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Laura Vilhelmina Nissinen (ラウラ・ヴィルヘルミーナ・ニッシネン) is a veteran witch of the Suomus Air Force's 24th fighter squadron.


Nissinen is a leader who keeps new recruits in order, in some respect she is similar to Flight Lieutenant Hanna Wind. Her status as a member of the Suomus elite, the members of which can be counted on two hands, is testament to her skills as a witch. She is one of the recipients of the Mannerheim Cross, the highest possible honor Suomus army can give to its most distinguished witches, like Eila and Hanna.

In the field of combat she is a calm, daring and resolute hunter, often speaking very little, she tends to act first and talk after. To newly recruited witches she is very strict, and can be seen as a demon-like instructor.

In the early summer months of 1944, Nissinen lost control of her Striker Unit in battle. She clipped her close flying friend and crashed. Due to this misfortunate accident, she suffered serious injuries leaving her temporarily unable to fight, though she eventually returned to the front lines.


Deadpan and plainspoken, Laura gives off the impression of someone who is hard to approach. On the contrary, she has a rather reclined attitude and she amuses herself with silly pranks. She enjoys being a part of recreational activities and games, being a social person at heart rather than reclusive.

She has an extraordinarily good poker face for card games and the like. When her unreadable expressions are combined with Eila's proficiency in intuition, the pair will easily swindle sweets and luxury commodities from other high ranking commissioned officers.

"Nipa is completely useless at bluffing. She loses all the time, so I sometimes team up with her", she says.


A6M("Zero") (MI-685)
Second company of the Suomus' 24th squadron
Pilot Officer Laura Nissinen
In addition to sending personnel, Fuso aided Suomus by sending Striker Units. This model 685 was sent to the Ace squadron, 24th, and higher ups had it painted in Suomus colors.

Bf109K-4 (MT-225)
Commander of the first company of the Suomus' 24th squadron
Flying Officer Laura Nissinen
Flying Officer Nissinen was badly injured when she crashed into her consort plane and crash landed while she was in battle using model 229. After Nissinen healed she continued to use it. It's a worthy improvement in the K-series from model 225, which she used earlier.

B-239 Buffalo
When part of the Suomus' 24th squadron Flying Officer Nissinen, along with most of the Suomus forces, flew with B-239 Buffalo strikers. Flying Officer Nissinen upgraded later at an unspecified time.




  • Laura is based off the Finnish flying ace Lauri Nissinen.
  • Her familiar is the Collie.
  • Her nickname is "Lapra", evident from the "Strike Witches - Aurora no Majo" manga.