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Due to some Strike Witches setting or history information being subject to change, this page might be inaccurate, incomplete or outdated.

Historical timeline.

The World Witches universe takes place in an alternate universe. Some of the people and events in this universe remains the same as in real-life, but some were subject to change. Also, completely original elements have also been introduced by the author.

It is believed, but not proved, that the existence of Witches heavily influenced in the course of history in this universe. Witches play an important role in history by assisting mankind in fighting monsters with their magical abilities.

Most of the references used here are from the Strike Witches Fan Book.

Expanded Timeline

The following timeline follows the Before Caesar (BC) calendar.

Translated historical timeline

Listing of events from the anime and other source media

  • 1936: Joint development of Striker Units begins in Britannia
    Miyafuji Ichiro goes to Europe
    July; small-scale emergence of Kaii in Hispania
    The prototypes of new model Strikers that adopt the Miyafuji Theory are completed in many countries
    The Fuso Army officially adopts the Ki-27
  • 1937: July; outbreak of the "Fuso Sea Incident", in which Kaii emerged in Fuso's offshore sea and the Fuso Navy Fleet carried out a meeting engagement
    July 7; as Witches of the Fuso military enter in battle, Sakamoto Mio and Takei Junko volunteer to become Witches
    August; the Fuso Navy gives orders for the trial manufacture of the 12-shi Carrier Fighter Legs
    Adolfine Galland participates of the Fuso Sea Incident as an observing officer
  • 1938: In many nations, the mass-production of Striker Units that adopt the Miyafuji Theory gets up to speed.
    Witches display a great performance in the Fuso Sea Incident. Hispanian forces destroy a Neuroi in cape Palos (Almeria).
  • 1939: August 18; a notice about Dr. Miyafuji Ichiro's accidental death reaches the Miyafuji family
    September 1; Neuroi begin the sudden invasion of Ostmark (outbreak of the Second Neuroi War)
    Same month; Ostmark falls
    October; the European Dispatch Corps departs from Fuso
    Sakamoto and Takei are transferred together to the Libau base as part of the Ken'ou (遣欧) Fleet
    November 10; formation of the Suomus Independent Volunteer Air Squadron (Misfits Squadron)
    November 30; Neuroi begin the invasion of Suomus (Winter War)
  • 1940: January(?); Slussen falls
    February 5; Slussen recaptured
    March(?); a copy of mechanized air infantry by the Neuroi emerges in the outskirts of the Kauhava base in Suomus. Brainwashing, intelligence gathering and skill absorption abilities are confirmed
    Longest Evacuation War begins
    May; Operation Small Bifrost is implemented - the populace is evacuated from the suburbs of Berlin
    June; the Karlsland Imperial House evacuates from Berlin - the Elbe River's defensive war begins
    September; Neuroi invades Egypt
  • 1941: January; Operation Great Bifrost is implemented - a large-scale evacuation war from Karlsland unfolds
    May 26; Operation Dynamo begins - Karlsland, Berlin falls
  • Late May/Early June? - Libau falls/Sakamoto Mio gets injured and sent back to Fuso.
    June; Paris falls - establishment of a provisional Gallian government in Vichy
    Minna , Barkhorn and Hartmann retreat to Britannia
    Perrine and Sanya retreat to Britannia
    June; Operation Barbarossa begins - a counteroffensive from the northern districts towards the north of Orussia
    Operation Typhoon is implemented - a counteroffensive from the Black Sea area and the Orient towards the center of Orussia
    Petersburg liberated
    Tsaritsyn liberated
    Summer; the organization of Joint Fighter Wings by the Allied Forces begins
    Formation of the 31st Joint Fighter Squadron Africa
    Winter; interruption of Operation Barbarossa and Operation Typhoon
  • 1942: Summer; Battle of Halfaya Pass
  • 1943: May 22; Air Commodore Adolfine Galland performs a test-flight with the Me 262
    Afterwards, she proposes its manufacture in an imperial conference and Frederick IV accepts it
  • 1944: Miyafuji Yoshika receives a letter from the late Dr. Miyafuji Ichiro
    Miyafuji Yoshika goes to Britannia
    Roughly one month later than the above; Miyafuji Yoshika enlists in the 501st Joint Fighter Wing
    August 16~18; a Neuroi that mimicries Witches appears
    September; the Neuroi are annihilated from the entire Gallia and the 501st JFW is disbanded
  • 1945: March; Miyafuji Yoshika and Yamakawa Michiko graduate from Yokosuka 4th Girls-only Middle School
    Miyafuji Yoshika once again receives a letter from the late Dr. Miyafuji Ichiro
    Spring; a gigantic Neuroi's hive appears in the Romagna's airspace. The 504th Joint Fighter Wing engages it and becomes out-of-combat
    Same Spring; Miyafuji Yoshika and Sakamoto Mio depart to Europe in a large-sized flying boat
    The 501st JFW is reformed under the orders of the Allied Forces General Headquarters
    May 16; Minna is awarded with a Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes mit Eichenlaub und Schwertern due achieving a shot-down record of 200 units
    July; The Neuroi are completely annihilated from the Venezia and Romagna airspace. The 501st JFW once again disbands and Miyafuji Yoshika uses up all her magic power in this battle