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Intermission – Sleeping Beauty


A breeze swept over the ocean as the sky gradually began to brighten.

Shouldering her Fliegerhammer, Sanya was returning to base having finished a night patrol.

Everyone else was still sleeping soundly. Except perhaps Sakamoto, who should be wide awake and in the middle of her morning training.

Naturally, Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen was still in bed.


Each of the witches' rooms differed slightly in their atmosphere, this was especially true for Eila's room.

A statue with creepy face, bookshelves lined with suspicious books... a crystal ball, a flower bowl... things like these could be seen all over the place.

One might suspect that their intended use was black magic rather than fortune telling.

And on top of all that, a magic circle was even depicted on the floor. All considered; it was like walking onto the set of a horror film.

Without warning, the door to that forbidden room silently began to open, as someone soundlessly came trespassing.

The intruder then approached the bed where Eila was sleeping unnoticed.

And then...

Fhwop. The intruder suddenly flopped down next to Eila's sleeping figure.

“Uwaa! wh, what!”

Awakening with startled eyes, and jumping up from the bed...


The girl who was already sleeping soundly on the bed beside her, was Sanya; in nothing but her underwear.

“Jeez, how could she mistake our rooms?” Eila let out a sigh of relief, and scratched her head.

“Unyuu~ ...Suu~ ...”

Lying on her front with her head turned to one side, Sanya was already in deep sleep.

“Cheh~ Just for today then...”

Eila carefully crept out from the bed.

Then, looking down before her feet...


Sanya's discarded clothes were scattered about on the floor.


With a fleeting glance back towards the bed;

“Jeez, uuh~ It's really just for today alright...”

While saying so, Eila joyfully got down on her knees to collect up and fold Sanya's clothes for her.

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