It's at least ten years too early for you to talk about ”protecting” anyone!

Yoshika: R-really?

Trude: I'll smack some discipline in you! If you think it's too rough, you could always flee back to your peaceful Fuso! Hahahaha...

Lynne: She's gone...

Yoshika: Flight Lieutenant Barkhorn sure is strict...

Lynne: Yes...

Erica: Hey, Miyafuji! Were you talking to Trude just now?

Yoshika: Flying Officer! Yes... she said some pretty rough things.

Erica: Really? She said she might have been a little too angry during the lesson... She said something strict now as well?

Yoshika: Yes, quite....

Erica: Haha, Trude...

Yoshika: Is there something...?

Erica: No, nothing. See you!

Lynne: She's gone...

Yoshika: I don't really understand Flying Officer Hartmann...

Lynne: Yes, me neither.

Track 06: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen's Life Counseling 7

Eila: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen and...

Sanya: Sanya Vladimirovna Litvak's...

Eila/Sanya: One, two... Life Counsel-

Minna: Well this is bad...

Eila: What? Lieutenant Colonel Minna?

Sanya: Is something wrong?

Minna: Oh? Where am I?

Eila: You're in my counseling room! Isn't that obvious?

Minna: Oh, I was lost in thoughts and accidentally took the wrong room.

Eila: Really? That was careless!

Minna: I'm sorry, I'll leave now.

Eila: Ah, wait, wait! No need to be so reserved, if there's anything that troubles you, I can give you advice?

Sanya: Eila, you're being a bit rude...

Eila: Don't worry, it's just that she thinks she can't come in here without pretending to have taken the wrong door. Must be difficult to be a commander over this unit!

Minna: Oh yes, perhaps I can rely on your ability to see the future. Perhaps you could do some fortune-telling for me?

Eila: As expected! So, what do you want to know?

Minna: Yes, well it's about how to handle the draft budget for the next year's operational costs of the 501st's base. I'm having a little trouble with that.

Eila: What?

Minna: Well, I finally got all the requests for budgetary appropriations yesterday, but they all requested increased funding...

Eila: I see...

Minna: And the neuroi have also been more active lately so my head hurts just thinking about it...

Eila: Right...

Minna: Mio, I mean Major Sakamoto says I should just make a quick sketch of how I want it and then just hope the rest takes cares of itself..

Eila: Hmm...? That sounds like a good idea to me.

Sanya: Correct me if I'm wrong but you're deciding how to distribute the money in the budget?

Minna: Yes. If I decide to do this, I can't do that, etc. It's a real pain.

Eila: Then, first of all I suggest we make the sauna twice as big as it is now!

Sanya: And you want to decide that using Eila's fortune-telling?

Eila: Well then, you could at least make it so that me and Sanya's rooms become one...

Minna: No, not exactly. It's not that I want her to decide, i'ts more that I want her to use her ability to see into the future and see what happens, for reference.

Eila: But if I'm the one doing the fortune-telling, isn't that the same thing as me deciding?

Minna: Well yes, you're right about that. I'm getting a little uncertain now...

Eila(Background): I'm going to do some fortune-telling! I'm so going to do some fortune-telling...!

Minna: What do you think, Sanya?

Sanya: Yes, it's no good.

Eila: Why!?

Minna: And... Mio, I mean Major Sakamoto, never listens to what I say. Just what does she think I am? Ah, well, we're friends, I know that, but...

Sanya: Yes.

Minna: But still... it's still a little mysterious.

Sanya: I understand. Somewhat. Yoshika can be a little like that too sometimes.

Minna: Really? Yes, I wonder why all witches from Fuso seem to be like that...!

Eila: For how long are you going to stay? Can't you go now?

Minna: Oh, right, sorry. I'll go as soon as I've finished the tea. Also, Sanya...

Sanya: Yes?

Minna: See, the other day...

Track 07: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen's Life Counseling 8

Eila: Hmm, I'm getting sort of bored with this corner now... Perhaps we should just go to bed?

Sanya: Eila, just a little more. After all, you were the one who said you wanted to do this.

Eila: Yeah but... no one ever comes here and actually wants my advice! In other words, no one around here is actually troubled by anything!

Sanya: Hm... I don't think that's true...


Eila: Hm? They always come when you say things like that!

Sanya: Eila, it's just for a little while longer, you can do it!

Eila: Okay! If you say so...!

Doorbell again

Eila: Hm? I have a feeling it's someone troublesome again...

Erica: Hello!

Eila: Oh no! It's a black devil!

Sanya: That's just her nickname! Good evening, Flying Officer Hartmann.

Erica: Hi Sanya! I knew you were here!

Eila: S-sanya?

Erica: I've been looking for you! I just asked Trude, and she said Sanya was here!

Sanya: You're looking for me?

Erica: Yeah, there's a person here who says she wants to see you! Who do you think it is? It's okay, you can come in now!

Eila: Hey, stop stealing my show!

Ursula: Good evening.

Eila: Ugh!?

Sanya: Good evening.

Eila: T-there are two Flying Officers! It's a doppelgänger! Begone, evil spirit!

Sanya: No, Eila. She's Flying Officer Hartmann's twin sister, Ursula.

Eila: What? Oh, I see. The black devil has a twin... This is just getting more and more troublesome...

Ursula: Nice to meet you, Sanya.

Sanya: Nice to meet you too. I'm happy to finally get to meet you.

Erica: Oh, you've never met before?

Ursula: No, sis, this is the first time. But I do have a photograph, so I knew what she looks like.

Sanya: I've heard you look just like Hartmann, so I recognized you at once. Eila, Ursula was stationed in Suomus in the past, you know? She's also the one who invented my Fliegerhammer.

Eila: Oh, I see.

Erica: Yeah! And you know what? Ursula also brought with her a prototype of a new version of the Fliegerhammer from our homeland! And she wants Sanya to do a few test shots!

Eila: What! But Sanya is busy right now! She's doing a radio show with me!

Sanya: Eila, I'll just be gone for a little while.

Erica: Really? Great!

Ursula: Thank you very much.

Eila: What!?

Sanya: Well, she's come here all the way from Neue Karlsland! If you really want me to do it...

Ursula: Thanks. The new one is called Fliegerschreck. It's mostly for use against larger types of neuroi and has the same 9-round loader as the previous version. It has twice the range, and can use three different types of rocket ammunition. Since we're going to test them today, I've marked them with different colors; red, blue and yellow.

Eila: Whoa, she suddenly started to talk!

Sanya: So it will be like fireworks!

Ursula: Yes, maybe so. I've already prepared it, so we can begin at any time.

Sanya: Okay, let's do it now.

Eila: Sanya...

Sanya: Just for tonight, okay?

Eila: Yeah...

Ursula: Well then, I'll borrow Sanya for a little while. Let's go.

Sanya: Yes.

Eila: ...

Erica: Wow, this tea is great! Who made it?

Eila: You're still here!?

Erica: I'm not really interested in new weapons and such... I prefer drinking tea! Ah, so relaxing!

Eila: This is not some kind of restroom! Argh, I'll do some fortune-telling on you then. I'll tell you anything. What do you want to know?

Erica: Really? Yay! But there isn't really anything I want to know...

Eila: Argh! Then just go away!

Erica: Hey, the candy here is good too!

Track 08: Takeoff Voice: Miyafuji Yoshika/Lynette Bishop

translation omitted

Track 09: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen's Life Counseling 9

Eila: The Flying Officer finally went away... Argh, what a mess she made! What? It's already time for the next one? No, I've had enough now! Sanya isn't even here anymore!


Eila: Who is it!? I'm not doing the counseling-thing anymore, just so you know!

Yoshika: Oh, really? But there's something I want you to do fortune-telling on for me!

Eila: Oh, it's you, Miyafuji.

Yoshika: I can come in? Oh, good! You know, I was in charge of making meals today and I've been listening to the radio while thinking about what I should ask you about this whole time... But the dishes and everything took a while afterwards, so... Hm? What's wrong, Eila?

Eila: Miyafuji! What should I do?

Yoshika: E-e-eila!?

Yoshika: About my question...

Eila: Oh who cares! You have it easy, Miyafuji. I'm sure there's nothing that troubles you, you're all popular too!

Yoshika: Please don't decide that by yourself! There are things that trouble me too! But what do you mean by ”popular”...?

Eila: Oh, you're feigning ignorance as well... But that won't help you, you know! Lynne, Flight Lieutenant Barkhorn, Major Sakamoto... and there are those who say there's one in Fuso as well! And a few days ago, even Sanya...! Just what do you do to be so popular!? Tell me!

Yoshika: You say that, but... I'm just being as I always am!

Eila: Agh! That's what everyone who's popular says! Why can't you just tell me?! Argh, it's almost like I'm the one asking you for advice now! Why!?

Yoshika: Eila, what in the world are you talking about!?

Yoshika: Being all touchy like this means you must be hungry. I brought a rice ball with me, it's leftovers, but please take it. I have some miso soup too.

Eila: Yeah...

Yoshika: I still don't really understand what you mean by ”popular” but... If you want someone to know what you feel for them, isn't just being honest and telling them the best way to go?

Eila: I'm always honest.

Yoshika: Yeah, Perrine is like that too... That's why it's so easy to misunderstand things she says... I'm sure... I think she's not really that bad a person, really.

Eila: You're saying I'm the same as that stuck-up four eyes?

Yoshika: Ah, yes! Why don't you try telling this microphone here what you really think.

Eila: What are you talking about! If I do that, Sanya will hear me!

Yoshika: I knew it... Oh right, I saw Sanya flying away in her striker unit just before I came here. Well, that's just good. First we turn the switch on...

Yoshika (through mic): Okay, here we go. Please say it so that Sanya can hear you!

Eila: Eh!?

Yoshika: Well, if you really are honest, say it!

Eila: ...O-okay... I'll say it? I'm really going to say it! Whatever happens is your fault! ...Sanya, I love you!

Sounds of fireworks

Yoshika: That's the spirit, Eila! But that's just as it usually is!

Eila: Oh shut up. Your love for someone can feel different from day to day... Sanya, I love, love love you!

Sounds of fireworks

Yoshika: What's that sound? Oh, look out the window! It's fireworks! Red, blue, yellow... They look just like fireworks from Fuso!

Eila: Hey, I'm a little busy with something else right now! Sanya! L-l-let's eat parfait together some day!

Sounds of fireworks

Yoshika: Hm, I have a feeling the fireworks always comes right after Eila has said something... Okay, let's do it all again, from the beginning!

Eila: We're still going to continue?

Ursula: She's really... special, that Eila. And Miyafuji too...

Sanya: I'm sorry, Ursula. My fingers keep slipping, I can't shoot very well...

Ursula: Don't worry. It's still just a prototype.

Eila: Sanya! I really do love you!

Yoshika: Come on, you still sound embarrassed!

Eila: Really? Okay...

Yoshika: One more time!

Sanya: ...Eila... and Yoshika too... you're both silly!

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