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Kullamas Blengkam (クラマース・ブレンガーム, Kuramasu Burenkamu, กุลลมาศ) is a Witch from Siamro. Her nickname is "Broi" (which means gem).


She is a former member of Siamro Kingdom 16th Squadron. At this time, her only war result was a shared shot down of a small type Neuroi, and she was sent out to study.

In October 1943, she was simultaneously promoted to Sergeant and reassigned to the Suomus Independent Volunteer Air Squadron. Even though she played an active role in defeating the "Cylinder" in April 1944, the battle report was classified and her home country was not informed. Although she went missing during the battle of May 1944 and was thought to have been killed in action, she returned to her unit's base "on the back of a reindeer". She participated in the attack against the "Tower" in June. She was promoted to Flight Sergeant in July 1944.


Light Novel


  • Her ace archetype is Kamrop Blengkam.
  • On her profile picture, it is written "I'm the newest recruit", and ""Is she one of our fellow Asian brethren?" Naoe said surprised".