Liberion Army Air Force

The Liberian Army Air Force is air force branch of the Liberian Armed Forces of the United States of Liberion.


The Liberion Army Air Force was first seen in late 1945 when B-17 heavy bombers were designated to destroy the Neuroi around Kiel in order to allow the Allies to take the port. However, because of a persistent fog generated by the Neuroi, Allied high command ordered the bombing raid to continue even though the bomber crews will have to drop their bombs blind and likely damage the port facilities in the process. The formation was escorted by Gertrud, Erica, Lynette, Perrine, Shirley, and Lucchini and the formation was about to begin their attack when Sanya and Eila destroyed the Neuroi creating the fog and allowing the Liberion Army Air Force to conduct precision strike on Neuroi positions, thus leaving the port facilities unharmed in the raid.

During Operation Southwind in early 1946, a large formation of B-17s were deployed in an attempt to eradicate the Neuroi hive Wolf over Berlin. The bombers drop it's bombs and destroyed the clouds that covered the Neuori's main unit. One of the B-17, carrying the 501st Joint Fighter Wing in its bomb bay deployed the witches as they went after Wolf. However, the Neuroi would deploy wall fortifications all around the Karlsland capital and along with Wolf deploying its own fighters, would begin to shoot down a number of the Liberion heavy bombers. General Patton and General Bradley ordered the formation to retreat while the 501st covered their retreat.

Later, a B-17 would be assigned to carry Mio and Ursula back to Britannia while carrying a Shinden Striker Unit along with Ursula's experiments. After news of Patton's forces and Yoshika being trapped by the Neuroi was received, Mio would order the crew to set a course for Berlin. The B-17 would arrive and take Shizuka on board before dropping it's fuel air bombs on the Neuroi barrier and eventually succeeding to create an opening with Shizuka's help. The B-17 would continue to fly over Berlin and was present when Wolf was destroyed and Berlin was liberated from the Neuroi.


List of Liberion Aircraft


Striker Units


  • P-40

North Liberion Aviation

  • P-51


  • P-47


  • This branch is based on the US Army Air Force. In our universe, the air force would remain part of the army until 1947 when it would become a separate branch in the form of the United States Air Force.
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