Lee Andrea Archer is a Witch originating from Liberion.


A member of the "Tuskegee Airwitches", a gathering of African-Liberion witches. She was originally a member of the Liberion Air Force 332nd Fighter Wing 302nd Squadron. The witches here painted the tip of their striker unit red, and were called the "Red Tails".

She was transferred to the Suomus Independent Volunteer Air Squadron in August 1943. In January 1994, she defeated the large scale Neuroi "Mantu". The same month, she defeated the large scale Neuroi "Riukumaki". It is said that thanks to these battle results, she was invited to the 503rd Joint Fighter Wing. She was promoted to Flying Officer in May 1944.


Light Novel


  • Her ace archetype is Lee Andrew Archer Jr.
  • On her profile picture, it is written "The tallest witch saluted", "Excuse me", and "She had a face as if there were no serious people around here except her".
  • Her first name is romanized "Leigh" in official materials.
  • Lee Andrea Archer is the First Confirmed African-Liberion Witch of the series, and is also the second confirmed, named canon witch of African ethnicity after Matilda.
  • She actually has familiars features unlike Matilda, making Lee Andrea Archer the first confirmed Witch of African Ethnicity to actually have a familiar.
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