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Intermission – Sleeping Beauty Part Two

“A bothersome person... will appear unexpectedly, hmm?”

It was nearly dawn. Unable to sleep, Eila had set out her tarot cards on top of the bed.

“An unexpected Neuroi assault? Or perhaps...”

Yoshika's optimistic smile unintentionally surfaced in her mind.

Recently, Yoshika had become quite close with Sanya.

To Eila; who had always taken pride in understanding Sanya's troubles, this was a little disconcerting.

“But, that girl, she's actually a good person I guess.”

What's up with her anyway?

As Eila brooded on the matter... *Kacha.

The door quietly opened, and Sanya entered the room with a cute yawn after her night patrol. *fhuraa~

“Eh!” ...It's here!


“...that can't be right. That's not right! That's not right at all! ...Sanya! I don't think you're a bothersome person or anything like that, not at all!”

Immediately feeling terrible about her prediction, Eila began to tidy up her tarot cards in a panic.

“Th, these things, aren't accurate at all! This isn't unexpected in the slightest right? Sanya being half asleep and mistaking our rooms; it always happens... aah what am I saying~!”

Eila's frantic attempts to smooth things over went completely unnoticed by Sanya; who was throwing off her clothes like always, then just collapsed onto the bed.

“.......I get it.”

Eila let out a sigh, and casually expelled a card from the ones in her hand.

“I get it~ Sanya! It says; half asleep! That explains it, and why you didn't hear me!”

After kicking up a fuss for a while, Eila was starting to feel a bit drained.

“...Haa~ I'm tired.”

She picked up and neatly folded the clothes, before adjusting Sanya's sleeping posture and slipping into bed with her.

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