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Track 01: Episode 2.1 : Memories of Libau, Part A

Yoshika: Strike Witches 2! Episode 2.1: Memories of Libau.

Sakamoto: So, the “Strike Witches” are reassembled!

Minna: Yes.

Sakamoto: I have to say I'm surprised getting everyone together again went that smoothly.

Trude: I didn't expect less from Minna! She got all the necessary paperwork done and sent the right documents to the right people very quickly!

Erica: What? Are you saying she hadn't prepared all that in advance?

Minna: Hehe, a good commander is always prepared and ready for anything!

Erica: Urgh, sounds tiresome.

Trude: See, that attitude is the reason why you never get promoted! Look at Eila! Even she managed to get promoted to Flying Officer by making an effort and studying hard!

Erica: Really?

Eila: “Even she”? What's that supposed to mean?

Erica: Bah, just leading rotte is good enough for me. I think I'd die if I was forced to do paperwork...

Trude: Yeah, but who do you think has to cover up for your mistakes all the time? And you call yourself a soldier of Karlsland!?

Sakamoto: Heh. So? You didn't run into any trouble?

Minna: Not really. I had help from Air Vice-Marshal Galland, after all.

Sakamoto: I see. If she helped you, it must have been much easier.

Yoshika: Excuse me! Who is this “Air Vice-Marshal Galland”?

Perrine: You don't even know that!? She is the General of all witch units in Karlsland!

Yoshika: General? And what does she do?

Perrine: You don't even know that...!?

Erica: In other words, she holds the highest position among all witches in Karlsland.

Yoshika: Wow! She must have a lot of power!

Lynne: But are you really allowed to form a new unit just like that?

Minna: Air Vice-Marshal Galland has gotten permission from his Majesty himself to establish units as she sees fit.

Trude: Wasn't that just for establishing units with the mission to recover Karlsland?

Minna: Well, if Romagna and Venezia are fully reclaimed, we will be able to break into Karlsland from the south, no?

Lucchini: And when that happens, I'll help out too!

Shirley: Well, if Lucchini wants to do it, I'm on too!

Minna: See, by doing this, we also get support from Romagna and Liberion, and it will also help the situation at the border of Gallia and on the east front. We're killing two birds with one stone!

Trude: Well, somehow I get the impression you're just playing with words here, but...

Eila: Sanya and I were just about to head over to Orussia from Suomus, but...

Sanya: We actually made it to Petersburg, but we had walked right into a war zone had we proceeded, so Eila said we should go back. Right, Eila?

Eila: Eh? I did?

Lynne: So does that mean our unit will be under Air Vice-Marshal Galland's command?

Minna: No. When I suggested we should act as support to Romagna, the Romagnan and the Venezian Headquarters gave us their approval, and so we're treated as part of the Allied Forces.

Lucchini: See? Romagna is very powerful!

Minna: And once that happened, they also agreed on transferring Lucchini here right away.

Perrine: Oh? But are you sure that was not simply an exquisite way of getting rid of someone troublesome?

Lucchini: Eh? What do you mean?

Minna: The people from the Liberian Headquarters were also very excited to hear Shirley wanted to participate too.

Trude: Don't you mean that since they never know where she is, they didn't really seem to care?

Shirley: Haha! You might have hit the nail on the head there actually! But really, I never got any instructions from them on what to do next, so...

Trude: Really, what is the military over in Liberion think they're doing?

Shirley: I'd like to ask that too, actually. I never got any really useful supplies from them, so I had to live on what I could get from the place where I was at the moment... it wasn't easy!

Yoshika: Is that why you changed your uniform?

Shirley: Ah, yeah. It was made in Britannia, back when I had my bike repaired.

Minna: It's strange, considering they're always really reliable when it comes to sending weapons, ammunition and fuel.

Lucchini: I'm so tired of Liberian canned food!

Erica: Potatoes! Potatoes!

Lucchini: I want something Yoshika's made!

Yoshika: Perhaps I should start with dinner then?

Lucchini: Really!?

Erica: Popotatoes!

Lynne: I'll help you out too!

Sakamoto: Once we're finished here, sure.

Yoshika/Lynne: Yes!

Erica: Aww...

Minna: We were contacted by Fuso, they said they were sending some support, and all other countries except Gallia and Britannia gave us their approval at once too.

Perrine: We weren't ordered to come here, we made the decision on our own!

Minna: Although you two are actually reserves, you were treated as civilians, so it was quite easy to fix the paperwork to get you here in that regard. However, the papers I sent to the Gallian government were never returned, so I had some trouble too.

Perrine: That's...

Minna: We got our approval for Lynne right away with the help the now retired former Air Chief Marshal Dowding.

Lynne: I told my mother I wanted to go, and she gave her permission right away!

Yoshika: You got permission from you mother? I just flew away without telling anyone, but well, at least I sent them a telegram when we were on Hawaii.

Perrine: I never expected more of you.

Lynne: Wasn't your mother really worried about you then?

Yoshika: My friend Micchan was able to tell her before I sent the telegram. But since I didn't bring any luggage or anything, we had to stop on the way to fill up on supplies.

Lucchini: Supplies!? You mean food?

Yoshika: No, Lucchini. I mean things like shoes, clothes and other things you use every day.

Lucchini: Oh. Boring!

Minna: That's right, there's a shortage of materials at the moment, so it was a good idea to stock up on daily necessities in beforehand.

Eila: What!? I didn't bring anything!

Sanya: Neither did I...

Yoshika: That's alright! Sakamoto told me to buy a lot, so I'm sure there's some for you two too.

Eila: That's great, Miyafuji!

Sanya: Thanks, Yoshika.

Yoshika: No, don't thank me, it was Sakamoto's money!

Sakamoto: Hahaha! A true soldier is always prepared for anything!

Trude: Our luggage is scheduled for delivery in a few days together with more ammunition.

Shirley: Well, we've been here for a while already, but all we have is the stuff we managed to load on my bike.

Lucchini: We used to go shopping from time to time, but we've run out of money...

Minna: That's alright. I've been entrusted with the pays you two haven't received yet.

Shirley: Oh! That's great, now I can get my broken bike fixed!

Lucchini: Yay! I can buy candy!

Erica: Candy!? There's a shop nearby!?

Lucchini: Yep! There's a shop down by the coast!

Erica: Candy! Candy!

Minna: Yes, yes. You can go stock up on those supplies later, okay?

Lucchini: Yes!

Erica: Okay...

Eila: Hey, have you heard anything from our countries?

Sanya: We came here because of Eila's fortunetelling, so we never had the time to ask for permission...

Minna: Don't worry, we've had contact with Suomus and Orussia through the 502nd, and it's all settled.

Eila: Really? That's good to hear!

Sanya: Yes.

Minna: We received telegrams regarding you saying “Take good care of them” from both Pokryshkin and Katajainen.

Eila: Really? From Nipa?

Sanya: Sasha...

Minna: Don't worry, you're all formal members of “Strike Witches”, just like before. The only difference is that we're now under the control of the Mediterranean district headquarters rather than the Western district headquarters.

Yoshika: The Mediterranean district?

Lynne: That's what this area is called, Yoshika.

Lucchini: Romagna is in charge of this district!

Trude: Yes, but the headquarters is run together with Karlsland and Venezia, though.

Yoshika: And Air Vice-Marshal Galland is the one in charge of it all?

Minna: No, Air Vice-Marshal Galland is in the Allied Forces Supreme Headquarters.

Sakamoto: She was a Flight Lieutenant the first time I met her... So she's already a Air Vice-Marshal.

Yoshika: Wow, you've met her, Sakamoto?

Perrine: Come on, don't be stupid! You know Squadron Leader Sakamoto has been here in Europe from even before the great war started, don't you?

Yoshika: Oh, right.

Sakamoto: Hahaha. Yes, but we haven't met that many times, though. It surprised me how she had become a Wing Commander the second time I met her. Made me think the promotions seem to come quickly in the Karlsland military.

Minna: From our point of view, it's the promotions in Fuso that comes too slowly, though.

Sakamoto: Really? Well, you might have a point. I was only recently promoted to Squadron Leader back home too, for example.

Trude: Considering your service record, it wouldn't have been strange if you were a Group Captain by now, going by Karlsland standards.

Sakamoto: No, well... I think I can handle being in command on the field, but I don't see myself as fit for the job as someone who gives orders with a broader perspective. I consider Minna being much more qualified for that.

Erica: I'm with you! I can handle leading a squadron, but anything more than that is something I'll leave to Trude and Minna.

Minna: I don't know whether I should feel happy or not for those words...

Yoshika: Oh, yeah. You were promoted too, weren't you, Lynne? Congratulations!

Lynne: Thank you, Yoshika! But why are you still a Sergeant?

Perrine: Hahaha! A little raccoon-dog such as her would simply not be able to handle a promotion!

Yoshika: So? You haven't been promoted either, have you?

Perrine: ! As a matter of fact, I was asked to accept a promotion to Flight Lieutenant and to take command over a new unit!

Yoshika: Really!? That's great!

Eila: Stuck-up four-eyes as a commanding officer? No way!

Perrine: What!?

Sakamoto: Come on now, no fighting. Anyway, as Minna said, the promotions in Fuso don't come quickly.

Shirley: Yeah, just look at me. My promotion was completely forgotten once in the past, but do I look like a care!?

Lucchini: As for me, I've never even been close to getting a promotion! Hahaha!

Shirley/Lucchini: Hahaha!

Lynne: I guess you have a point.

Yoshika: So, where did you meet Air Vice-Marshal Galland, Sakamoto?

Sakamoto: Hm? You're asking a lot of questions today, Miyafuji.

Yoshika: Well, I didn't really know anything about the people above us before, but now I'm starting to wonder what kind of people they are, seeing how much they seem to assist us witches.

Sakamoto: I see. Yes, it's good to know these things. I'll tell you.

Yoshika: Please do!

Sakamoto: Well, it all started during the time I was in Libau.

Yoshika: Libau?

Sakamoto: It's a city and an important naval port by the Baltic sea, close to the borders of Orussia and Karlsland.

Yoshika: Naval port? Sounds a little like Yokosuka!

Sakamoto: Ahahaha. Yes, indeed. The terrain is quite different, though.

Yoshika: Really?

Sakamoto: Yeah, the city is built on plains, and it uses the mouth of the river and the nearby lakes as natural harbors. It also has many big docks, so it a fitting place for the Fuso Navy to use as base of operations to assist Europe.

Lynne: But why did they choose Libau as base?

Sakamoto: Well, it was close to the front, and you can reach most places in Europe by air from there.

Yoshika: But what were you doing there?

Perrine: Isn't that obvious? They were protecting Europe from the Neuroi, of course!

Yoshika: Oh, right.

Sakamoto: That's right, we were stationed in Libau to fight the Neuroi appearing by the borders, and we flew back and forth helping out with the defense of Suomus in the north and the area around the Carpathians in the south.

Yoshika: Really? How far is it between them?

Eila: I'd say it's about 650 km between Libau and the front in Suomus.

Sanya: It's around 1200 km to the Carpathians.

Yoshika: 1200!? You can fly that far!?

Minna: I don't think we would be able to do it with our strikers.

Trude: Yeah. That's why it surprised me greatly when the Squadron Leader and the others came flying straight from Libau.

Erica: Made you think “Just how far can they fly!?”, right?

Sakamoto: Hahaha. Well, it would be impossible for us too under normal circumstances, we were just barely able to make it by attaching ???

Minna: Still, a striker unit that could handle first flying 1200 km and then go all out in battle for 30 minutes afterward was still very surprising.

Erica: If I were to fly 200 km, I wouldn't be able to fight for more than around 15 minutes afterward...

Perrine: That's amazing, Squadron Leader Sakamoto!

Sakamoto: No, I'm not that amazing. The Type Zero Carrier Fighter, on the other hand, is. But we didn't make this kind of long-distance flights every time, you know.

Shirley: That's what I thought. Not only would the striker units start breaking apart, you witches wouldn't be able to keep it up for very long.

Sakamoto: Right, so we used to stay temporarily at other bases too.

Minna: You came to our base quite a few times too.

Trude: Yeah, and there used to be bases for witches from all around the world in Ostmark...

Sakamoto: The Fuso Army was mostly in the ??? area, so we went there pretty often, but we also sometimes dropped by Karlsland bases.

Yoshika: Why did you do that?

Sakamoto: Well, because they were well-supplied!

Yoshika: I see...

Sakamoto: Supplies are very important! Nutritious food, a good amount of sleep and a bath! As long as we have access to these three things, we can fight to our fullest!

Minna: A bath too...?

Shirley: Fuso-style baths sure are nice! The fatigue you've built up over the day just leaves you at once!

Eila: I prefer sauna...

Yoshika: Oh yes, Eila. What happened to the sauna elf?

Lucchini: What's a sauna elf?

Yoshika: Eila told me once before. She said there are elves living Suomish saunas.

Sanya: They're called “tonttu”.

Eila: Yeah, there was a tonttu I had brought with me in the sauna in our other base too. You have to keep the sauna clean, or it'll play pranks on you.

Trude: If one of those lived in Hartmann's room, she'd get pranks played on her all the time.

Erica: No! That'd be awful!

Lucchini: Sounds fun! I wanna see! Where is it!?

Eila: Hmm... Well, I guess it's somewhere in my luggage until we've made a new sauna here.

Yoshika: Really?

Eila: Probably.

Perrine: Well that sure sounds scientific! Anyway, Squadron Leader, please continue with the story.

Sakamoto: Right. Where was I?

Lynne: Excuse me, but... I think it perhaps would be a good idea to start with dinner soon...

Minna: Oh, it's already this late?

Lynne: Yes...

Sakamoto: Well then, I can continue later.

Minna: Please do. Lynne, Miyafuji, you can start with dinner now.

Yoshika/Lynne: Yes!

Sakamoto: We'll gather here again once we're finished.

Yoshika: Roger!

Minna: That's the kind of reply I want to hear.

Track 02: Episode 2.1 : Memories of Libau, Part B

Yoshika: Lynne, do you know where the kitchen is?

Lynne: I just arrived here too, so I have no idea.

Yoshika: I wonder if there even is a kitchen in this place. It looks like a ruin.

Lucchini: She appears in front of people in need! She is... Masked Lucchini!

Lynne: Whoa! Masked?

Lucchini: I explored this part earlier, but you can't use the kitchen here.

Yoshika: But where can we cook then...?

Lucchini: There's a heath outside, you can cook there! Follow me, come on, come on!

Lynne: Wait, Yoshika, Lucchini!

Shirley: Oh, you're finally here!

Lucchini: Shirley! I found them!

Shirley: Good girl!

Yoshika: Shirley?

Shirley: With access to clean water and this heath, you should be able to cook up something here, right?

Lynne: We're going to use firewood?

Shirley: Yeah, I used up all the methanol... or do you want to try to use gasoline?

Lynne: N-no! Firewood is fine!

Shirley: Haha, just kidding!

Yoshika: Shirley, there aren't a lot of utensils here...

Shirley: Yeah, all we have is the stuff the Squadron Leader brought with her from Fuso, so... We don't really have a lot of food either, so I guess you'll just have to whip up something simple.

Lucchini: Anything is fine as long as it isn't canned food! Oh! Yoshika! Make octopus carpaccio!

Yoshika: Carpaccio?

Lucchini: Yeah, you know, the thing you made once before. Thinly sliced octopus with a slightly sour sauce on it!

Yoshika: Oh, you mean pickled octopus! But do we have any octopus?

Lucchini: I'll go fetch it! Octopus! Octopus get!

Shirley: Urgh... I think I'd prefer some meat...

Yoshika: Meat, you say?

Lynne: Yoshika, what's in this can?

Yoshika: Oh, that's canned beef. Would you like this, Shirley?

Shirley: Canned food, huh?... Oh, well. It's better than nothing!

Yoshika: Let's see... rice, miso-soup, canned beef and when Lucchini brings the octopus I'll make a pickled dish out of it or something.

Lynne: Hm, but I think there's not enough vitamins.

Yoshika: Hmm... I'm pretty sure we brought some pumpkin with us, so I'll try to use that too.

Yoshika: Sakamoto! We're finished with the preparations!

Sakamoto: Oh, alright. Let me continue with the story then.

Yoshika: Yes!

Perrine: You're so slow!

Lynne: Oh? Where is everyone else?

Perrine: Wing Commander Minna and Flight Lieutenant Barkhorn are organizing the temporary control room. Eila and Sanya are apparently acting as a stand-in for the radar at the moment.

Yoshika: I see...

Lynne: And where's Hartmann?

Perrine: I guess she sleeping somewhere.

Erica: * sleeping sounds *

Lynne/Yoshika: ...She is.

Lucchini: Yoshika!! Look! What a catch!

Perrine: Iiiiih!! What is this!? It's all slimy!

Lucchini: It's my octopus!

Sakamoto: Are you alright, Perrine? Wake up!

Perrine: What in the world...

Sakamoto: Great, you're awake. You just passed out all of a sudden, we were worried.

Perrine: Okay... !?Squadron Leader!? I-I'm fine! What in the world was that just now...?

Yoshika: What are you talking about?

Lucchini: * strange sounds *

Sakamoto: Alright! So, how far along was I?

Lynne: Um, you where saying you were going back and forth from Libau to other bases around Europe.

Sakamoto: That's right. Yes, the Karlsland bases did not only have good supplies, but also great mechanics that helped us out a lot.

Shirley: We're not too bad either!

Sakamoto: You're right. But back then, the reinforcements from Liberion still hadn't arrived. If the Liberian Navy which uses air cooling like we do was there we might have been better equipped.

Shirley: Oh, right. It's more common with oil cooling in Europe.

Sakamoto: Indeed. So we had quite a hard time when we ran out of spare parts and the number of striker units we could use kept on decreasing.

Lynne: How did you deal with it?

Sakamoto: Most of problems lay in the engine, but fortunately, similar engines were produced in Britannia, so we used them after a slight remodeling.

Yoshika: Wow... What a coincidence!

Sakamoto: It was not a coincidence. This too was thanks to your father.

Yoshika: What? How come?

Sakamoto: Doctor Miyafuji did his research when building the striker unit in Britannia. And the fruit of his efforts was the Type-12 Carrier Fighter, that is, the Type-0 Carrier Fighter's prototype.

Yoshika: Wow, dad really was great.

Sakamoto: Yes, indeed. And because of that, not only we, but the army too, was supplied sufficiently. And it's been like that until and after the 501st's base was built in Britannia as well.

Lynne: Wow, Yoshika's father was great!

Lucchini: Wow, Yoshika!

Shirley: I'd love to have met him! Perhaps he would be able to build a striker unit that could break the sound barrier!

Yoshika: Yeah... Dad...

Perrine: ...

Sakamoto: Something wrong, Perrine?

Perrine: No, nothing...

Sakamoto: Okay. Nowadays, they not only make engines for Shirley and Lynne's strikers in Britannia, but also for us from Fuso and for the Karlslanders.

Perrine: What about mine...?

Sakamoto: Well, unfortunately, yours come from somewhere else, so we have to send for that separately. But it's made in Hispania, so it's not really that much of a hassle.

Perrine: I see.

Shirley: Yeah, but still. A lot of spare parts are standardized, so just small repairs are usually pretty easy to get done.

Sakamoto: Indeed. It's much easier now than how it was with Sanya's striker unit in the beginning.

Minna: Yes, back then, we had Eila help us out getting spare parts from Suomus for it.

Yoshika: Wing Commander Minna!

Lynne: Are you finished already?

Minna: Yes, we have Barkhorn and Sanya on standby in the control room at the moment.

Eila: Why can't I be there with them!?

Shirley: Well... Because you'd just be in the way?

Eila: In the way for what!?

Sakamoto: Eila... You were the one who helped us out with getting the spare parts for Sanya's striker unit, right?

Eila: What? Oh, right. Yeah, we use striker units from a lot of different countries in Suomus, so we're able to repair most of them.

Yoshika: Wow, Suomus sounds great.

Eila: Right? Come on, praise us more!

Sakamoto: Right. Anyway, I met Air Vice-Marshal Galland while we were moving in and out of different Karlsland bases.

Minna: She was a Flight Lieutenant at the time, wasn't she?

Sakamoto: Yes. When I first met her, she was in a ground attack wing at first, but she always said she wanted to join a fighter wing.

Lynne/Yoshika: Ground attack wing?

Minna: You two have always just faced flying Neuroi, but there are ground-based versions in some places around Europe too.

Lucchini: Like the one we saw in Gallia!

Yoshika: Oh yes, I remember!

Lynne: We met one back when the 501st was disbanded!

Sakamoto: That's right. She was in a unit specialized in fighting those, but she wanted to fight against flying-types as well, so she got herself transferred.

Yoshika: I see...

Minna: At first, she was in JG 27, and then she moved to JG 26.

Perrine: I've heard about it. The JG 26 were stationed in my father's district in Pas-de-Calais during the evacuation.

Sakamoto: Yes, right. I was surprised to hear she was already a Wing Commander, leading her own fighter wing back then.

Minna: Oh, yes. It was around that time she was once shot down twice in a day, wasn't it?

Lucchini: No way!

Minna: Yes, she was downed in a battle against the Neuroi, but she walked back to base and sortied again at once.

Shirley: And then... she was shot down again?

Minna: Yes, but she just walked back to the base again. The higher ups were very surprised, but she was already a famous ace, and so she was the first Karlslander to receive the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords.

Yoshika: Oh, that's the same order as the one Hartmann has, isn't it?

Erica: ...Yeah, that's right...

Lynne: Was that Hartmann?

Erica: ...

Yoshika: ...She's still asleep.

Sakamoto: Anyway, as you can imagine, she is quite an interesting character.

Yoshika: ...Okay...

Minna: She's efficient, energetic, great at seeing the whole picture and also very interested in developing new equipment for us witches. All in all, an excellent superior officer who does all she can to protect the world.

Yoshika: She sounds amazing!

Minna: But she also really loves flying, and sometimes sneaks out to fight the Neuroi even now when she has become so important she doesn't have to.

Shirley: I think I understand why! I also get a feeling something's missing whenever I haven't flown in a while.

Lucchini: Me too! Flying is fun!

Sakamoto: I agree. We flying witches all love the sky. We are humans trying to be birds. And Air Vice-Marshal Galland is one of us, so she understands.

Minna: I think that's why she listened to our wish and helped us reform ”The Strike Witches”. She knows we, at least, understand her desire to fly.

Yoshika: I'll do my best!

Lynne: Me too!

Perrine: And me too!

Sakamoto: Yes, protecting the world is something only we witches can do. Never forget how many we have backing us up, for the sake of how many lives we're fighting.

Yoshika/Lynne: Yes!

Minna: Well then, dismissed!

Yoshika: Yes!

Lynne: Yoshika, perhaps we should continue with dinner?

Yoshika: Oh, yes! Thank you, Sakamoto!

Lucchini: Wait, octopus!

Sakamoto: Shirley, Eila. You two go ahead and help them out too.

Eila/Shirley: Roger!...

Erica: * yawn * Then, I'll he...

Minna: Mio...

Sakamoto: Yeah?

Minna: Haven't you told Miyafuji she was dishonorably discharged?

Sakamoto: No. It was written off now that she enlisted again, so I thought there was no need to tell her.

Minna: So it was due to disobeying orders and being absent without leave...

Sakamoto: I tried the best I could, but since it was a direct order from Maloney, I was unable to hush it all up.

Minna: We others were able to return to our home units when we were disbanded, but Miyafuji...

Sakamoto: We better make sure she doesn't hear about it.

Minna: If only the Trajanus Operation had succeeded...

Sakamoto: An experiment to set up communications with the Neuroi, huh?... But well, not only did it utterly fail, the members of the 504th were wounded and it resulted in a great blow to our forces.

Minna: Yes, we didn't even learn of why the Neuroi are here...

Sakamoto: Yeah... But we do know they are an enemy of mankind. That's enough for me.

Minna: You haven't changed much since you were stationed in Libau, have you?

Sakamoto: Hahaha. Humans don't change that easily!

Yoshika: Wing Commander Minna! Sakamoto! Dinner's ready!

Sakamoto: Yeah, coming!

Minna: Yes, we're on our way!

Sakamoto: It's alright, Minna. I won't die. I promise.

Minna: I believe you.

Track 03: Shimapafu Hour, Part 01

Lucchini: Hey, Shirley. I think Sanya and Eila went out somewhere...

Shirley: Oh? So the radio studio is empty?

Lucchini: Wanna do it?

Shirley: Yeah, let's do it.

Shirley: Lucchini, you sit over there.

Lucchini: Yeah! Hm, where's the on switch?

Shirley: I think it's this?

Lucchini: Hm... Aaa, aaa. Is it on?

Shirley: Test, test! Testing mic!

Lucchini: It's fine today!

Shirley: Oh, seems like it works! Alright...!

Shirley: ”Stripes” Lucchini and...

Lucchini: ”Boing boing” Shirley's...

Shirley/Lucchini: Shimapafu hour!

Shirley: Yes, this is ”shimapafu hour”, suddenly starting without any sort of preparations whatsoever! We're going to ad lib our way through this, people!

Lucchini: What! Seriously?

Shirley: Yep. It's not like we have any ideas about what to talk about, right?

Lucchini: Right. What about guests?

Shirley: I guess they'll turn up sooner or later.

Lucchini: Guess you're right. But what if we can't come up with any good jokes?

Shirley: Well, in that case, all we have to do is to say ”it's not possible!”. (Muri dana!)*

Lucchini: Hahaha! You're right!

Shirley: Hahaha! Right?

Lucchini: Hahaha! ”Not possible!” (Muri dana!)

Shirley: ”Oh, it's nothing!” Hahaha! (Nante koto nai tte!)*

Lucchini/Shirley: Hahahaha!

Lucchini: Haha... Shirley, are you alright?

Shirley: Yeah, I'm fine. Hah, I laughed myself to tears..

Lucchini: I got a little worried!

Shirley: Sorry, sorry! So anyway, what should we talk about?

Lucchini: Hm, well... ”What's for lunch tomorrow”!

Shirley: ”How to mend a bike”!

Lucchini: ”How to cook delicious Romagnan cuisine”!

Shirley: ”How to tune a striker unit”!

Lucchini: ”Comparing how it feels to touch the witches' boobs!”

Shirley: ”How to sneak out of the base without getting caught”!

Lucchini: ”How to examine the advantages and disadvantages of using hit and run tactics in dogfighting on high altitudes in Romagnan produced striker units from an aerodynamic perspective.” I know I'm not very specific, but...

Shirley: Wha-... what?

Lucchini: Hm? I wasn't able to be very specific.

Shirley: Didn't you just blurt out something really strange?

Lucchini: You sure you're not just imagining things?

Shirley: Really?

Lucchini: Yeah!

Shirley: ..Haha... Okay. But I have to say it's difficult to come up with something to talk about without guests.

Lucchini: Haha! Yeah, but even if a guest turned up, we haven't prepared any questions or anything anyway!

Shirley: Oh crap! You're right!

Lucchini: Right?

Shirley: You're so clever, Lucchini!

Lucchini: We're not doing fortunetelling or life counseling either, after all!

Shirley: I didn't realize! Alright, let's come up with good segments for the show.

Lucchini: I have one! ”Comparing the engine sounds of striker units”!

Shirley: Hm, I think I've heard of that one somewhere before!

Lucchini: Then how about asking the listeners from where they are tuning in to this show?

Shirley: We're not night witches!

Lucchini: Well then, you'll just have to sing!

Shirley: Why me!?

Lucchini: I can play an instrument, and... wait... instrument...? Hmm...

Shirley: What's wrong, Lucchini?

Lucchini: Come to think of it, I've never played an instrument!

Shirley: Hahaha! Oh Lucchini, you're hopeless!

Lucchini: Hahaha! Yeah, I am!

Shirley/Lucchini: Hahaha!

Lucchini: ”Can't play an instrument!”

Shirley/Lucchini: Hahaha!

Lucchini: Aaah... I'm tired.

Shirley: Yeah, me too. I didn't know doing a radio show made you this tired.

Lucchini: And we can't even decide on any segments!

Shirley: I guess we'll have to bring a guest with us next time.

Lucchini: No, you're supposed to go ”This is impossible!” there! (Muri dana!)

Shirley: Oh, right. Well then. Next time...

Shirley/Lucchini: ...We'll have to bring a guest or ”it won't be possible!” (Muri dana!)

  • They're making fun of Eila's catchphrases.

Track 04: Episode 7.1(After s1e7): After ”Nice and Breezy” Part A

Minna: We will now hold Flying Officer Erica Hartmann's award ceremony. Flying Officer Hartmann, you are hereby presented this award for your meritorious deeds and exceptional military achievements in the 501st Joint Fighter Wing.

Yoshika: Aah!

Lucchini: Iiiaah!

Everyone: Aaah!!

Minna: Everyone is celebrating your success!

Erica: Yes!

Minna: Congratulations, Flying Officer Hartmann!

Erica: Thank you very much!

Lucchini: Those are my pants!!

Yoshika: Strike Witches Episode 7.1 : After ”Nice and Breezy”

Trude: Hartmann! So you were the culprit behind all this trouble! How could you, as a soldier of Karlsland, clad yourself in some else's uniform? You should be ashamed!

Erica: I just did it because you messed up all my stuff this morning!

Trude: Are you saying this was my fault!?

Erica: Yeah I am! I'm sure they were there before that!

Trude: How would you know!? You were sleeping!

Erica: But I'm sure they were there before I went to sleep!

Shirley: Still, taking Lucchini's pants like that...

Lucchini: So mean!! My striped...

Erica: Besides, it was breezy!

Trude: You can't just take them because it's breezy! Didn't you have any else? Like the pants you got when you received your oak leaves?

Erica: I don't remember were I put them!

Trude: Argh, this is so lamenting!

Minna: Yes, yes. So in other words, Hartmann was the one behind all this, am I right?

Sakamoto: I guess this is what is meant by ”The mountains have brought forth a mouse”.

Yoshika: You think...?

Sakamoto: Did you know, Miyafuji?

Yoshika: Yes!?

Sakamoto: This saying originated from Aesop's fables. It was invented in Fuso when Aesop's fables started getting told there.

Yoshika: How is that related to what has happened here now?

Sakamoto: It's not!

Yoshika: What!?

Minna: As punishment, you're not allowed to go with everyone the next two times we leave the base.

Erica: What!?

Sakamoto: At least it's better than solitary confinement, right?

Erica: I'd have preferred to get confined in my room. Then I could sleep it through.

Trude: That wouldn't have been much of a punishment!

Minna: Then how about we give you one potato less for dinner?

Erica: What!? No! No! No!!

Trude: Well then, this might be a good opportunity. I say: Clean your room!

Erica: But I might forget where I've put stuff if I clean up!

Trude: You don't have to worry about that as long as you do it tidily and orderly!

Erica: Well, show me how it's done, then!

Trude: Alright, I'll show you how orderly a true soldier of Karlsland... Yeah! As if I'd do that!

Erica: Bah. ...Hey, Miyafuji? Will you help me out?

Yoshika: ...What? Me?

Erica: Yeah. You and Lynne seem like people who likes to keep things clean. And you're good at cleaning and such, aren't you?

Yoshika: Hahaha, you think so?

Lynne: Yoshika, you're falling for her trick...

Yoshika: Well, the Neuroi hasn't attacked much lately, so I guess we could help out with cleaning your room...

Erica: Did you hear that, Trude? Miyafuji will help me out!

Trude: What! Oh, well in that case... I guess I'll help out to.

Erica: Nihihi...

Minna: I see. Then, we will now carry out ”Operation clean Flying Officer Hartmann's room”

Everyone: What!?

Lynne: Yoshika?

Yoshika: Yeah, Lynne?

Lynne: How come everyone is helping out with tidying the room?

Yoshika: Yeah, I wondered about that too. There shouldn't be a need for so many people when it's only about one room, right?

Trude: You're too naive, Miyafuji.

Yoshika: Wha!

Trude: Hartmann's room is like a Neuroi hive, a lair of evil where things that slip in never come out.

Erica: That's so mean! And not true at all!

Sakamoto: Yes, you have a point about that room. I borrowed a bunch of construction workers to clean it out thoroughly once, but it was back to its usual state after only three hour.

Erica: Aha! So that was you! It took me a whole week to find all my stuff after that!

Yoshika: Just how messy is that room...?

Lynne: I'm starting to get scared...

Lucchini: My room is pretty clean!

Yoshika: Lucchini!

Eila: That's just because you never use it!

Lucchini: That's not true! I go in there like once every six months!

Lynne: One time every six months?

Sanya: I haven't been in my own room much lately either...

Eila: S-sanya!

Yoshika: How come?

Sanya: Lately, I'm mostly in Eila's-...

Eila: Oh look, we're there!

Minna: Yes, we have arrived at Flying Officer Hartmann's room.

Minna: Alright. Squadron Leader Sakamoto will lead team 1, Flight Lieutenant Barkhorn will lead team 2, and Flight Lieutenant Shirley will take care of team 3. All teams are to sort the things they have been assigned to, check with Flying Officer Hartmann, and then put them in either the box for things to keep or the box for things to be thrown away. Once that is done, we will proceed to actually clean the room.

Everyone: Roger!

Sakamoto: Alright! Team 1, gather here! Roll-call!

Perrine: One, Perrine Clostermann!

Yoshika: Two, Miyafuji Yoshika!

Sakamoto: Good. Listen up! On an aircraft carrier, it is possible even something as trivial as a small screw lying littered on deck can cause aircrafts to break down. Although we have shields, it is possible small objects get sucked into the air vent, causing damage to the magical engine. That is why we must always be very careful when we are cleaning, and find even the smallest pieces lying around. It is same with this room. Take this mission on as if your lives are depending on it, and get the area we are in charge of clean and tidy!

Perrine: Roger!

Yoshika: Yes!

Sakamoto: Good. Get to it!

Trude: As expected of the Squadron Leader. She really gets into this, despite it just being about cleaning. We can not lose to her! Listen! There is a saying in our country - ”Order is half of life”. If you want to do something properly, it is important to keep everything around you in order, so that you have full control over where everything is. This also applies to dogfighting. Knowing your allies' and enemies' positions, as well as knowing what weapons are being used, are both important keys to victory. Alright! Get to it!

Lynne/Sanya: Roger!

Shirley: Umm... Seems like the two other teams really are into this, but I think we should just do it at our own pace. I can't take something like this that seriously. I mean sure, keeping things tidy and orderly is important and all, but your private room is also supposed to be a place where you can relax, right?

Eila: Why am I not in the same team as Sanya!?

Lucchini: Haha! This room is fun! So many strange toys!

Shirley: 'Kay! Start!

Lucchini: Yahoo! Haha! Oh, look at this strange thing!

Sanya: This is rotten...

Yoshika: There are sprouts coming out of this potato...!

Perrine: Really... Karlslanders are so...!

Eila: Sanya! Sanya~!!

Lynne: Cleaning~ Cleaning~!

Minna: Everyone is tidying up really well.

Erica: I really think it was fine as it was.

Minna: No it wasn't! A group of journalists will come here tomorrow to gather information, so everything has to look nice!

Erica: I won't die just from having no pants!

Minna: But what if you catch a cold since it's breezy?

Erica: * sneeze *

Minna: See?

Yoshika: Hartmann, do you want to keep this?

Erica: Oh, I've been looking for that! Thanks for finding it for me, Miyafuji!

Minna: Alright, so this is something you want to keep.

Perrine: What in the world is this supposed to be? It just has to be trash.

Erica: Oh! That's very precious!

Perrine: What!? It just looks like a huge dust bunny to me.

Erica: Look! * blows *

Perrine: Aah! * cough * So much dust!

Minna: Open the window!

Yoshika: Will do!

Lynne: Yoshika, watch out!

Eila: Miyafuji, that's my hand!

Lucchini: Nihihi, I'm taking off...! Aaah!!

Lynne: Aah!! Lucchini just jumped out of the window!

Yoshika: What!! This is the third floor!

Lucchini: Woah!

Yoshika: Lucchini!

Lucchini: ...I'm alright!

Shirley: Why did you do that!?

Lucchini: There was so much dust... So I... just did it.

Perrine: What kind of reason is that!? Really...

Sakamoto: * cough * We won't get much cleaning done like this...

Minna: You're right...

Trude: We've been doing this for an hour, yet we still haven't even progressed one meter! How long time will it take to get rid of this mountain?

Minna: We should at least start by finding her pants...

Yoshika: Excuse me, but... Would it be possible to find them with someone's special ability?

Sakamoto: I can't do it with my magical eye.

Minna: Yes, it would be difficult to pin-point anything like that.

Yoshika: What about you, Sanya?

Sanya: No, I'm sorry...

Lynne: What about Eila's precognition ability?

Eila: The only thing you can find out with that is whether we'll find it or not...

Perrine: Well, it is better than nothing, is it not?

Eila: Really...?

Minna: Yes, you're right. Eila, please try.

Eila: Alright, fine. Here we go... Hmm... This is...

Yoshika: What did you get?

Eila: The Fool in reverse position.

Lynne: What does that mean?

Eila: Well, the card depicts a trickster...

Yoshika: Trickster?

Perrine: It's a character that stirs up commotions and like to plays pranks. For example, you've all heard of the elf called Puck, correct?

Lynne: Oh yes! ”A Midsummer Night's Dream”!

Yoshika: Wow Lynne, you know a lot!

Lynne: It's nothing spectacular, it's a Britannian story, after all!

Eila: Are you going to listen to what I have to say or not?

Lynne/Yoshika: Sorry!

Eila: Basically, the Fool is very powerful, but it doesn't care so much about social status, material belongings, or other things it finds unimportant.

Sakamoto: Hahaha, feels like I've heard of someone like that before...

Trude: Yes, I feel the same.

Erica: What's that supposed to mean?

Minna: And what does it mean, since it's reversed?

Eila: Things like ”Acting carelessly”, ”wrong direction”, ”idleness” and ”acting on a whim”.

Trude: Now it sounds even more familiar...

Minna: What a coincidence... I feel the same.

Sakamoto: Eila's fortunetelling really is something to count on.

Erica: Somehow, it feels like everyone is really making fun of me...!

Minna: It's just your imagination.

Sakamoto: Yes indeed. After all, we're just trying to find your pants here!

Erica: Really?

Trude: So, what does the card tell us about the location of the pants?

Eila: Frankly...

Lynne/Yoshika: Frankly...?

Eila: They're not in this room!

Everyone: What!?

Track 05: Episode 7.1(After s1e7): After ”Nice and Breezy” Part B

Sakamoto: Alright, so, we've returned to the mess hall to work on a proper plan...

Yoshika: I'll make some tea!

Lynne: I'll help!

Shirley: Lucchini still hasn't come back...

Perrine: Hmph, what a selfish little girl.

Trude: What should we do now, Minna?

Minna: Yes... Well, just looking for them without a strategy seems pointless. We better come up with a good plan first.

Sakamoto: I agree. We should analyze the pattern of Hartmann's usual behavior to get a picture of where they might be, and then we can search those places through thoroughly.

Shirley: So... If this operation turns out to take a long time, could I perhaps go fetch Lucchini?

Minna: Hm? Oh yes, sure. Just hurry back.

Shirley: Roger!

Eila: Yeah, and Sanya looks pretty tired...

Sanya: * sleeping sounds *

Minna: Oh yes. And there's the night patrol tonight, so you two are allowed to leave as well.

Eila: Okay!

Sanya: ...

Eila: Come here, Sanya. We better go.

Erica: I also have to go to prepare!

Trude: You're the one this whole thing is about!

Erica: Bah.

Sakamoto: First, we need to find out when the last time we saw the pants was.

Minna: You had them on when you left the mess hall yesterday evening, hadn't you?

Erica: Yeah, I did.

Trude: But you didn't have them on when you were sleeping.

Erica: Yeah...

Sakamoto: So, where did you take them off?

Erica: In my room, I guess?

Trude: Yes, but according to Eila, they're not there.

Perrine: Are you really going to trust something as unscientific as her fortunetelling?

Minna: We need all the clues we can get.

Sakamoto: Right. We should first act on the premise that the fortunetelling was correct, and exclude all options we have given that first.

Perrine: If you say so, Squadron Leader...

Trude: What did you do after having eaten dinner yesterday?

Erica: Well... I went to take a bath and... oh yes, I met Miyafuji there.

Sakamoto: Hey! Miyafuji!

Yoshika: Yes!? The tea is ready! ... What is it, Sakamoto? You wanted green tea, right?

Sakamoto: Yeah, thanks. * sip * I mean, no! I heard you met Hartmann in the bath last night?

Yoshika: Yes, I was there with Lynne, and then Hartmann came skipping in. Right, Lynne?

Minna: And was Hartmann wearing pants at the time?

Yoshika: But no, Minna. Hartmann might be strange, but she wouldn't wear pants in the bath!

Trude: No, we're talking about when she left the bath.

Yoshika: Oh, right.

Perrine: Really, have you already forgotten why we are gathered here like this?

Yoshika: Hehehe...

Lynne: She left before we did, and I didn't really watch her carefully, but...

Minna: But?

Lynne: I think she wore them when she left the dressing room.

Trude: I see... So they're not in the bath. What's next?

Erica: * snore *

Trude: Don't sleep!!

Erica: Whaat?

Trude: So. And after the bath...?

Erica: Well... Umm...

Minna: Where did you go after having taken a bath?

Erica: I went back to my room... and went to sleep.

Sakamoto: Hm. So you took of your pants in your room?

Erica: Hmm...


Erica: * snore *

Trude: Don't go to sleep!!

Erica: But it's so warm! I get sleepy!

Trude: You can sleep once we've found your pants! You'll just have to stay awake until then.

Erica: What! No no no! I don't want to!

Trude: Doesn't matter, you have to!

Erica: Trude you tyrant!

Trude: What!? Whose fault is this to begin with!?

Erica: Yours!

Trude: Why!?

Erica: Because it's your fault my pants are gone!

Trude: No it's not! It's because you don't keep your things in order!

Erica: Just take yesterday as an example, I took my pants off, and... oh?

Minna: What's wrong?

Erica: Let's see... I took them off... oh?

Trude: Tell us!

Erica: Just be quiet, I think I'm about to remember... I took them off... and... ah! I remember!

Trude: Where are they!?

Erica: I asked someone to wash them for me!

Trude: Who!?

Erica: Miyafuji.

Yoshika: What? Oh, yes. After she had taken a bath, she asked me to wash them for her...

Minna: Where did you hang them to dry?

Yoshika: I didn't want the fabric to get damaged, so I hung them up to dry in the shade in the back garden, but...

Everyone: In the back garden!?

Trude: Hurry!

Sakamoto: Wait, Barkhorn!

Yoshika: ...So it was those pants it was all about, was it, Lynne...?

Lynne: I didn't realize it either...

Perrine: You two are really such...! I hope you feel sorry!

Trude: This is the quickest way to the backside, correct?

Sakamoto: Should we split up into two groups?

Minna: Negative. There's a single target, we go in in close formation.

Lucchini: Hey everyone, the...!

Trude: Later, Lucchini!

Shirley: What's going on?

Lucchini: But I saw Hartmann's pants over there...!


Trude: Where did you spot them, Pilot Officer Lucchini?

Lucchini: Ah... umm...

Minna: Answer us, now!

Lucchini: Aah... Over there...

Trude/Minna: Over there!?

Trude: Found them!!

Minna: Yes, we finally found them!

Sakamoto: Really, that was quite a hassle!

Lucchini: Yeah, but was it really necessary? Couldn't you just have asked them send a new pair?

Minna/Trude/Sakamoto: Oh...

Track 06: Shimapafu Hour Part 02

Shirley: So, we are currently searching through the base after someone we can catch and use as guest in our radio show.

Lucchini: Yeah, we gotta catch someone.

Shirley: Ooh, someone is over there. Go, Lucchini!

Lucchini: * strange sound *

Perrine: Wha-what are you doing!

Lucchini: Oh. Just a consolation prize.

Perrine: Who are you calling consolation prize!?

Lucchini: * sigh *

Shirley: How did it go?

Lucchini: It was a consolation prize, so I released her.

Shirley: Oh I see... Well, I guess you had to. So, we should find ourselves one that isn't a consolation prize... Oh. How about Lynne?

Lucchini: ! If we catch Lynne, Yoshika will probably go with her, so we'd be killing two birds with one stone!

Shirley: Yeah! Right! So let's go catch Lynne!

Lucchini: Yeah! Lynne? Where are you?

Shirley: Lynne, where are you?

Lucchini: Lynne!

Shirley: Hey! Lynne!!

Lucchini: Lynne, Lynne!

Shirley: Where are you?

Lucchini: Lylylylylylylynne!

Shirley: Is she here?

Lucchini: Lynne!

Shirley: No, not here...

Lucchini: Hmm...

Shirley: How strange! We can't find her anywhere!

Sakamoto: What are you two doing?

Lucchini: Oh, the Squadron Leader.

Shirley: Squadron Leader Sakamoto, have you seen Lynne anywhere?

Sakamoto: Lynne? She's not on duty, so I think she and Miyafuji went out somewhere.

Shirley/Lucchini: Whaat!?

Sakamoto: Hahaha, why don't you to join me in my training if you have some time over?

Lucchini: No thanks!

Shirley: ???

Sakamoto: Hey! Don't run away!


Lucchini: We should have just settled with the consolation prize!

Shirley: Yeah, you're right! Or wait... Couldn't we just have asked Squadron Leader Sakamoto to be our guest?

Sakamoto/Perrine: * training *

Sakamoto: Perrine! Put more force into it!

Perrine: Yes, Squadron Leader!

Shirley: No good. They're training.

Lucchini: Aww. Then who should we ask?

Shirley: Well, perhaps we should just do it without a guest...

Lucchini: But we can't come up with anything to say!

Shirley: Okay, so first we decide on what it should be about.

Lucchini: Yeah, you're right. We should start there. Hm. Hmm... Hmhmhmhmhmmm...

Shirley: Hmmmm.... What to do...

Lucchini: Hmmm....

Shirley: Hmmm...

Lucchini/Shirley: Hmmmmmmmmmiiiii...!!

Shirley: Hahaha, can't think of anything!

Lucchini: Nope, me neither!

Shirley: Come to think of it, isn't Eila kind of cheating with her fortunetelling?

Lucchini: Yeah. I mean, everyone has things that troubles them, and even if it doesn't really turn out to help, it just makes you think ”well, that's how it is”.

Shirley: Well then... perhaps we should try it out too?

Lucchini: Really...? ...oh!

Shirley: Oh!...

Lucchini/Shirley: No way! (Muri dana!)

Track 07 : Episode 5.05 (Inside story to s2e5) Shimapafu Hour – My Romagna edition

Lucchini: Strike Witches 2, Episode 5.05: Shimapafu Hour – My Romagna edition.

Minna: Well then Shirley, Lucchini, Miyafuji. Good luck on Operation: Special supply delivery.

All three: Yes!

Lynne: Be careful!

Yoshika: We will!

Lynne: Come back in one piece...

Shirley: * hums *

Yoshika: I wish Lynne could have come with us...

Shirley: I can't believe we ran out of food!

Lucchini: Didn't we get a lot of potatoes delivered just the other day?

Shirley: Yeah, but Barkhorn and Hartmann has already finished most of it... Besides, we need more things than just potatoes...

Yoshika: Yes indeed. We need rice...

Shirley: I'm more interested in getting some meat.

Lucchini: I want pasta!

Yoshika: Let's buy some of that too then!

Lucchini: Nihi... Just buy some flour and I'll make it!

Yoshika: You can make your own pasta, Lucchini?

Lucchini: Yep! I've helped mamma make some before!

Shirley: Nice! I'm counting on you then, Lucchini!

Lucchini: Sure! ...Ah! Hey, Shirley. Isn't this the perfect time to do that?

Shirley: That?

Lucchini: You know! We even have a guest here and everything!

Shirley: Ooh! You mean that! ...”Stripes” Lucchini and...

Lucchini: ”Boing boing” Shirley's...

Yoshika: W-wha-what?

Lucchini: * sigh * Yoshika... You have to do this with us...!

Shirley: That's right, Miyafuji!

Yoshika: B-but what am I supposed to do?

Shirley: Oh, yeah. We have to change the order.

Lucchini: Oh, right. Okay Yoshika, you say ”And ”Boing boing” Shirley's...”!

Yoshika: Ehm, okay. I don't really get it, but I've got it!

Lucchini: Alright, let's do it!

Shirley: ”Stripes” Lucchini and...

'Yoshika:' ”Boing boing” Shirley and...

Lucchini: ”Totally flat” Miyafuji's...

Shirley/Lucchini: Shimapafupeta Hour!

Yoshika: What do you mean by ”Totally flat”!?

Shirley/Lucchini: Hahahaha!! ”Flat” Hahaha!

Yoshika: Argh! What is this about!?

Lucchini: See, we're doing a radio show called ”Shimapafu Hour”

Shirley: Well, we've only done it one time so far though!

Shirley/Lucchini: Hahaha!

Yoshika: Hehehe... And?

Lucchini: Well, it will take a while before we reach Rome, so I was thinking we could perhaps do a special for it now? Hey, something's closing in on us from behind?

Yoshika: It's a red sports car! Cool!

Shirley: Wow! That's a Lombarda 8C2900B with a 2905cc straight-eight engine, 180 hp! It's the greatest sports car in the world, hogging all places on the prize podium for the Mille Miglia!

Lucchini: Ah! watch out, Shirley!

Shirley: Whoa, that's dangerous!

Car: * honk honk *

Shirley: Come on, I am moving! Agh! Smoke...!

Everyone: * cough cough *

Yoshika: How can he drive so carelessly! He might cause an accident!

Shirley: You're quite right. I think he needs a little scolding.

Lucchini: Yay! You're gonna do it?

Shirley: Hehe... Yeah, I'm gonna do it. Hold on tight, you two! Time to hit the gas!

Yoshika: What!?

Shirley: Turbo on! Full speed ahead!!

Lucchini: Goo!!

Yoshika: Aaaah!!

Lucchini: Yahoo!!

Yoshika: Aah! Shirley, we're going to...!

Shirley: This isn't enough!

Yoshika: Aaaahhh!! Fall!!!

Shirley: Don't talk, you'll just bite your tongue!

Yoshika: But we were...!

Lucchini: This is fun!

Yoshika: Aaaahh!!

Shirley: Oh! I see him!

Lucchini: Go, Shirley!

Yoshika: Ah! He sped up!

Lucchini: Don't let him escape, Shirley!

Shirley: You can count on me!

Yoshika: Whoa, we're going even faster!

Lucchini: Yahooi!!

Yoshika: Aah!! Cliff!!

Shirley: Just watch this... Special technique: Breaking drift!!

Yoshika: Aah! Some of our tires are not on the ground!!

Shirley: It's alright as long as I can balance out our weight!

Lucchini: Yay, we passed him!

Shirley: Hey you! You should drive more carefully in the future!

Yoshika: Wow! We caught up with a sports car!?

Shirley: If we were just going straight, that car could reach speeds around 150 mph, but going uphill like this, it can't go faster than around 60. And we're sitting on way more hp.

Yoshika: Shirley! We've already passed them, so please slow down!

Shirley: No, no! Not yet! Hehehehe!

Yoshika: Aah! Didn't you just say something about safe driving!? Aaaaahh!!

Yoshika: ...I feel sick.

Lucchini: Hahaha!

Shirley: Haha, do you think we went a little too fast?

Yoshika: A little!? We were going incredibly fast all the time!

Lucchini: It's always like this when Shirley drives.

Yoshika: Oh, I see... That's why Lynne didn't want to go with us. Why didn't she tell me!?

Lucchini: Come on, Yoshika! Let's continue with the Shimapafu Hour show!

Yoshika: Please, no... I don't feel well.

Lucchini: Come on, come on!

Yoshika: No way... (muri)

Lucchini/Shirley: That's what we thought! (dana!)

Yoshika: W-what?

Lucchini/Shirley: Hahaha!

Yoshika: What was that supposed to be!?

Lucchini: ”No way~!” (Muri dana!)

Yoshika: Whaat!?

Lucchini/Shirley: Hahaha!

Yoshika: Come on, tell me!