Lili Marleen


Lili Marleen is a famous German love song which became very popular on both sides during World War II. This love song, telling the story of a young woman waiting for her lover to return from the battlefield, began as a poem written by Hans Leip during World War I. The soldier-poet's words found their way to Berlin's decadent cabaret scene in the 1930s, where they were set to music by on of Hitler's favored composers Lale Andersen. the earliest English language recording of the song was probably Anne Shelton's, but a number of cover versions followed.

Lili Marleen

Artist: Rie Tanaka

heisha no ookina mon no mae
gaitou ga tatte-ita
ima mo mada aru no nara
mata aou narande
soko ni tatou
itoshi no Lili Marleen

In front of the barracks gate
stood a lamppost
If it still stands there
Let's meet there
Let's stand there
My beloved Lili Marleen

futatsu no kage ha hitotsu ni
aishiau futari no sugata
dare ni demo wakaru
minna ni mite hoshii
narabu sugata wo
Itoshi no Lili Marleen

Two shadows that become one
The shape of two people that became one
So it would seem for everyone
That's what I want
for everyone to see
My beloved Lili Marleen

heisha ha yake, tairiku ha ochita
tatakai no sora ha mada tsuzuku
kimitachi ha tobi-tachi
sayonara tsugeru
kimi to yukitai
itoshi no Lili Marleen

The barracks are burned, the continent has fallen
the uselessness of war continues
To stand together with you
Saying farewell
Wanting to go with you
My beloved Lili Marleen

kimi no hikou wo ENJIN on wo
gaitou ha oboete-ita
soremo mou yakeochita
boku no koto mo wasuretekure
mou todokanai
itoshi no Lili Marleen

Listening to your flight, the engines
I remembered the lamppost
That has as well fallen down
Please forget about me, too
I won't reach you
My beloved Lili Marleen

shizuka na daichi no soko kara
kimi no kuchibiru ga boku wo yobu
uzumaku kiri no naka
yofuke ni boku ha modoru
katsute no you ni
itoshi no Lili Marleen

Out of the silent grave in the earth
Your lips call me
in the whirling mist
I'll come back in the late evening
Like before
My beloved Lili Marleen

uzumaku kiri no naka
yofuke ni boku ha modoru
Lili, Lili Marleen
Lili, Lili Marleen

In the whirling mist
I'll come back in the late evening
Lili, Lili Marleen
Lili, Lili Marleen

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