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Kobayashi Sadae (小村定恵) is a Witch of the 508th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Fuso and attached with the Fuso Imperial Navy. She has a tall physique that is not outdone by the Liberians and a personality that is perpetually largehearted and deeply humane.


Since the outbreak of the war, Sadae was on board of the third warship of the European Dispatch Fleet - the Shoukaku. It was then arranged for her to be sent together with said mothership to the 508th Joint Fighter Wing. However, the Shoukaku got damaged and had to return to Fuso to undergo repairs.

Sadae was supposed to remain on the Shoukaku as always, but because Wing Commander Thach from Liberion is a staff officer who rarely fly, she was sent on the Enterprise in an attempt to balance the military strength. This was due to regards that she would not be physically overshadowed by the Liberians and that her personality was also easy-going. This selection turned out to be a success and Sadae soon deepened an unreserved friendship with Flight Lieutenant Harris.